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If you already read our guide for getting premium rare units and weapons you will notice that the core of it is having lots of Cubic. Now that question is there any possible way to get free Cubic and other primary resources without downloading Summon Masters cheats? Well actually there are ways as developer designed it that way for those […]

As we discussed walkthrough and evolution on Summon Masters we consider to share here the tricks in getting premium rare units and weapon on this game. Just like other card battling game, the game also observes different rarities and tiers and in this game units and weapons are classified into D, C, B, A, S and SS if you are […]

One of the important features of Summon Masters is evolution that we want to share to you how this thing works and how you can get advantage from evolution. So let us discuss the five factors of evolution such as  exchange, troops set, strengthen, summon and evolution. To make it easier to under we put it in a list: Exchange […]

If you are looking for Honorbound like game, you better check this game as you will play a role playing game with your iOS and Android gadget and be challenged through different in-game features such as card battling, character collecting sort into different rarities and ability to evolve both your weapons and characters that not present in Hello Hero. Due […]