Summon Masters: How To Get Free Gold, Cubic and Souls

If you already read our guide for getting premium rare units and weapons you will notice that the core of it is having lots of Cubic. Now that question is there any possible way to get free Cubic and other primary resources without downloading Summon Masters cheats? Well actually there are ways as developer designed it that way for those players who don’t have in their mind to use their money in playing this game. What you only need is to have lots of patience especially in grinding.

So just little explanation, this game has three currency such as Gold, Souls or also known as SP and Cubic. Gold is the primary in-game currency that you can use to buy anything ordinary items in game such as new weapons, units strengthening and combining it while SP is an alternative currency that you can use in summoning and lastly the Cubic that stands as premium currency that usually you can get from purchasing in in-app store that use to summon premium units/weapons as well as instantly energy restoration. This guide will teach you a possible way to get more of it for free.

You will never find gold farming as a big challenge in game as there are lots of ways to earn gold such as stage exploration and achievement completion. You can visit the achievement tab in the menu and browse it to view available achievements you can complete and what rewards you can earn from it. Every completion, the reward will be sent to your mail box so it is better to check your mailbox from time to time since there are some circumstances where you never knew that you completed such quest.

You can also earn gold from selling old cards (weak cards) you don’t want. First you must decide if you will use it as sacrifice through evolution or not, upon completely making your mind that this certain card is not able to help you further in game, you can sell it for additional gold.

Aside from gold farming, you can indirectly earn gold from jewel box even you are not in the game. Jewel box can produce up to five jewels. Just go to this box and collect everything and you can use this jewel to convert it over gold. You can still add more jewel box over time as part of your investment in game to earn more money in the future.

Now let’s go with Soul Points or SP. As we remember from the guide we read, there are two ways to get free Soul Points. The first is by completing specific achievements that will give you SP together with gold and the other way is by asking it through your alliance members (friends.) Here you will realize that having more friends will more likely for you to earn SP where you can ask and sent SP on them. Definitely the trick here is to be generous on sending SP to other players so they will also send you a favor in return.

For Cubic as the most important currency in game, there are actually lots of ways to earn free cubic in game. The first one is through achievements, since there are lots of activities you can do there, there are couples of rewards waiting for you even Gold, SP and Cubic. Just visit the tab and there you will see quest you can finish to let you earn free Cubic. Achievements are not totally impossible to do even you are a newbie, just select on those quests that are possible for your status to complete especially those that will give you free cubic in return.

Lastly if you really wish to earn lots of cubic, you need to be on the top line players of the game where you can compete with tournaments, boss battles and got ranked from overall hall of famers of Summon Masters. These events will give you opportunity to earn lots of cubics based on your score.

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Summon Masters: Getting Premium Rare Cards and Weapons

As we discussed walkthrough and evolution on Summon Masters we consider to share here the tricks in getting premium rare units and weapon on this game. Just like other card battling game, the game also observes different rarities and tiers and in this game units and weapons are classified into D, C, B, A, S and SS if you are playing Hello Hero, this work as 1-star up to 6-star rating. Of course everyone wants to acquire the rarest legendary card and so here’s the tip how to get the highest possible of earning them in game.

In game you can summon, as we mentioned from our guide but unfortunately this will not let you get four star and above. For you to get 4 up to 6-star or some players called it a two rainbow star cards, you need to spend your gold or your summon points for these cards.

You can also consider premium summons as the best method of getting the best card but definitely this will cost you much when it comes to Cubic. As a premium currency, players are interested to download Summon Masters cheats to let them get unlimited Cubic and through cubic you can directly purchase rare some for 30 cubic and ten summon for 300 cubic where you will get 4-6 star card.

This system is not only works on cards but also on premium weapons too. If you are in summon tab, you can tap to Summon weapon to switch between card to weapon. The prices are exactly as what you need to pay with card.

Aside from Cubic, you can also earn premium summon tickets to events and achievements completion. Don’t forget to visit the achievement tab that can be found in the expanded menu screen to browse a possible way for you to earn premium summon ticket. You can scroll from unit to weapon summon where you can use your ticket under specific number.

The final way of getting premium cards and weapons is through exploration. Not only coins and XP but in grinding there is a possibility for you to earn premium rewards. Just always go for difficult stage as the game follow the system of the harder stage it is, the higher the possibility for you to earn premium rewards.

Summon Masters Evolution Guides

One of the important features of Summon Masters is evolution that we want to share to you how this thing works and how you can get advantage from evolution. So let us discuss the five factors of evolution such as  exchange, troops set, strengthen, summon and evolution. To make it easier to under we put it in a list:


Here you can manage your troops to prepare in battle through the troops menu. Upon reaching the tab you can select the troop that is already in formation or you can pick the empty unit slot and then select the unit exchange menu. There you can choose between category from the top menu and select the specific unit you wish to exchange. Upon confirming your arrangement you can select the exchange button located at the right and two units will be replaced. This process will also works in exchanging their equipment by unit.

Troops Set

Since the game will require you to apply different strategy based on your unit set. You must set different strategy corresponding with with your troop set. Don’t you worry because you can save your current troop arrangement. You can store up to 5 sets/strategy with your units and use it anytime.


Strategy is your primary assessment in game but everything is nonsense without a proper strength for your troop. So you need to strengthen your hero and you can apply it by selecting a unit or even weapon and put it on strengthen menu to increase the capability of it. Now upon decided what unit or weapon you wish to amplify, you can select the strengthening target located at the left side of your screen. Then go into select subject from the previous stage and select the unit as your subject. Definitely the unit used as sacrifice to empowering unit will disappear upon proceeding the process. In the other word, this works as merging while sacrificing the less priority unit to improve the subject unit.


If in strengthening you need to sacrifice unit, here in summoning you will obtain new unit or weapon. Summoning divided into types of unit or weapon. The primary requirement to summon is through SP or Gold that you can acquire from battles. Top tier unit are from premium summons and here you need to spend Tickets or Cubic as part of hard currency in game. Many players wish to download Summon Masters cheats to get unlimited Cubic for premium summon.


 One of the most important feature in game where you make a breakthrough out of your unit/weapon. Here you can evolve 4 star unit/weapon to a 5 star unit and so on. Here there are options you can select upon evolving such as through 3 unit/weapon recipe to obtain the highest form or even lose one of the ingredients for your to acquire the a top rank or even lose one of the ingredients without acquiring anything. From here you will see that this is a matter of luck. To start evolution feature, just select the desired unit or weapon to evolve from the Combine Mune. Then select the ingredient from the list and then tap on the “start evolving” button. Aside from ingredients, evolution will cost you 100,000 gold for 4 star tier and 300,000 gold for 5 star tier. Before doing some evolution stuff, ensure you have lots of gold or you are in stable income of resources in game since this try-your-luck feature of the game will cost you even more that you expected.

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Summon Masters Tricks and Guides

If you are looking for Honorbound like game, you better check this game as you will play a role playing game with your iOS and Android gadget and be challenged through different in-game features such as card battling, character collecting sort into different rarities and ability to evolve both your weapons and characters that not present in Hello Hero. Due to the big scope of this game, we advice to read some tricks and guides of playing Summon Masters so you will have a good start.

Every round completion, there is a chance to find a character that you can add to your team. Upon adding new members in your party you will find it tedious in the beginning since you have lots of choice. So to make this task easier for you, you can manage your troop through auto formation button. This will prioritize your strongest characters in your hand to put in party.

Compare to Hello Hero, in this game you can unequipped stronger weapons from your character. This feature also  prone from some mistakes as player pull out character in a party without transferring the stronger weapon in their hand. Ensure to unequipped those weapon and transfer it to new stronger character.

Don’t forget that you can combine weapons to empower their attack power. This is actually the fastest way to improve your weapon especially if you will gonna work it with three star and above tier. In combining weapons, it is not advisable to work with two stars anymore as you will change it sooner once you get three stars. Just look forward how you will get rarer weapons from hard stages and hell versions.

Aside from combining weapons, also you can do evolution in this game where you will find an easy way to get the super class for troops and weapons (noted with rainbow stars) is through evolution. First you need to get all the required materials that happen to be cards of at least four stars. From here you can earn your rainbow star troop and weapon. In evolution it is not recommended to sacrifice your main party members just to get rainbow star class. Never risk your primary cards in hand but instead just hunt for four-star character to be sacrifice in evolution.

Choosing a leader card is very important as you will get soul points for everyone uses your leader card in battle. So the trick is to boost your leader card definitely the rarest class in your hand and increase the level of it as possible so players will use this as their helper. If you really in need of soul points, you can cheat Summon Masters through creating multiple account and use your leader cards in battle for you to get soul points.

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