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We are always discussing about rare weapons, armor and helmets in game through our Slingshot Braves walkthrough guides and tips. Now we want to share to you the trick of acquiring them in game easily. For us to proceed in our guide, you need to understand the rarity of certain items such as C, B, and A or Bronze, Silver […]

This list is an addition to our shared Slingshot Braves compilation as we found out that there are lots of things to consider in playing this game thus we can rely on these things if you wish to dominate the game without spending real cash for those who are not fan of involving their pocket in game. So check out this […]

We already shared guides and tricks of playing Slingshot Braves but we missed to put up a portal where players can get and post their referral, invite, promo and coupon codes just like on other iOS, Android and Facebook games. Both players can claim compensation from this feature but sad to say most players don’t know where to get such […]

In the past few days we shared to you walkthrough guides of playing Slingshot Braves and it focus on three different systems of the game – weapon, events, equipment. Now we want to complete the fun as we found out that many players for both Android and iOS platform are looking forward to read more of tips and trick. To […]

We experienced playing video games from the combination of popular genre such as role playing and breeding game, match-three based game and RPG and now we want to share to you a game with a combination of slingshot known from Angry Birds and role playing game that made this game unique for their battle system. With cutting edge graphics and features, […]