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Royal Revolt 2 is one of the most exciting tower defense nowadyas because you can perform the two part, the offense and defense. If you enjoying playing Mighty Quest for Epic Loot on PC you might also enjoy this game. Your primary goal is to use your hero and your troops to attack other castles  and also preventing other intruders (real […]

The entire game revolves with strategy through attack and defend as we already shared some basic techniques of playing Royal Revolt 2 now we want to focus on giving you hint and tips when it comes to attacking other players. Since this deal with large of concept to discuss, we didn’t tackled this topic on the first release of our guide […]

Recently we shared Royal Revolt strategy guides consist of 9 tips on solidifying your defense. It is about the strategy that you can do in game base on how on how players understand our guide and formulate their own defense based on their style, current level, overall progress. Of course we can’t say to them what is exactly they need […]

Have you heard the gamer’s saying, offense is the best defense? That is absolutely an opposite for Royal Revolt 2 as you need to get a perfect defense to stand also as your offense. For you to do it here is a guide that you can consider while you are playing Royal Revolt 2 as we believe that you need […]