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Just like in Hello Hero and Deadman’s Cross you will get compensation from using promo codes or commonly known as referral codes. These are codes that you can use where both users and referrer get the rewards. As a new player of Rage of the Immortals, you have only one chance to get freebies from typing codes and after inserting […]

We want to add this in our walkthrough guides but instead of editing that post or just dropping a comment, we decided to put up a new post for this 10 Rage of the Immortals Tips and Tricks that we learned from one of the avid players of the said game. According to him, being 2 months of the game […]

Rated as one of the most active game on Android for the Month of April 2014 that made Rage of the Immortals took the spot on our website to be discussed and give everyone all guides, tips, cheats, and updates that might be useful for playing the game. In this game you will experience strategy format that will lead you to […]