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FBI is one of toughest challenge in Make It Rain: The Love of Money which you need to avoid to become rich with stability. But the concept of the game is that, the richer you are the harder for you to dodge FBI as we found it out that this really a problem while you are making progress in game. […]

 Because of the massive popularity of Make It Rain: The Love of Money our shared cheats is not ended there as we want to expand the list by posting more and more tricks and tips you can do in game. So as long as we found out new techniques in playing this game expect that we will post it here […]

For those who don’t wish to use cheats in dominating Make It Rain: The Love of Money, we want to share these guides for easy money in game in a fair way. Actually there is no such term “hard” in making money on this game as this is all about money but with strategy guide below, you will feel it as […]

Most downloaded application on iOS and Android are not actually the top games having cutting edge graphics, features and gameplay rather than simple yet really interesting to play that will make you addicted on it. Remember how Flappy Bird took the gaming schemes and now with Make It Rain: The Love of Money as the game hit the number 1 most active […]