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If you already played Infection: Bio War you can use same strategy with this game saying that these tricks already tested before. With this concept we can bring to you this massive list of tips for effective playing of Infection 2 Bio War Simulation. For clearer view you can also visit the post specifically for one topic like getting free gems […]

The best way to say that you already dominated the game once you access all pathogens, genes, levels and frenzy mode as you almost did everything in game. So here’s the guide how can you unlock them easily: 1. Unlocking new levels. To unlock new level you need to beat the current level. The trick here is to finish that […]

Recently we published walkthrough tricks for effective gameplay of Infection 2 Bio War Simulation and now we want to add this to your list by sharing how can you get free gems and DNA in game. You really need these currencies that stand as your premium resources. If you try to look or ask those who wish to download cheats, it […]

After couples of months they released a series for Infection Bio War as a good sign that the game received a massive success for bringing a brand new set up of playing mobile app. So if you enjoy the predecessor you will surely like this Infection 2 Bio War Simulation as you will experience same concept with additional features and details. […]