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As we mentioned in our walkthrough research is very important part of the game. While some are already getting advantage from it, there are some don’t get it fully and forgot this feature. So once and for all we want to share to you this research guide for HonorBound where you will get the idea on how research works and how […]

It is not only by using cheats you can gain advantage but also from correct strategy and knowledge of using gear. So here are HonorBound gear full guides for a correct understanding on how you will get advantage from your equipment. Gears are equipment in game where you can acquire additional stats for your heroes with corresponding algorithm. Gears are […]

We already taught you how to grind for easy XP so you can level up faster and today we want to use this opportunity to share to you how can you farm more coins on Honor Bound easily. Coins are very essential in game especially in doing research while some players decided to purchase it with premium currency, there are some […]

The primary foundation of getting level up is by grinding through different stages but today we are not only do this like before since we have guides to follow for effective XP grinding plus with the help of energy cheats this is really come in handy. Actually the game is still not stable as it is experiencing glitches but then if […]

In game you will wish to capture legendary card such as Gorg, Naema, Ice Behemoth and lot more but after seeing the %0 capture percentage you will lose your hope and instead you will use HonorBound cheats to fill this blank. Well today we want to reveal to you that the capture chance percentage is experience glitches as there players successfully […]

Our HonorBound guides will never be useful as it is without this hero location guide. This will tell you how can you get epic and legendary heroes based on their location. Now you will know where to get powerful heroes such as legendary archer (Freydis), legendary knight (Gorg), legendary wizard (Naema/Danarius), legendary cleric (Fela Al-shin), legendary warrior (A`san) and lot […]

We already shared to you the 15 HonorBound cheats and guides and we realized that it is about more on nurturing your gameplay. This time it is about giving you an easy win to any battle. This is perfect especially in PvP where you will engage to fight real time players all around the world. The good thing in battle […]