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Another post from official guides and tutorial of Heroes of Atlan where they will enlighten you on how emblem system works. For more question or additional information you can drop your comment below and let us discuss it. You can also share your own tips and tricks of playing this game. Are you looking for another way to make your […]

During your journeys in the Abyss, you may find several Orbs that contain great power! These Orbs will allow you to Imbue them, granting them various powers that you can bring into combat! Along with that, you are also able to Refine these Orbs, vastly improving their already potent power! You can view your Orbs from the Hero menu by […]

Here comes the another official tutorial from WeMade teach us how guild system works on Heroes of Atlan. Do you feel as if the weight of the world is too much to carry alone? Have no fear, your Guild is here! Well, that is when you join one! If you’re not much of a follower, you can even create your […]

Thanks for the official developer of Heroes of Atlan for sharing their complete guides regarding with Pet System. So here we want, we want to use this opportunity on giving all ideas on how pet system works from training, enhancing, fusion and collection. Pets make the world a brighter place, which also applies for Heroes of Atlan! While your Pets […]

Thanks for granting this website to share one of the most useful information of playing Heroes of Atlan – The Abyss Guide based from the official guide of WeMadeUSA. The Abyss is a dangerous area filled with some of the most powerful beings in all of Atlan! They stand guard, protecting the treasures of Vulcanus! While in the Abyss you will not […]

Thanks to the official developer of Heroes of Atlan for explain how attributes and stats work to share it to our members here that are actively playing the game. We already shared Spirit guides as well as crafting and tempering explanation and now to complete the guide here’s how everything works. We never thought that the game has this complicated […]

We want to share to you as we learned that there is a feature in Heroes of Atlan called the Shrine where you can infuse yourself with the strength of different animals Spirits to possess new powers through summoning. Now as we shared to you the guide for tempering and crafting, there is another way of granting new powers and […]