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Because we really love to hear players’ suggestions and concern, we enlisted here the top 10 suggestions from Hello Hero players as they want to experience it in game believing that game will be better with these content. Agree? Want to object? How about your suggestion? You can still share it below as we will push it for the official […]

New Updated Contents for March!! ** Weekend Event is extended until Mar 25, 01:00 EST for missing hours. 1. Icon Updated! – New Icon for Hello Hero updated! Find Hello Hero with new Icon! 2. New Chat System Updated! – New Chat System! – Choose your language and channel for respective language! 3.  New Recommender System! – Additional Recommender System! […]

Hello Hero Meme

These are our collection of Hello Hero Meme and funny images. This is to think beyond the box not only about cheats, guides and free items but also to exercise our humor especially in those times we need to cooldown such as waiting for maintenance, experiencing missing carats issues, getting annoyed with bugs and glitches and everything outside the game. […]

We already gave you tips on how to grind XP for both player and heroes and now we want to share to you a detailed list of required experience for player and heroes to gain level before they reach the level cap: 30 for heroes (default) and 60 for player. Giving you these numbers will let you measure everything in […]

Not only me, not only us, but almost all players of Hello Hero are looking forward for new server. So we are here convincing the official developer, Fincon to open up a new server especially for new comers. So let’s push it with a roll call, through Facebook LIKE from the left side let us show to them that we are […]

This is the full detailed guides for Hello Hero Dungeon as we included in our cheats and tips that Dungeon is a perfect place to grind for more carats, heroes and equipment. We also included dungeon as a good source of free carats and challenge for those players who believe that they are one of the strongest adventurer of Hello Hero. […]

Because  Cucubita launched, Hello Hero new server, many players wish to restart their progress by playing from the new world. New progress comes new playmates, set up, rankings and they are thinking that this time they can take the lead. This guide is perfect for them especially those who are open minded in absorbing other players ideas even they already […]