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We already shares some tips and tricks for Frontline Commando 2 but most of the time the problem is on boss stage. So once and for all we want to share to you the effective strategy guide in taking boss easily with walkthrough video for every stage by quickgamer. If you notice we already mentioned from our tips and tricks […]

Upon knowing different elements of Frontline Commando 2 through walkthrough, now it is time to share to you some tips and tircks in playing this game. Simple yet effective as we believe that not all players already discovered these: 1. Grenades are the best way to eliminate multiple enemies including covered. 2. You can earn up to 10 victory points […]

 If you are convinced enough with our review and made you download the game, now it is time for walkthrough guides so you will easily learn the game after couple of hours playing it. Though experience will teach you a lot but for the first timer here are some tips you can consider in playing that will touch with weapons, […]

Glu Games is unstoppable in developing great games for Android and iOS platform as recently they released Frontline Commando 2 as a third-person shooting game. The game focus on heavy with weapons, team mate and arcade style shooter. This guide will explain it well together with guides that beginners can follow. Download and Installation To download the free full version of […]