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As we shared walkthrough guides for players of Evolution: Battle for Utopia now we want to make it simple as we put it in a list so everyone can easily understand the point making it simpler and easy to understand and let you navigate no sweat as you can easily skip those trick that you already knew. So let start […]

We already shared to you the walkthrough guides of playing Evolution: Battle for Utopia but we found out that most newbie are not getting into terms of the game so we decided to include here such wiki for terms together with tips and tricks to make this article exciting. Since this guide is for beginner, we need to start it from […]

Developers are not been threaten after the release of the original source of real time strategy game Clash-of-Clans-developer Supercell their newest game, Boom Beach. As a matter of fact there are lots of games under same genre tend to release this month. But today we want to share to you a strategy game but definitely different from Boom Beach. My.Com […]