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Aside from posting Disco Zoo animal pattern, we also found that giving you this guide on how to unlock “All Rescue Aircraft” will be very useful so you can save every single animal. Definitely the main toppings of the game is to involve with different types of animal that you need first to rescue. In rescuing every single animal there […]

Recently we shared Disco Zoo walkthrough guides and now since we found out that most players need to know and willing to get a guide where they can find all animal pattern through ZooPedia, now here are the free list that they can follow to complete the puzzle. This is very helpful since you don’t need to buy ZooPedia anymore or […]

NimbleBit released Disco Zoo to challenge us through time management game. It is not in trends to see games such as time management nowadays as endless running and puzzle based game dominated the mobile applications. But maybe the reason behind it, is that NimbleBit wants to stir the wind for those who are looking for other genre aside from the […]