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We already shared cheats, tips and tricks as well as hidden job guides and now this time we want to share to you a Deadman’s Cross Hunting Guides as we believe hunting is also very important in game and most players challenged in this part a lot. With a list of tips below, you can now play this game mode […]

 For beginners and even for intermediate players of Deadman’s Cross don’t have idea on how stats actually works but only they are base it through numbers (the higher the better) which is correct. These are types in the enhance page located at the top right corner of the stats such as Strong, Mental, Fresh and etc. Knowing it may enhance […]

This is a hidden quest that you can access while you are on main quest no. 0013: Beats to Die For. What you need  to do to start this Lover’s Quarrel side quest is to meet the condition of going in one of the sparkling doors during the dungeon crawl. Actually this is not so hidden for everyone to miss […]

We recently shared unlimited space cheats and we believe that many players can take advantage from the glitch. Now this is time to share to you a Deadman’s Cross hidden quest. Secret quests come with great rewards and if you are tough player enough to find and complete it expect that you can get good item bonus from these. Now let’s […]

In game you will experience running out of Deadman storage especially as you made progress in game and there are lots of powerful cards on your hand. You don’t want to drop this as they have potential so what you need to improve is your space. Though you can upgrade your storage, this will cost a lot but upon getting the […]

Square Enix extend the fun from their Guardian’s Cross to Deadman’s Cross as the newest card battling game on iOS. As we mentioned in our walkthrough guides, don’t forget to claim your special rewards by typing your invitation promo codes from your referral. But some players don’t have referral or any friends they knew who are currently playing the game […]

If you enjoyed SquareEnix’s Guardian Cross you might also like their newest released, Deadman’s Cross as an online battling card game with a side game of first person shooting game. To know more about that game together with FAQs you can read this guide. The game includes exploration, dueling, first person shooting, etc. well I guess we are all expecting […]