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 We want to open this guide for some questions and guides for guild system as many players still don’t have a clearer view regarding with this topic. Though we mentioned the term on our walkthrough guides, this post will give you a full idea on how guild works on Chaos Fighters. As a beginner you will not get interested on […]

We enlisted here almost all possible ways to dominate Chaos Fighters and now as many players asking where they can get exchange codes, reputation and vouchers, here is the answer to let them acquire it pretty simple. In addition to the main currency of Chaos Fighters, there are reputation and vouchers that can be exchange in the secret for actually […]

Recently we published a massive list of Chaos Fighters Tips and Tricks giving everyone the information they need in playing this game on Android and iOS and this time just an additional guides for those who have still question in game, we want to add this frequently asked question in our list for passive answers to every question. How Do Guild […]

We want to add this to our list of Chaos Fighters walkthrough but instead of inserting the updates there we decided to create a new post for this guide so everyone can easily notice that we have updates regarding with this game. I believe you already knew basics and introduction in game so we will start with mere list alone. […]

Shockingly for a very short time, this game already reached good stats as one of the most downloaded game last week. And now since we are expecting that many players will ask for Chaos Fighters cheats, guides, walkthrough and updates, we want to share to use some of them that we use to learn in other players and forums too. […]