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It’s been a year after the massive success of Card Wars: Adventure Time and now they want to make a history again with their newest release, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. Now instead of role playing game alone, you are about to enjoy an original match-3 role playing to the land of Ooo. In your journey you will meet Jake, Finn […]

We already shared to you guides for creature, building, hero, and now spell card. This is a type of card that you can use as consumable. You can instantly cast it against your enemy to take effect. There is no need to deploy this on board rather to use single time when attacking. Below is list of spell card, rarity […]

To complete the list this is Card Wars – Adventure Time guides for building cards. We already shared crafting, heroes, and creature as we still lots of updates to come around on our next updates. Building cards play as support in game giving your card a bonus stats. The good thing in building cards is that even the creature cards […]

 We already shared to you hints and tips for crafting as we put it in a list so everyone can easily understand and plan what card should they craft and what card they will get from crafting two cards together with list of creatures. This time you will get a detailed Card Wars – Adventure Time hero guides also in […]

From our walkthrough guides for beginners you understand the four class of cards: creatures, hero, spell and building cards. Now let us give you this guides for creature. These cards are deployed in the front line together with spell and building cards  that are tend to be drawn to the board unlike with hero cards. Also, creature cards are belong to […]

 One of the most interesting feature of Card Wars – Adventure Time is crafting. This is very challenging things to do that can bestow new powers and great advantage from having ultimate cards. We already share some tips and tricks of playing this game and today let us guide you with crafting so you can easily manage to get the […]

We already shared some cheats and guides for this game and this is time let’s open this portal for further FAQs and walkthrough tips for Card Wars: Adventure Time. Upon writing our review and convincing that this game is really worth to play even there is no available free version to download, there are lots of players encourage to indulge themselves […]