Bitcoin Billionaire Tips and Tricks

Actually we already shared Bitcoin Billionaire cheats wherein you will have almost unlimited coins but since developer made an update for this trick, it won’t work anymore, we are here again to add more tips and tricks for those who are looking forward to dominate the game or even just a better jumpstart for beginner. Just for a preview, this is a simple tap type game that you obviously witnessed from other apps on Android and iOS. To bring back the fun, Bitcoin Billionaire launched with a concept of bitcoins. Definitely these bitcoins aren’t real but the fun and exciting moment you spend from this app is definitely real. Just like with other money-tap game, your objective here is to get more bitcoins as you can as well as collecting hyperbits, you can also purchase better bitcoin mining software and investments and then do it all continuously. Well to ensure that you are going to earn more bitcoins to the full potential, we are here to share to you some of Bitcoin Billionaire Tips and Tricks.

1. Fast is your basis. Yes it is how fast you tap is equivalent on how many coins you are able to bring home. So the key here is to tap as fast as possible to earn more coins. You can use more than one finger as this is not against the rules as long as this can let you earn your advantage. You can also tap with two fingers alternating or even three or four fingers alternating as if this gives you ease for faster tapping. You can also consider asking other people to tap your device with you. So you can use as much as 20 fingers and etc. Just don’t forget that your phone can only acknowledge two fingers at the same time, so even you are using 20 fingers, make sure you are going to use it alternately or else the remaining 18 is still useless. For clearer view, the way to tap as fast as the is from alternate taps with two fingers on both hand. For instance, tap with your left thumb and then with your index finger at the same time after that you can tap with your right thumb and index finger at the same time and do it alternately.

2. Collecting free 25 hyperbits daily. This is come in handy as you don’t need to do anything in game. Just go to Amazon boxes to claim your free 25 hyperbits a day and after you collected those freebies, you can start completing task or achievements in game. This sets of missions includes of getting tier 5 achievement. Just pick the easiest one so you can take it as free too without requiring you to do tough task in game. You can go for quest which requires you to purchase loads of one investment. Definitely you will start in cheap and just work your way higher later on.

3. Consider those offline income. Since you are not able to do the Bitcoin Billionaire cheat wherein you can standby your phone and see how your income will go to you without doing anything, now you should consider those offline income that will gives you coins even you are not active in game. But definitely you can get less coins in this manner but that is alright than without anything. You can get offline income to any of your offline investment using hyperbits. Definitely you will put your money for more as the more investment you have, the higher the percentage per hour will be and yes it will last longer. Don’t worry as the cost is still the same no matter what the investment is but it will only unlocked once you own at least one of the said investment.

4. Unlimited video trick. This will let you ensure that you will never run out of video especially when you need them the most. To start the trick, you need to cut the game off when you get your first failed attempt at watching a video. Of course upon doing this, you will see that there is no videos will be available at that particular moment but then when you come back to the game, there will be new video available. One thing you need to keep in mind, video requires an internet connection to play so ensure that you are connect before trying to watch a video.

5. Wait longer before purchasing offline investment. Actually the idea here is that since the cost is the same, so it is better to wait as long as you can before you purchase offline investments with your hyperbits and then start buying only when you are about to go offline since you want purchase the best investment that you possibly can using your hyperbits. Don’t worry as there might be enough free hyperbits to go around but they are still rare so you need to spend them wisely and earn lots of it from game.

6. Go to supercharge store and spend hyperbits. Another way to use your hyperbits to the fullest is to have a quick effect is through supercharge store and spend 15 hyperbits at a time for 18x investment income under 5 minutes or the 200x tap speed for 200 seconds. This is perfect especially if you have lots of hyperbits or you downloaded Bitcoin Billionaire cheat for unlimited hyperbits you can take advantage with 200x tap speed for 20 seconds and other boost.

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Bitcoin Billionaire Cheats and Guides

If you enjoy playing Make It Rain because of money making concept, you will surely like Bitcoin Billionaire as a game which brings some twist with classic tap the screen based game into something new. Technically this is an idle clicker that is all about raking in bitcoins and build up an imperial of wealth. Of course just like in other millionaires’ game you will start with nothing, as you have only a crummy computer, run-down office and a rickety old desk. So it is all about tapping the screen so you can mine virtual bitcoins and gradually increase your wealth. You can also upgrade your assets using digital dough and turn them into entertainment centers and vintage work of art. But of course this is making money so you need to spend your money in investment that will help you make even more money. This is the only investment which come entertaining and not like with the real only we wish that we can withdraw our money in game into real life. So you are ready to start becoming rich? You can consider some guides and tips for playing Bitcoin Billionaire effectively.

1. Take advantage in watching videos. Watching videos let you either earn double earnings or penalty from getting bad card draw. So here’s the trick when watching videos, of course you want to get cool reward but if happens that you get penalized, you can skip it from getting penalty. From here this will help you acquire safe money without any disadvantage. This is a good trick especially later on you are able to lose millions bitcoins with a single penalty.

2. Investment cheat. Upon using cheat you can have lots of coins without even playing the game. To start the Bitcoin Billionaire cheats, you need to set your device to never sleep option and then plug in the charger and simply let the game run. You can do this when you are about to sleep and in the morning you will see that you already have lots of money. Just work on it to the fullest by ensure that you have the investment upgrade to maximum. You need to off the auto sleep feature of your phone so it can run the game ignoring even it is idle. While when it comes in charging the game, this is to ensure that your gadget is on without running out the battery.

3. Upgrade your sources. As you are working with money, you must start upgrading to those who can gives you lot of money. When it come on upgrading, you will come to think that you spend a lot of time tapping the screen upon playing this game, so it is better for you to use all your made money in the upgrade sections since this gives you more revenue per tap.

4. Invest for long run advantage. When it comes to investment, you must go for the long run. As a general rule, investments give you bitcoins while you do nothing so to work with the cheat we mentioned above, it is better to focus upgrading them too so you can cheat Bitcoin Billionaire to the fullest. You can also consider when getting a new investments, you must purchase the most expensive one available since that’s what gives you more revenue per second. You can simply start the app and put it aside and you will make money.

5. Use all your fingers. Basic concept of the game is that the faster you can tap the game the better your rewards. So from here you can apply the concept of the many the better so don’t limit your gameplay using your two fingers only. If you can use both hands and all fingers the better so you can stay active and keep on tapping.

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