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So here’s the complete ranger class skill guide as well as hybrid tips as we will share to you on which character you can team up and work with these ranger skills. Ranger is a default character in Battleheart Legacy that you are able to use from the very beginning of the game. The class is expert in using bow […]

 For a better progress in playing Battleheart Legacy you must know some important details in game. This is part of our campaign in giving you guides, tips, and updates regarding with this app. We already shared to you how to unlock all classes in game and this time we will discuss each classes and game content to give you idea […]

All in all you can play with 12 different classes in Battleheart Legacy. 5 of them are available to pick from the very beginning while the 7 should be unlocked for you to use them in game. We decided to cover this game from the very tiny yet useful information unto different guides, cheats, and walkthrough tips of playing Battleheart […]