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We earned lots of readers from our post regarding with LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum tips and tricks and now we want to extend the opportunity of sharing guides to others by posting this methods of earning easy coins, rubies and My Tsums. Just a little introduction for those first time players of this app, LINE is widely popular from Naver Japan based from Japanese Disney. In the game you will start playing with only Mickey but as you make progress you can collect every Tsum in the list including other Pixar characters. In game there are two currencies such as coins as the main currency and rubies that stand as premium currency. Now here’s the good news, we will post guides to get them all easily.

Getting Easy My Tsums

To acquire easy Tsums that you can use in game you need to purchase Happiness Box and Premium box where you will get Tsums in random. The Happiness Box is the standard box that you can consume to get standard Disney and the Premium Box contain Pixar plushies as well as more newer Disney ones. You can enjoy the game to the fullest by getting lots of Tsums so you can unlock more in-game content. These boxes are available from purchasing through your coins so ensure you will check the guides of getting lots of coins so you can avail those premium boxes.

Getting Easy Rubies

Ruby is the premium currency in game as most players wish to download LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum cheats so they can have unlimited ruby. Actually you really don’t need to do that as the game offers two ways to get rubies. One is to simply purchase it through in-app store. Yes it is ridiculous to spend real cash for game but just think about how developers spend their effort as well as money just to make this app possible for everyone to play. So spending cash in game is not totally a waste of cash but this is by means of showing your respect and support to them. If you really love this game as you downloaded this for free you must be generous to developer so they will be inspired to create more cool games. And for another method of getting rubies, this time you can get it for free. Yeah you really like free and the game also offers you this premium currency for free. You need only to gain level as for every level up you will acquire free rubies.

Getting Easy Coins

The primary techniques to earn lots of coins is through farming as you will get it through stages themselves. As you get the higher score, the more coins you will earn in the end of stage. So you need to keep in mind how you will accumulate tons of score. When it comes to score, you can consider making large combos that will let you earn more coins than multiple small combos plus this will make bubbles appear on the screen. These bubbles can let you earn more coins once they pop up. The trick here is to let the bubble go until the end of the stage and when it pops you will get coins.

Another thing that you can go with is by completing the daily missions. Upon completing daily task you will get tons of coin bonus. You can also use power-up boost to increase the percentage of earning coins as you start playing the stage. Just ensure that you know what you are doing and you are prepared in earning lots of coins or else this is definitely waste of coins without a proper investment.

Make sure that you have logged into the game via the LINE app so you will get the additional bonus coins as well as lives that you and your friends can share with. Here you will realize that you need to add lots of buddies to play the game with. You can use this post as portal by dropping your request as form of comment below. Just don’t forget to play this game with active players willing to share lives and other in-game bonuses with you.

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