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To all Disney fanatic, we would like to introduce to you a new game where you will experience playing the game with all of your favorite Disney characters. LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is the newest match-3 puzzle game that you are able to play for both Android and iOS. In this game, you need to connect matching Tsum Tsums to pop them and generate points. Just like the typical puzzle game, competition begins in making the highest score possible. Just to share to you some guides and tricks, you can proceed reading below:

1.  Play fever mode as fast as possible. Just like what we’ve mentioned about the little bar located at the bottom of your screen, upon matching tsums, this gauge fills slowly and when it’s full, you will activate the Fever Mode. In this mode, all points that you generated under the mode activation will great increase as well as there’s no time limit on your combo. This is your chance to pump up getting score and playing it fast will give you a better opportunity on playing the game to the fullest.

2. Getting free coins. If you are not using any LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum cheats for unlimited coins, it is really good to know that you can have free coins by just inviting someone to play the game with you. Not only you will have 500 coins for every invitation but also you will get free Happiness Box and after making a 15 invitation you will get the Premium Box. I like this part of promoting the game for the sake of in-game compensation. This will not require you anything from the game, just your patience and your way of how you will endorse the game. You can use social network and other online tool to invite potential players or you can ask your close friends to play the game just for the sake of compensation you will get from them.

3. Use the Gyroscope. If you already experienced playing another LINE game such as Poko Pang, well this game is pretty much like on that game. The only difference with this new game is that Tsum Tsum allows you to use your device’s gyroscope to tilt the tsum tsums around. This is really effective as you can reposition tsum tsums that are just slightly out of reach from another group of similar tsum tsums. In the other way, you can also tap the shuffle button a couple of times to shake up all of the tsum tsums. Just please be reminded that shuffling can make things really messy, so before doing any step, you must ensure that you know what you are doing.

4. Use power-ups on tough stages. Power-ups are not in game for nothing. The big question here is when you should use your power-ups and what power-ups to use. In game, the most useful power-ups are the coins timer booster, EXP booster and coin booster that will generate you more in game. If you have problem in getting experience, you better use EXP booster and so on.

5. Take advantage with your daily missions. Upon reaching level 3, you are able to unlock daily missions and this is the most interesting part in game where you can take advantage. Literally with daily mission, you can access daily task and complete it to earn rewards. Everyday you have a possible situation you need to complete so you will get rewards from it.

6. Make a combo through rapid chain of moves. Keep in mind that Tsum tsums can be popped at a minimum of three and from here you can go for big combo chains as possible under a rapid execution. Yes you need to do it with extra fast moves as you’ll break the combo if you don’t pop another chain fast enough. It is a good practice if you will try to look around to see if there are any three tsum tsums chains available so you can have a backup plan.

7. Manage your MyTsum skill. In LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum you are able to equip a specific Tsum to play with. Creating a combination of tsums as your equipment will give you an extra bonus points. Consider that every tsum tsums has a special power that can be activated when it’s fully charged. For instance, Mickey clears out a center portion of the screen while Donald can let you clear single specific tsums and so on. If happens that you don’t use the power while it’s fully charged when you run out of the time, you will get a bonus roulette at the end and that will give you a bonus coins and points. You can explore with different tsums and see which one you will like in the long run.

8. Create a magical bubbles. Upon matching tsum tsums groups of at lease seven or even six if you purchase power-ups, they will leave cast a magical bubble behind. This bubble can be tapped anytime and it will pop the surrounding tsum tsums. This is a good  way to eliminate obstacles for a clear space. It will also keeps your combo going so you better try to save these as your last resort when you don’t have any potential matching group. Magical bubbles are very useful especially the one that will give you extra seconds to your remaining time. You should try to create as many magical bubbles as possible.

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    Mine is spin1981

  290. Start says:

    Add me please victors4

  291. Anonymous says:

    Add me
    Id: peapeatsum

  292. julia says:

    Add me all send lots of harts : anderra

  293. Anonymous says:


  294. Cara says:

    Add me sent hearts daily 🙂
    Id : sicarletti3

  295. anon says:


  296. Kawika! says:

    ADD ME ! Hearts (:
    ID: kaveeks

  297. Anonymous says:

    Lamnism add me!!!!!! 🙂

  298. Anonymous says:

    Add me; capttswan !! I send hearts daily.

  299. Anonymous says:

    Add please. Active.

    Line id – jamie58

  300. Anonymous says:

    Add me! I’m bew but am seriously addicted! Mannipoo

  301. Anonymous says:

    Add me! Xiaowolfy

  302. Anonymous says:

    Add me pls: elam88

  303. hon3ygold says:

    ADD ME hon3ygold
    I’m addicted to this game so expect to get hearts on the hour LOL

  304. Anonymous says:


  305. Theresa says:

    Add me! ❤️❤️❤️ theresabuoy

  306. Anonymous says:

    Please add me: ahallerui
    play daily and send hearts daily/hourly!

  307. Anonymous says:

    Add me! ahallerui
    Play daily & send hearts daily/hourly 🙂

  308. Doris says:

    Add me pls!!!!!
    ID: yen-er

  309. Anonymous says:

    Add me: lindseyb13

  310. Andrew says:

    Add me all send hearts A lot : whiteriptide

  311. Andrew says:

    Add me all send hearts A lot : Whiteripride

  312. Anonymous says:

    Id: kevinyehh

  313. Chilu6 says:

    New addicted player, please add me: chilu6

  314. rie says:

    Add me yuzupon84 I play daily and give hearts

  315. Gail says:

    Add me if you want lives and hearts: I play hourly


  316. Anonymous says:

    Line ID: sdcrone. Played and sent hearts everyday for the past 4 months.

  317. Anonymous says:

    please add me 🙂
    my line id is beatricengg

  318. Anonymous says:

    Line ID: haleycobb

  319. Annie says:

    add me: aschlesier

    I give hearts all day long hourly!

  320. anonymous says:

    i send hearts every hour: bchan1127

  321. LE says:

    please add me : lejessica
    will send hearts daily 🙂

  322. Anonymous says:

    Add me: christenprice

  323. Anonymous says:

    Add me! I send hearts regularly! Line id: gaenomics

  324. Anonymous says:

    Add me. I send hearts very frequently. Line name Lumaverick

  325. add me: sugaraddict88 says:

    Add me: sugaraddict88

  326. Anonymous says:

    Add me id: ajw5

  327. Anonymous says:

    I send lives very regularly add: scary_xp

  328. Anonymous says:

    Add me pls, rilakkuma_cute is my ID, will send hearts regularly, thanks!

  329. andri says:

    Please add me I’d: andriana2004

  330. Anonymous says:


    Add me to line to play tsum tsum I send hearts multiple times a day!!!!

  331. koffeeaddict says:

    Still playing multiple times daily. Add me. koffeeaddict

  332. Shiloah2 says:

    Add me please! Very active~~

    Line id: shiloah2

  333. Anon says:

    ADD ME


  334. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Add me 🙂 i send out hearts! My line id is: rebbykitty

  335. dmfortin says:

    Add me (: i give hearts ouy daily: dmfortin

  336. Anonymous says:

    Add me! jayzee_inc

  337. Alyvia says:

    Add me!

  338. Belen33 says:

    Daily User Add Me: belen33

  339. JAD says:

    Daily user add me: el_mero_mero

  340. amaya says:

    Pls add me amaya rose
    Amaya rose

  341. Patricia says:

    Please add me!! I play everyday and send hearts.

  342. Anonymous says:

    add me amandamarie26

  343. Anonymous says:

    Add me – vlam01

  344. Anonymous says:

    Please add me, I’m awesome at sending hearts daily.
    Line ID: Mama_Mickey

  345. ID: jhjimmy says:

    ID: jhjimmy. Daily player, let’s send each other hearts!

  346. ADD ME says:

    I play all day long and send hearts all day. Add me and let’s send each other hearts!

    Id: jhjimmy

  347. Krisi says:

    Add me – send hearts a few times to those who return favor


  348. Add me! says:

    Add me! I send hearts 🙂

  349. Dmnk__ says:

    Add me I send hearts all the time: dmnk__

  350. Kendrae23 says:

    add me I send hearts kendrae23

  351. Ed says:

    New to tsums tsums, I play 5 times a day. I will give you hearts please do the same. Line ID localkine386

    • dsjtsumtsums says:

      I tried to add you but it said username not found. If it’s misspelled, repost your ID or just add me instead. I’m dsjtsumtsums

  352. amanda says:

    Add me please will send hearts daily

  353. Ayam says:

    Add me guys! I just added all of u .

  354. Anonymous says:

    ADD MEl eunicel

  355. Prism1020 says:

    Im super active. Send hearts daily.

    ID: Prism1020

  356. TheBabres says:

    Just deleted all my friends. Looking for new ones that send hearts!

  357. hi says:

    Id is lonely_souls i play everyday

  358. Anonymous says:

    Add me tiaswitria29 I’m gonna send u a heart every 2hours

  359. Anonymous says:


  360. salsawidarbo says:

    Add me salsawidarbo Beat ma score! Give heart every 2hr

  361. Anonymous says:

    add me: jasonfletcher

  362. Anonymous says:

    Add me.
    I’m always on TsumTsum and will give hearts repeatedly daily. 🙂


  363. Anonymous says:

    Add me I’m always on chiara430

  364. Anonymous says:

    Add me ! It’s tima

  365. Anonymous says:

    add me noomkami

  366. Anonymous says:

    noomkami add me i send heart every 2 hr

  367. Anonymous says:

    Add me Ktran825

  368. Kari says:

    Add me I send lots of hearts!! User name kdocto

  369. ♡♡♡♡Kali♡♡♡♡ says:

    Just deleted a bunch of people off my Tsum friends list who NEVER return hearts! I’m a daily player who sends out multiple hearts per day looking for the same. Please only add me if you do so as well. Thanks! ID: kalilove

  370. joe says:

    Add me. User name karpy111

  371. heatheroy02 says:

    Add me for hearts!!!

  372. ADD ME FOR HEARTS says:

    User: jozelle26

    I send hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  373. ADD ME FOR HEARTS says:

    Line: jozelle26

  374. Cam says:

    ID: lightribbon
    Play and send hearts daily 🙂 Add me!

  375. Anonymous says:

    Add me 🙂 ID: lightribbon
    Daily player and heart giver.

  376. Isaac says:


  377. mermaid says:

    add me mermaid92683 daily player

  378. Anonymous says:

    Add me stephieleetuna I’m very active

  379. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Add me please: clewis3

  380. Add me pls says:

    Add me: fionazhou0403

  381. vicky says:

    Add me vickers0925

  382. Anonymous says:

    I’m beyond obsessed with tsum tsums!! I play all the time at work and home! Add me hearts for hearts


  383. Anonymous says:

    add me ablanky

  384. Chris1950 says:

    Add me. I give hearts hourly. Chris1950

  385. B says:

    I send hearts multiple times a day. Torres1856

  386. Anonymous says:

    Add me username: colwells1

  387. Anonymous says:

    Add me beeeautiiful

  388. Sherly says:

    Add me! Id: serafinasherly

  389. howie says:

    add me! hearts everyday!

    ID: howiejai

  390. Anonymous says:

    Add me! ID: weirding. Super active!

  391. Jen says:

    Hey add me! Will send hearts as much as possible 🙂
    ID: jenn_h

  392. Anonymous says:

    ID uran3104

  393. Robert says:

    Add me! UN = Magmonix 😀

  394. Anonymous says:

    Add me! I send hearts frequently, I hope you’ll do the same! id: lawlzwood

  395. Anonymous says:

    Add me please ID: linationg

  396. Anonymous says:

    Hearts for hearts: reneelisay

  397. Anonymous says:


  398. Ashlyeen91 says:

    My friend playing tsum tsum too, add her , she will give heart
    ID : gladyslaksana

  399. Ashlyeen91 says:

    Add me and my sister , we send hearts regularly
    ID : cientik
    ID : jeliadita

  400. B says:

    I give hearts several times a day: torres1856

  401. Angie says:

    Add me please. Id ksangye

  402. Jill Rivera says:

    Line id jill190

  403. Dustin says:

    Ignore the dqdn1216 iD. Doesn’t work. New one dqdn1993 works. Thanks

  404. Dustin says:

    Add me! I’m new. Line ID: dqdn1216

  405. Heyitsjulie says:

    Add me, daily user and avid heart sender 😉 heyitsjulie

  406. Anonymous says:

    add me beyondinfinite
    I’m obsess with this game now

  407. Lobby_cool says:

    Add my line id
    Play tsum and give hearts

  408. spence says:

    Add me forrestdump44

  409. Rose says:

    Add me!! Super obsessed and I’ll send tons of hearts!
    Line ID: piglet59

  410. Anonymous says:

    Add me! I play and give hearts every day. Line ID is lovelifelivehi

  411. Anonymous says:

    Add me: MustangFanatic93

  412. pduque says:

    Hi I play everyday and send lives every chance I get my line I’d is pduque77

  413. Vanessa says:

    Add me!: gnarlyness

  414. Jasmine says:

    Hey I play everyday and send lives every chance I get my user I’D is jasmineduque

  415. Abby says:

    Add me: Abbyjoanie 🙂

  416. Anonymous says:

    Add me! I’m a giver! Line ID: ladyhawk601

  417. Add me, send me and I will send back for sure! says:

    Username: missjello

  418. Changaity says:

    Add me too : line id : aitychang

  419. Anonymous says:

    Add line id: badcaly
    Add line id: disneyfreak1

  420. Caitlin says:

    add me caitt87

  421. gerard.dy says:

    Please add me , I do send hearts 🙂
    Line Id : gerard.dy

  422. Natalie says:

    Add me! Im currently obsessed! I’ll be sending hearts allll day!
    Line ID: natalieewould

  423. Flirtygirl84 says:

    Please add me Id : Rebekah06

  424. Anonymous says:

    Add me too! Itslikexylophone :)))

  425. ash says:

    Add me! I send hearts!

    LINE: ashbalash

  426. Cara says:

    I’m new, but love making friends and sending hearts! Add me: isnthatcute

  427. Kailey says:

    Thanks for the hints

  428. Angela says:

    Please add me Id: Rebekah06

  429. William says:

    Add me ID: williamtcm
    Send hearts all day.

  430. Ray says:

    Add me. Line ID: irayjojo

  431. Anonymous says:

    Add my line pandaren91

  432. Anonymous says:

    i have a tsum tsum group on Line which help give hearts to pple

  433. Anonymous says:

    add me rose3347
    i have a tsum tsum group on Line which help give hearts to pple

  434. nick says:

    add me! nikoe619

  435. MrsSmartyPants says:

    I can’t figure out how to add anyone – can someone please invite me?


    I play all day every day.

  436. Jenny says:

    Please add me ID : Rebekah06

  437. Monica says:

    Please add me! I play several times a day & I always send hearts!
    ID: mojoblue

  438. mommaslater says:

    add me mommaslater … I send hearts every day

  439. saltyoatmeal says:

    Add me! saltyoatmeal

  440. Hayley says:

    Add me!
    Hayleyalyse 🙂

  441. 9jeffrey says:

    add me : 9jeffrey

  442. add me : 9jeffrey says:

    hi all

  443. Sam says:

    Please add me. I send hearts <3 multiple times a day!!! ID: mamaastarr

  444. fritters says:

    Add me:
    Frittersbatman 🙂

  445. Anonymous says:

    Add me pls. My user is few3

  446. Tsum tsum says:

    Add me please tsumtsumkp

  447. Nick says:

    add me! I send a lot of hearts


  448. Britt says:

    Add me i send hearts (: lots of them

  449. san says:

    send hearts daily
    id : yanthie_san

  450. Mike says:

    Please add me Id: rebekah06

  451. Milsap_8 says:

    Add me milsap_8, sending hearts regularly

  452. Theresa says:

    add me! I sent hearts multiple times a day!

  453. juicyfans says:

    please add me
    LINE ID: juicyfans

  454. Joe says:

    Please add id: rebekah06

  455. Thaneth says:

    add me! I send heart back all day. line id : thaneth_t

  456. angelhugz4u says:

    how do i add people and send stuff …or recieve stuff ??? help !!!please

    • lanianela says:

      You need to add people through line first, then they will show up on Tsum Tsum later. Only people who have a line account can play.

  457. femei2000 says:

    Add me

  458. T says:

    Add me!
    I send Hearts all day long!
    ID: buttercup617

  459. Anonymous says:

    Pls add : tsumtsum_addfriend

  460. Mcmoney427 says:

    Add me. Will send hearts daily. McMoney427

  461. Maggie says:

    Add me.. I send hearts all the time id: moodswingbella

  462. TK says:

    I play everyday multiple times a day! Add me: theresakeh

  463. Texan86 says:

    Add me, ID: texan86

    I’ll give hearts all day

  464. Anonymous says:

    Add me.
    I give ♡’s

    Id. Forevahgabbs

  465. Steve says:

    Please add me. Id: Rebekah06 thanks

  466. Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants to add me my ID is mj3127. Thanks!

  467. Vickers says:

    Add me I send hearts vickers

  468. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Add me~ I send hearts <3 ID: kikuichimonz

  469. Anonymous says:

    Line ID missarah add me. I play multiple times daily

  470. tsum-zoom says:

    Add me: tsum-zoom

  471. Comegettsum says:

    Add me! Comegettsum

  472. JMC71479 says:

    Add me JMC71479

  473. Anonymous says:

    Add me please…. amarikoj

  474. Angel says:

    Add me : line ID is angel2928

  475. Angel says:

    Pls add me. LINE ID: angel2928

  476. Awesomeness says:


  477. Anonymous says:

    please add my friend and I.

    Thanks 🙂 we will send out hearts, promise ;))))

  478. joe says:

    Please add me Id: Rebekah06

  479. pooh3love1163 says:


  480. Anonymous says:

    Add me xyzxx! Very active!

  481. dunia rauda says:

    Add me tsumtsum2013

  482. Shawna says:

    Add me! Shawnatsum

  483. Tsumer says:

    Feel free to add me: VintageLust

    I play everyday!

  484. phillip says:

    Please add me Id: Rebekah06

  485. aj says:

    Add me: ajtsum
    I give out a lot of hearts

  486. Anonymous says:

    add me!! i always send hearts on both accounts! ids: regalty and boubasaur

  487. Anonymous says:

    add me!! i always send hearts on both accounts! ids: regalty and boubasaur

  488. Anonymous says:

    add me I send heart back all day. line id : thaneth_t

  489. Anonymous says:

    Please add: tsumtsumgirl 🙂

  490. Anonymous says:

    Add me.
    ID : st4rshine

  491. Mikero says:

    add me mikesonla

  492. Anonymous says:

    Add me plz
    LINE ID: Peanut072

  493. Iska88 says:

    Add Iska88

  494. Anonymous says:

    Line Id: andreasarous

  495. Anonymous says:

    Line: Unicornmoustache I send hearts back

  496. Shewquet f says:

    Feel free to add me my line Id is shewquet

  497. mel says:

    Add me —-> mommeof3

  498. add me says:

    Line ID: enricoeric

  499. Jpowers says:

    Pleas add 🙂 Jpowers

  500. Addictedfornow says:


  501. Phillip says:

    Please add me Id: Rebekah06

  502. Anonymous says:

    Add me! Sparklebean12 🙂

  503. Evers says:

    Funny game
    Add me : evers_jp

  504. tsumtsumfairy says:

    Add me for Tsum Tsum! ID tsumtsumfairy

  505. Anonymous says:

    Add Me: habu892

  506. Kimmist says:

    Add me! Kimmist

  507. Anonymous says:

    Please add me. Maddie-t

  508. Nix says:

    add me id: nzyh . Will send hearts when i can

  509. Anonymous says:

    Please add me: Mylas31

  510. phillip says:

    please add me my id : rebekah06 thanks

  511. Anonymous says:

    Add me scott-t

  512. Anonymous says:

    Add me please cynthialee80

  513. Anonymous says:

    Add me julescast

  514. Anonymous says:

    Add me : pisacafe

  515. Anonymous says:

    add me christinamarie023 (:

  516. Anonymous says:

    Add me: haleycobb

  517. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha add me jingyang_

  518. Anon says:

    Add I’m new and need friends line Id: moonlightkarla

  519. jenn says:

    add me- jenmeistr1

  520. Kathryn says:

    Please add kathrynbrown0 and benbrown0

  521. alpha kilo says:

    Line ID: DeckApe254

  522. hawaiian says:

    please add me! Line ID: macielani

  523. hula dancer says:

    please add me! Line ID macielani

  524. ellen988 says:

    Add me ellen988 id

  525. Calhak says:

    Add me please!! My ID is calhak

  526. darkmoose says:

    I need some tsum tsum friends please add me darkmoose

  527. Anonymous says:

    ADD ME : Sheldz
    For Daily Coins

  528. Anonymous says:

    Add me my line id is tflor66

  529. Anonymous says:

    Add me please : Sheldz
    Gf got me hooked
    I send hearts daily ! ❤️

  530. Anonymous says:

    Add me please! id: marsbars13 Thanks!

  531. thao says:

    I like to play tsum: mojo720 add me

  532. Anonymous says:

    Add me Line ID: fetaba

  533. daddyelman says:

    Hi please add me line id is daddyelman

  534. Add me says:

    My name is doctortran. Invite me.

  535. Anonymous says:

    I like to play a lot. Add me: vunderkind

  536. justin says:

    Line id: dealinz add me for tsum tsum plz

  537. justin says:

    Wife got me hooked add me line id: dealin

  538. JBENSON says:

    Add me: jbenson117

    Send hearts whenever I can!

  539. Anonymous says:

    Obsessed with this game! Add me: mxranda

  540. onlygirof4 says:

    Add me…. I send hearts daily

  541. ellen988mc says:

    Add me I will send hearts ellen988mc

  542. Icyssnow says:

    Add me icyssnow

  543. billie1981 says:

    Feel free to add me I send hearts

  544. Jeannie says:

    Add me. I send hearts multiple times a day

  545. nutsack says:

    Let’s link up! My Line ID: biznatchbox

  546. Anonymous says:

    Add me please! Ayenik0le

  547. Raeni says:

    Add me. Raeni20

  548. cray808 says:

    Add me ID: cray808

  549. Jessi says:

    Add me. Darth Jessi

  550. brownie508 says:

    add me LINE ID: brownie508

  551. ID : roylee94 says:

    add me roylee94

    Daily player. send lives!

  552. Garhoogin says:

    Please add me! ID : garhoogin

  553. Anonymous says:

    Add me. Monsterangel1

  554. Joey says:

    Add me! I’m send hearts every hour.

    Line ID: JoeyVader

  555. eric says:

    Add me daily addictive player: eryk728

  556. Tay says:

    Add me, I send hearts. Line id: ctar4life

  557. Kiddywhompus says:

    Oh! Add me too! – kiddywhompus

  558. Jenna says:

    Need people to give hearts to
    my line id is jennagazette13. Please feel free to add me.

  559. Jon says:

    Add me. I send hearts to those who send back. My ID is : 1072701

  560. disneyfreak_2014 says:

    Add me…. Disneyfreak_2014

  561. Megaxming says:

    Add me I give out hearts constantly :megaxming

  562. Sketch says:

    Add me. ID: Sketch

  563. Cleo says:

    add me ~
    ID : elspade

  564. Anonymous says:

    Denlzx add me too!

  565. Breannan says:

    Add me id: brezyk

  566. Shannon says:

    Oh yea add me ShannDann

  567. Shannon says:

    How come i have no friends to invite??

  568. Nique says:

    LINE ID: nique3

  569. Tiffydeary says:

    Add me. Tiffydeary

  570. Anonymous says:

    please add me, my id is disneyrae24.

  571. Rich says:

    Add me aldyb58

  572. Circular says:

    Add me on line – ID is circular!

  573. Vanessa says:

    Add me vee

  574. Anonymous says:

    How do I add pple?

  575. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I’ve been trying to add friends but it keeps showing:” no friends to invite” and: “you can only invite a friend once”. What should I do? Thanks!

  576. Jh says:

    To get more hearts you add people to line then invite them

    Id: jholdaway

  577. julie says:

    add me! disney_julie

  578. Anonymous says:

    Add me! Angelicann

  579. ualani says:

    Line ID FOR TSUM TSUM lani808 add please

  580. BJB says:

    How do I get more Tsums? I am on level 9 with 14 stars and have only Mickey.

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