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If you are looking for war strategy game that you can play on both iOS and Android, you should check League of War: Mercenaries as an exciting war strategy game. In this game you can make choices that have real impact and outcomes. Just immerse in this 3D war game wherein you can build your own base, form your army and lead them to victory. You will play here as a mercenary commanding powerful armies for your league and fight for lucrative contracts and collaborate with your Alliance to win the battlefield.

Now in building a fighting force with impact you need to consider different strategies. To keep you playing the game for hours, they including hundreds of missions or compete with fellow Mercenaries to and dominate the entire game using war strategy and set up.So if you are now ready to play the game, you should consider tips and tricks for playing League of War: Mercenaries Strategy to play it effectively.

1. Take advantage with enemy weaknesses. In your campaign levels, you have the advantage of being abel to see what units the enemy has before initiating a fight. And here you should consider the manufacturer triangle as this is very essential in winning battle.

2. Don’t forget to complete the assignments. You must understand your daily stuff here and this is by completing your assignments are these are very rewarding. Upon completing objective you will earn rewards. This must be in your list especially since you can only have one construction happening at once. So the best way to spend your time is to build things as soon as they are ready in game. So in case that you really don’t know what to do you can use assignment as your guidelines and see what you haven’t done yet.

3. Do research as often as possible. The trick in this game is to always have research queued up. By doing some research you can unlock new abilities provides passive bonuses to all your units that are always in effect. Basically the more features you unlock the better your army will be. Here you can acquire bonuses such as critical chance increase, ability improvements and lot more., Just keep on researching in game.

4. Just use low cost units at the start. In game like this, you will notice that an early advantage in a match often leads to victory so the key on winning battle is to rush your opponent at the beginning. Meaning to say , sending out as many cheap units as possible while still maintaining the push on your opponent will do the job. Keep in mind that the resource generation is low at the beginning of a match and it is harder for your opponent to fight back once you get the upper hand. This is a good strategy on winning matches on early phase of the game.

5. Don’t forget to open the chests in the officer’s club. Here you can open up a free chest every couple of hours and so on. The good thing here is that these chests usually contain a new unit from 1 star to 2 stars. Just don’t skip on it and take it as your advantage. Keep in mind that you need different units from each manufacturer to ensure that your army stays flexible. So for your to make sure that you are able to collect chests as often as possible it is better if you are gong to enable notifications for this game so that you know when you can open your next free chest. Also if you are going to play on and completing campaigns, it will gives you a campaign keys and once you have 10 of them, you are able to open a campaign chests wherein you will get 3-star units.

6. Just wait for counter attack. Aside from blitzing you can also use counter attack strategy wherein you need only to wait at the very beginning of a match. Just wait until your foe deploys there first unit and then deploy your own unit but make sure it is stronger against the deployed opponent unit.

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