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At last Kitchen Scramble released on iTunes and we are here to share to you cheats and guides so you can dominate it easily. For those who don’t have idea on this new app, this is about a time management based simulator game from Disney. Here you will play as Pepper with her food truck that can do roving to the big city to cook and serve dishes. As you serve your food, people will pay for it and you are able to make progress using resources for your entire progress. Everything will be based on how you will manage playing the game, just don’t forget that you must enjoy the game whatever it takes and to help you obtain that satisfaction we wish to share trick and tips for playing Kitchen Scramble:

1. Getting more coins easily. You need coins to purchase new kitchen utensil and this is the reason why they want to download Kitchen Scramble cheats for unlimited coins since they want to unlock and use all other equipment. I believe that it is so difficult to save coins since you need to cook new recipes from stage to stage. So the trick here, you should not make progress that will only require you to do different recipe but to go back to old stages and farm for coins there. Since you already completed this level you can easily complete the required dish you need to cook to complete the stage. You can also consider upgrading your equipment so you are able to cook faster for the specific stage. And because we will share to you unlimited supplies cheat below, you can grind as often as you want without running out of energy/supply

2. Unlimited supplies cheat. This stands as your energy in game and just like with other applications energy recovers automatically over time. In this game you can wait for 100 minutes to replenish 50 supplies. Now here’s the cheat since you can take advantage with the time system of the game, you can instantly complete the 100-minute waiting time through time lapse glitch.We already prove that this is working in most application and yes it is still functioning here in Kitchen Scramble. Just a little disclaimer, this is part of glitch/bug of the game hence we can’t say that for how long we can use this cheat. So just use it with your own risk while it is still working. This is a really big help in time management based game like this that you can also use in any other waiting time in game. So the trick here is to set your time in advance and you will see that you really need to wait anymore as this can complete the waiting hours instantly. If you need to wait 1 hour for your supplies you can simply set your phone 1 hour ahead and you will see that this can instantly complete your waits.

3. Check the recipes you need to do to complete the current level. As you arrive in a new level, you must check the necessary recipes you need to do in able for you to complete the stage. You can tap the pause menu to see your list and if you have a new recipe for the current round, you can always come back on the list to check this out. From here you will say to yourself that memorizing the recipes is the most important things in this game so you can serve your customer faster by complying on the their order quickly.

4. Character favoritism. From the game you will notice that every customer that you encounter will always want the same thing as they arrive in game. For instance, the skinny guy with glasses he will order omelette or egg. There is also a character that really likes bacon and he is going to order it from the game everytime he come to your restaurant and lastly there is a girl with a baby who always loves to eat fries. From here you will say to yourself that familiarizing and recognizing customers will give you a clue on what they will order so you can start preparing them ahead of time.

5. Getting more tips. This is very efficient especially that you can earn additional coins from here. To earn more tips you need only to serve your customer faster. From here you will realize that you need to use all kinds of tricks to stay low with your time. You must actively play the game without an empty hands as you need to always serve your customers. You can also take ready plates to customers using both hands and never ever let your food burn or else this gonna be a total waste of resources. You can also consider making your utensil busy from every task.

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    Log out of Facebook wait 3 seconds log back into Facebook and your supplies will be refreshed

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    Changing the time doesn’t work at all tried doin it several times but no progress :/ any other tip for the supplies?

  10. K1st says:

    Changing the time doesn’t work at all tried doin it several times but no progress :/ amy other tip for the supplies?

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    True. Changing time doesnt work. Any other tricks to do it?

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    Changing the time not working”

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