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Now with the adventure across Disney’s magical worlds come with Kingdom Hearts series with this newest iOS and Android game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. series. In this game you will become a hero at a very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts sotry in the era of the Lost Masters. So here is about gathering LUX known as mysterious form of light and fight the Hearthless as you explore Disney’s worlds. As you are playing Kingdom Hearts and Disney, expect that you are able to meet familiar faces and strengthen yourself as well as your Keyblades. Yes you are going play with Legendary Keyblade and that you are going to use to battle against the Heartless.

The game is very simple, you need only to tap so your character will attack while swiping will let you hit multiple enemies and then flick medals to unleash your special abilities. As you continue making progress, you are able to collect and evolve hundreds of character medals that contains power of popular characters from Final Fantasy and Disney both protagonist and antagonist.

The game endorse depth strategy to defeat enemies that will turns to use special attacks and finding the good balance between power, magic and speed medals that you can use in battle. You can also team up with your friends and take down heartless as well as raiding bosses which will give you greater rewards. And for your ultimate challenge, you can play on Olympus Coliseum where the strongest heroes can brave additional bosses and unlock more medals.

Aside from good combat system you can also customize your hero changing your avatar’s outfits to match your style of fashion. Just be on the lookout for outfits based on upon the popular characters from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Disney. And now for guide, we you can check out below some tips and tricks for playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

1. Take advantage with the weapon flows. Keep in mind that every medal has a type such as red for Power and this is strong against speed while speed colored by green is strong against magic and ultimately for magic with blue color is strong against power. So this works as scissor-paper-rock wherein every single medal has their own advantage and disadvantage. Just use the effective type against the right enemy and you will see that an increment with your damage. The best thing here is to bring emdals build around the heartless you are going to face.

2. Go with the storyline. As you continue making progress through the story you will get reward chest that contain lots of jewels. You are able to collect these chests every time you complete five quest. Just don’t forget that this is not counting quests that you have already completed while you must be completing new one for it to count towards your chest reward. With that, in case that you’ve exhausted your other methods of getting jewels, just play through some story quests and you will get rewards.

3. Log-in in game daily. In this game, every time you log in you will get 50 jewels. Meaning to say you can log in every day for this bonus for the rest of the newcomer campaign which is a good boost for those who are playing the game on the rest of the week. You can also claim your daily log-in bonus that is separate from the newcomer campaign. So on the first two days, you will receive 50 jewels which is come in handy if you just started playing the game. And for three or four days you will get 100 jewels. And ultimately for fifth and final day you are able to earn 200 jewels. The best thing here is that this bonus resets once you’ve completed it so ensure to check-in at least once everyday.

4. Don’t forget to complete your objectives. Every quest there are three objectives which you can complete. Just try to do all of them if you can but don’t worry too much if you failed on it since you replay the quest. Keep in mind that the last of the objectives will give you with crafting materials but on the first two reward, you can get with special currency or the avatar coins. This is the most important currency in game which is what you need to improve your character so don’t skip out the objectives available in game.

5. Always bring the right keyblade for your mission. This is when you are selecting a quest, you will see one of the type icons listed next to it. This symbol actually represents what type you are going to be facing the most in your quest. With this information you will never find this game really difficult to play as you can prepare ahead and bring the right medals as mentioned above. You can also try bringing different keyblades if you notice, the top medal slot for the starting keyblade Starlight is shining blue meaning that magic medals placed in this slow will receive a small power boost. Upon receiving the next keyblade Treasure Trove as it has a power slot located on the bottom. Just try to match the keyblade with your medals.

6. You can create or join a party. With this system you can play co-operative with your friends. Upon joining or creating your first party, you will receive a nice 100 jewel bonus for doing so. If you don’t want to create your own party, you can join a party as soon as possible. Aside from getting jewel bonus, you are also able to use your party member’s medals during battle which is a good advantage of having a party.

7. Don’t forget to level up your avatar board. The question here is where do you spend these avatar coins? Actually you can use it for avatar board as you wills see sets of different kinds of clothes for your avatar. Upon closer analysis, every set has a board. These boards contain nodes which must be powered up with avatar coins. This can give you permanent boos to your character’s stats and making them stronger. You can also unlock a new clothing parts here. BY means of completing as many avatar boards as you can, you will see that you will becomes stronger. So now you know why the objectives are so important so you can unleash the potential of your character further more.

8. Improve your medals. If you are looking for the way you can you improve your arsenal, this can be down by powering up your medals. These can be leveled up by sacrificing lower tier medals. So if you use same-type medals in the process, you will earn additional experience for your base medal. So for instance, you get the triple ducks, such as Louie, Dewey, and Huey, level up your favorite medals with these guys. These worth lots of experience and they are actually not even usable in battle so there is now way to hesitate not doing it.

9. Always go for 1-turn triumph. This is actually your ultimate goal in every battle. Beating all heartless in a battle without letting them take a turn that will result for 1-turn triumph. Here you will gain bonus lux and special orbs from doing so which usually guarantees one full bar of your special gauge. Now the trick for getting these triumphs is to use the right type of medals as well as known when to group attack and single attack and using special abilities. Keep in mind that group attacking hits all heartless in the battle but at reduced power while single hitting do normal damage. If you have the special to spare, consider use your special abilities as well. Most of the time, quest objectives will be to get a 1-turn triump on every battle in the so try to get the hang of it.

10. Use your jewels wisely. Unfortunately, in this game, there aren’t several ways to earn jewels as of now so what you need to do is to ensure that you are spending them wisely. As for recommendation, the only thing you should be using them on are medal draws that will come in to different perspectives such as:

You can spend 600 jewels to get three medals. This is actually a temporary offer in game and you can only do it once a day. Probably the best option as of now if you are looking to get some more medals. You can spend 3000 jewels to earn 10 medals. This is obviously incredible steep, but definitely will guaranteed at least one 5-star medal.

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