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Sports is now on trends because of NBA basketball finals as well as the opening of world football cup and for EA sports, I see that they want to take the opportunity to release King of the Course as a new golf-based game for your iOS powered device. Actually there is no real life golfers in this game as you will usually experience on EA sports games where you are able to play with Tiger Woods on PGA Tour. Instead, in King of the Course you will be challenge to play the game based on matching-3 same tile game with different twist to give variation as a new game. As a new game, we are willing to give you some cheats and tricks that you can follow for you to obtain the maximum advantage in playing King of the Course.

1. Getting free balls from friends. This is very basic in playing social games as you can take advantage from adding more friends on your list to get compensation. In King of the Course, you are able to ask your friends for energy as well as sending them an energy in return. You can add more friends through different gaming portal like this website by dropping a comment form below or you can use the official Facebook fan page and drop a request for adding active players there. Ensure that they are willing to exchange a favor with you as well as they are playing the game actively.

2. Unlimited balls cheats. We already mentioned a decent way of getting free balls by means of asking it with your friends on Facebook. Well now we want to share to you a good tricks on how can you get unlimited balls in game so you can play the game as often as you wish. In King of the Course you have only five balls at time that stand as your energy and once you run out of it, you need to wait for it to replenish over time. Now here’s the cheat, instead of waiting for a certain hours to complete the recovery of your balls, you can easily take advantage with time lapse glitch where you can set the time ahead so you don’t need to wait for your balls to replenish. Upon changing the time of your gadget in advance you will see that all your balls has been recovered instantly and after that you can bring back the time from the exact hours without affecting your ball anymore.

3. King of the Course uses tokens as the primary currency in game and it has a multiple uses such as improving your players’ skills, unlocking new golfers and lot more. Every character has their own set of pros and cons. For instance, the sweetheart’s aiming is second to zero while for the hotshot is a jack of all trades and a master of none. Just pick the player that works best for you.

4. The game sees aiming as one of the most important factor that you need to master. This is mostly done while the ball is in midair and for you to hit it, you need to work with a correct timing as the swing meter is in the green and to swipe straight up as much as possible. But don’t forget that the wind can make a lot of changes to it especially as this will require you to curve it. If the ball is already in the air, just swipe on which side you wish to direct the ball either it is right, left, down, up or even diagonal everything is up to you. The rules are simple here, the more space to cover, the faster you should do swiping. You can also do a ball roll backwards by swiping down hard enough.

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28 Responses so far.

  1. Mustang says:

    I’m a New Player. When I click on the shopping cart, I’m told I can’t connect to the internet. Did I miss something in my setup? I setup using my email, by which I normally use my Play Card if I want to buy new equipment. Can anyone help?

  2. how much is a discount rolex ladies 18k gold watch says:

    SUPER fast shipping & very much appreciated!!!!

  3. Mr Billy says:

    i’m on level 229 Banff springs…there is this magnet on the screen that wont leave,and why can’t retrieve myBoosts…any help,much appreciated…thanks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Loving the game . Up to level 189 the dreaded trampolines. It will not best me though . Fantastic game . Best golf game I ever played . Many thanks Mr Andy Wheatley

  5. Lake bird 84 says:

    Can’t get past 185

  6. Sam says:

    Stuck on level 159 any suggestions?

  7. azadd says:

    Stuck on the initial levels

  8. Colin says:

    I have reached 799 stars and currently stuck on the pro challenge . It’s not like any other challenge, you have to hole out with all three balls, but your skills seem to have deserted you. I can do two balls but that’s a fail

  9. tompson says:

    am stuck level 23

  10. Cw says:

    stuck at hole 34 , will not open up to play hole 34

  11. mohammad says:

    soccer star

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck at 223. How do I get past there?

  13. Marc says:

    Im stuck at 50

  14. Gra says:

    I play this game on IPhone 5c but it doesn’t want to open up level 88 help please !!

  15. John T says:


    make sure to use backspin on the nets to keep the ball in the net.

    anyone know how many total levels there is? i’m at 200 and it just keeps going

  16. John T says:

    When you get to the trampolines, it’s not only important to his the trampoline, you need to hit it dead center. if you do, it launches perfectly to the next trampoline and you only have to fight the wind to hit the next center. this is critical on the last one because hitting the center circle means it will launch directly to the hole

  17. Ande says:

    If you adjust your strength of shot and sim at the green, you use loads of backspin to keep it on the green..

  18. King9880 says:


  19. sam says:

    How do you get past skipping the ball on the water. I keep hitting the side. Have only gotten 2 balls on green

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