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Last couples of week we shared to you tips and tricks for playing Jurassic World™: The Game effectively but actually most of our readers are wishing to get a promo code for this game. Well now we want to share to you additional tips on how can you get Dino Cash and mPoints easily. Just a short preview, this is a new game that you can download and play for free using your iOS and Android powered platforms. Here you are able to collect your favorite dinosaurs based from the popular Jurassic World movie. Those dinosaurs that you collected can be raised and use them to fight other dinosaurs.

In game there are currency that come in handy such as Dino Cash or known as Cash and this is premium currency in game which the reason for most players to download cheats so they can have unlimited Dino Cash. But actually there are ways on how can get this premium currency easily. Aside from Dino Cash there is also mPoints which you can use for rewards outside the game. Well just like what we mentioned above, we are here to share to you on how can you have these both currencies easily.

Take advantage with in-app purchase store’s free button. Well if you are looking forward to earn more cash for free, just go to in-game app store and just tap the free button located at the far left side of the cash area. Here you will have the option to log into Tapjoy the first time by going to their website. That is not difficult actually and once you do that you will see an offer wall that will pop up from their website. This will bring rewards to you upon following their instruction to download different games and apps for free. You will see that this offer wall contains both free and paid option to earn more cash and definitely you will go for free. Well as for free, you need to watch ad videos and other task to claim free Dino Cash. It sounds funny to go for paid option but if you are serious in this game and you are willing to spend cash for this game, instead of actually buying it at in-app purchase store, just go for paid option through Tapjoy and you are able to get even more Dino Cash than directly buying it in game. Now if ever that you don’t want the idea of doing what is on the offer wall, then you can earn them by completing different quest. Most of the time, this is about battle stage quest which will earn you more cash, so if you want to unlock another battle quest against Hoskins, you better gain experience points by completing non-battling quest, or you can also consider fighting in the challenge stages, or by placing and selling decorations in game. You can also integrate your game to Facebook get instantly 50 Dino Cash.

Now as for mPoints, this can be exchange for stuff outside of the game just like we mentioned above. This come such as gift cards or free stuff. By completing achievements in game, you are able to earn you more mPoints and you will likely have already built up a big list of them just by playing the game. Just go to the mail icon in game and after that you can go to sessionM and proceed to the achievement section to check what you can do for free mPoints. You can also check different places to earn free mPoints in game. You are able to see it at the front page of sessionM, not at the achievements section but to the main page and check in places for free compensation.

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