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For those who love to see Star Wars characters and series, now they have their chance with this newest app that you can play for free on iOS and Android powered device. In this game, you will play in dark times wherein Jedi are no more and the Empire has revealed on distant planet, Lothal. So you will take your […]

If you are fan of playing Final Fantasy series you will surely like this game wherein you will encounter different Final Fantasy titles such as FF VII, FFX, and even the latest FF XIII: Lightning Returns. The game is perfect for you to relive your favorite Final Fantasy moments through this strategy based game. In this game you need to […]

I will define this game as a twist of both role playing and city-building game that you can play on Android and iOS powered device. Your objective in this game is to build your own school for magic and then use it to raise up their power. These wizards are what you will use to quest across the world and […]

If you enjoy Crossy Road that made a success couple of years ago, now you are able to play the new (cloned) version of it with The Crossing Dead. This game is a Minecraftian (32 bit) graphics and hopping physics of Crossy Road with a twist of zombie-shooting gameplay. Your objective here is to go as far as you can […]

Role playing game started their popularity once Squaresoft (now SquareEnix) released their Final Fantasy series on PlayStation platforms and now we are able to enjoy it with Android and iOS powered device. RPG games come in different titles as a matter of fact, now we want to share something new, We Heroes – Born To Fight that you can play […]

If you miss playing harvesting game, you can try Munchie Farm which will bring a new twist for you. In this game all jun food has been banned by overzealous Food Inspector Dick. And you as a player need to join the snack rebellion to go underground and grow munchies from different sort of plants including Cookie Bushes, Nacho Trees […]

To define this game, we can say that World Zombination is two games in one. You can play the infected mode wherein you will deal with tower assault game which popularized by Royal Revolt and if you play as the survivors, you will enjoy the tower defense challenge. Two modes but your primary objective here is to stop the other […]