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This is the result from the major success of Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile). Well here you will experience a new gameplay, first-class sound quality and global competition which will encourage everyone to play the game actively. Compare to the first release here you will enjoy the new color scheme instead of just monochromatic schemes. With additional music […]

After the massive success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood now Glu Games released Katy Perry Pop as this game will feature your own interactive journey from aspiring artist to pop stardom with Katy Perry. Well in this game, you will build your music career and get discover by Katy Perry wherein you will chart your course to music stardom by means of […]

So far we consider this is as a cool game which is perfect for those who are looking forward for a unique concept that for mobile app. Well in Rust Bucket you will experience playing with turn based dungeon crawler wherein you can swipe to take a step and swipe as well as swiping into enemies to attack. Yes pretty […]

GyroSphere Trials will take you to a fast-paced race through endless and unpredictable obstacles on your way. So in this game you are going to roll, spin, and jump and the most important thing to do is to protect yourself not to fall. The challenging part here is that the dealing with the abstract world which greatly influence by physics […]

In this game, you don’t just only cross the road but you can own it by pulling off rad tricks, adding more speed to your game and leave your mark on the road. On your way you can collect lots of cool characters to ensure that you are going to enjoy the game for hours. Just for important notice, if […]

This is what you are waiting for especially for those who already enjoy the first release of Swing Copters. In this game, you will see that flying is a serious business as you join copters. In this game, you will guide your pilot to go through obstacles and get as many points as you can. As you continue making progress […]

For those who enjoyed playing Geometry Dash this is another challenge as RobTop Games released the sequel entitled Geometry Dash Meltdown. In this game you will prepare yourself with a new Geometry Dash adventure filled with endless spikes and monsters. So prepare your fingers as you jump, flip, and fly your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles. To ensure […]