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Basically what you are going to enjoy this sports-based game is the easy one-touch controls wherein you can tap to swing and watch home runs fly out of the park. Just a simple controls and short gameplay sessions which will let you enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. Because this is team based game you can build your team with […]

This is game which is resemblance of a experience when you ever had something strange happen in your life and that you can’t explain it. Well here you can say that Yo-kai was responsible for it. So be ready and join Whisper, the Yo-kai butler as he guides you through the world of Yo-kai Watch. In this game you will […]

If you enjoy Dictator, this is a big news to you since you are now able to enjoy the sequel of one of the best strategic games. In this game you will play as the young dictator of a fledgling democratic republic. And as a dictator you are in place having the power over your territory. And you objective here […]

Based from the iron tides of tanks that fire rains of artilleries, you will use these destructive forces to win the war. So your objective here is to build and fortify your city, and raise an unstoppable army as well as recruiting legendary world war two generals to be your commander in char. You can also forge alliance with your […]

In this game your goal is to stop meteors from hitting the planet. From the title itself you have a clue that you need to depend the planet in this new endless game. So for your  to defend you need to stop as many as possible meteors passing by from hitting the planet. Eventually they are going to get hit […]

Tower Knights is about an epic battle in defending your tower against massive hordes of nasty goblins and orcs. On your way of defending your tower, you need to destroy your enemies with different varieties of weapons and spells. In this game you will find yourself swiping your knight’s sword to wipe out evil barons. Aside from knight, you can […]

One of the top games from Namcom wherein you will experience defeating monsters, drinking potions and die on your own time. The game is result from the collaboration of both GameStop and Banda Namco to bring us a free game inspired by the world of Dark Souls III. To your main adventure is to travel further than any other as […]