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Because  Cucubita launched, Hello Hero new server, many players wish to restart their progress by playing from the new world. New progress comes new playmates, set up, rankings and they are thinking that this time they can take the lead. This guide is perfect for them especially those who are open minded in absorbing other players ideas even they already […]

One of the most critical decision making in Hello Hero is what kind of weapon you should equip for specific hero because  upon equipped there is no turning back. Yes once you equipped an item either it is weapon or armor, you can’t switch it for other characters and the only way for this item is to replace with something […]

I can’t resist to laugh upon seeing iOS console for sale in higher price because it has a Flappy Bird installed on it – that is no longer available now. You are stupid if you will purchase an iPad worth of $950 from $500 original price because it has Flappy Bird. If there is no such game that we can […]

We already mentioned in our 9 ways of getting free carats that you are able to claim as more as 150 carats in just referring this game to your friends and let them use  you as referral by typing your username as a promo code. This is not difficult to do especially if you have lots video-game-enthusiasts friends but if […]

In this method, you don’t need to download Hello Hero cheats for unlimited carats, what you need to have is patience for saving it and spends to stuff that will give you much advantage in game. Also this makes the game so fun and let it earns positive reviews from different gaming website and players alike. In this game you […]

The answer is yes. This will give you a good head start as you can get 10 random heroes from rare – legend (mostly master) plus 1 epic hero. But again, discourage spending real cash to earn advantage as that is what our goal is to provide an alternative ways of playing the game effectively without getting involve your […]

Lucky for those first batch players who can accommodate this Hello Hero Free Carat by typing the promotional code in the beginning of the game since we don’t know until when this freebie available. If you can play the game today (February 14, 2014) it is still working and you can get free 10 pcs of carat but for those […]