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So if you are fan of being a quarterback, it is now your chance to lead your team to glory in the ultimate QB simulation game. Here you will experience the pro football life as the game is about the life and money. You need to handle the pressure of the important role in team and become celebrity and ultimately […]

If you enjoy Infection: Bio War in terms of spreading virus and disease, this time you will play the same concept only instead of dealing in general such as countries and cities, here you will deal with individual human being. But your goal is still the same in developing the most dangerous disease in game. Here you can upgrade your […]

A new concept to play on iOS powered device wherein you will play as Junior Parking Officer with your scooter while enforcing strict parking laws. Of course you will see outlaws and that is your task to do, you need to ticket and tow them to earn cash which you can spend for the development of your city. Actually you […]

If you enjoyed playing LittleBig Planet series on Playstation, now you have a chance to experience playing same running game from Playstation Mobile Inc. through Run Sackboy! Run! In this game, your goal is to run as fast as you can through ever-changing handcrafted word to escape the Goo. Compare with other endless running game, in this app you will see […]

This month there are couple of games released under card trading based game such as Magimon Adventures, Pokemon TCG Online and lot more. And now we are here to share another card collection based game with role playing elements for Android and iOS powered device. Here you will experience intense fights with lots of cards well as upgrading it to unlock […]

Mobile gaming will never be run out of shooting game as there are lots of first person shooting game releases day by day. Recently we shared to you Gun GirlZ and now we are here for another shooting game experience with SAS: Zombie Assault 4. In this game, your objective is the same with other SAS games, as you need […]

One of the most interesting app to play on Android and iOS powered device nowadays wherein you will experience slinging yourself into the action of single or in multiplayer teams of up to four players. Here you have 500 kinds of unique and powerful monster to collect. In this game you have very simple mechanics to follow, just pull back […]

If you enjoy Pokemon TCG Online as a monster collecting game, you can also enjoy Animoca’s Magimon Adventures which challenges their players to collect and evolve over 150 monster cards through adventures and exploration. Technically, this is action-packed mix of role playing and gem shooting puzzle game. So you better prepare yourself with almost countless exciting encounter with creatures in […]

If you enjoy playing Heroes of Atlan or Summoners War: Sky Arena, you should download Mage & Minions as the newest MMORPG developed by Making Fun Inc. Here you will enjoy the action formula of massively multiplayer online game using different characters that you can build up. You can use this character to unleash different special moves and defeat massive enemies […]

If you love Boom Beach, you will surely like this Agents of the Storm wherein you are able to experience strategy real time warfare game for iOS powered device. Actually though the game have the same concept with other MMORTS, in Agents of Storm you will experience expansion from typical base building strategy game with their unique approaches to the […]

This is an absolute combination between platformer and match-three game for both iOS and Android powered device. As a cross-genre app, makes it unique from the typical match three game and platformer. As for the story, you will play as a miner named Kentucky Jones that already experienced in finding all kinds of treasure. Well in this game, you will […]

At last Rovio released something new on mobile when it comes to title and this time it is not about Angry Birds but an impossible game scene with RETRY. In this game you will take in charge of controlling an airplane and that is not as simple as that since just like what the title tells, you need to retry […]

This is a follow up article for the Weed Empire: Undercover War cheats  we posted recently. There we had shown to you how can  you instantly grow your weed and sell it. By doing the cheat, you will never find money as a big problem in the game and I believe that is your goal in this game. Well we are […]

At first glance I thought this is another new game from Ketchapp for being simple yet interesting game to play, well I was wrong after knowing that the unique idea is from Monkeybin. Hyspherical is a game about rotating circles into puzzle and action game. Yes it has an action element in game since you need to defend your circle […]