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Recently we reviewed Kritika: Chaos Unleashed as we are seeing lots of potential on this game as a new action role playing game from Gamevil. In this game, you will choose between one out of two character to start playing  and as you play the game, you are able to unlock other kinds of character as well as different weapons, armor […]

Ketchapp known from releasing the very simple yet addictive game, The Line had just released Don’t Touch The Spikes for iOS platform. In this game, your objective is to simply bounce off of the walls as many times as you can just to ensure you will not die by mean of touching the spikes. That is not as simple as we […]

New for most of all us but Mad Bullets already curved such hype on iOS game schemes where you will experience the wacky flip-up target version of an old western town. Your objective here is to shoot your enemies in game for the sake of saving those innocent civilians as well as defending yourself by avoiding their bullet trajectory in […]

Big Fish Games wants to continue their legacy on mobile gaming after releasing Cascade as a new match-three puzzle game. In this game, your objective is to make as many matches of three or even more combination from the same gems. Just like the typical match-3 based game, making more combination in combo will give you advantage. You can also […]

In this game you will take Grumpyface on his journey of being the wacky villain in the simulation based game. Castle Doombad: Free to Slay will take you play the part of being the villain in a dark castle with a trapped princess and your goal is to defend your castle from saving heroes. Basically, your objective is to beat […]

It’s been a while since Gameloft dominated the mobile gaming with their Despicable Me: Minion Rush and now they want to shot in the competition again by releasing Ninja UP! This game is about an endless jumping game (not running) and if you enjoy playing Sonic Jump Fever, you will also like this game. As you notice this is the […]

If you are looking for a new game from Zynga since you really miss to play some app from them, you should check Duck Dynasty Slots as the latest title for both Android and iOS platforms. This time you are not able to enjoy simulation game anymore but a slot machines that are themed with characters and items from Duck […]

Konami, one of the biggest video game developer companies recently released and revived Swords & Poker Adventures for Android and iOS platform. In this game, you will experience the creative variation of puzzle based game into role playing game formula. From the title itself, the game also influenced by poker from playing it and put it into a battle system. In […]

Strategy game is my favorite genre from mobile games where you can enjoy the brainstorming accent of the game even for such simple application. Right now we want to share to you Bastards of Hell as a newest massively multiplayer real time strategy based game for iOS platform. In this game, your primary objective is to form an outlaw motorcycle […]

You will experience not your ordinary racing game for iOS and Android powered with No Brakes. Here you have one car which continuous in circling one track and your objective is to get this car to run as fast as possible.  Every attempt, you need to rank up your top speed which the result will be posted in the Game […]

If you enjoy the first 3D Monster Trucker Parking Simulator, you will also download this new release as this will take you to a new challenging monster truck experience for your iOS powered device. Developed by Aidem Media, they want to bring us a new blend of playing mobile so we have an opportunity to play different games for our gadgets. […]

The story tells about how Penny and Early experienced as they opened a new minecart tunnel from Prospect Canyon and you as a player will help them to become rich. Canyon Crashers is willing to bring a new twist of match-3 and endless running game into one application. Here you will ride your way down the mines full of opportunity […]

Developed under Google Inc., Ingress that once taken the popularity on Android is now available to play on iOS. In this game you will experience the rush of alternate-reality hacking game as you need to deal with bizarre routes around cities and meeting up with different portal collections under the two main factions: Enlightened and Resistance. Just like how players […]

If you enjoyed Major Magnet, now here comes the sequel where you will experience shorter levels, in-app purchases and facing different challenges with Major Magnet: Arcade. Your objective is to is to spin around magnets while releasing from magnet to a new magnet as you collect magnorbs and other baked goods that will help you unlock the next level. Below […]