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Last week we published a review and link where you can download Garfield: Survival of the Fattest for free and as we believe that this game will make a good brand in mobile gaming we are here again to share some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively. For those who missed our review, this app is based on Garfield […]

Couples of days ago we shared to you a review and link where you can download War Dragons for free. Well now we are here to share to you some tips and tricks for playing War Dragons. Just to give you a review, this game will let you control of a dragon breeder which is capable of getting new dragon […]

Last year Glu Games had just released Frontline Commando 2 and now they want to extend it with their newest release, Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter which is perfect for those who enjoy playing the first two titles. In this game you expect much more action from different weapon you can use in game such as Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, Baookas and lot […]

Another new and challenging game from Ketchapp with collaboration with No Power-up. The game is about the story your character who stole confidential documents and now has to get away through jumping across unlimited number of rockets in order to get back to your mothership. To compare it with other app, this is much likely a Flappy bird wherein simplicity […]

In this game you will collect cards and build your wild west gunslingers. You will start playing in a place where frontier is rough and tumble place and your service is needed to grow and protect a brand spankin’ new western town on the edge of the frontier. Here you will see Villains lurking in the shadows, their greed for […]

If you enjoy playing dating simulation game,  you should check out Me Girl Love Story as the newest dating game with a twist of mini games and building up your reputation and wardrobe and having fun. But actually that is not as simple as that as there are lots of things you need to consider in playing this game especially […]

Couples of days ago we already shared to you some guides and tips for playing Spirit Lords effectively, now we are here again to add some new tips to your list. In this game wherein your travel through dungeons of hack-and-slash game, I believe that strategy is very essential so you can enjoy this game to the fullest. Just a […]

This game is from the popular developer who made Angry Birds possible, Rovio Stars. Sky Punks will let you experience to be a rider racing on a mysterious contraption known as a glidewing. To be in general, this is an endless running game with a twist of instead of running you will glide to experience something new in this genre. […]

From DeNa, we are here to share to you Splash: Underwater Sanctuary wherein you will enjoy the addictive underwater simulator. In this game you will grow fish and other species as well as discovering new ones and help them to grow before releasing them in the ocean.  In addition, if you enjoyed playing Flutter you will surely like this knowing […]

 If you are looking for a challenging game to play, you can check out Smove as a new app that you can play for both Android and iOS. Yes this is challenging as a matter of fact some says that this app has seemingly been engineered for the purpose of frustrating the user. The ultimate question here is how fast […]

Now if you are looking for something new to play with your Android and iOS platform based gadget, you should download Tiltagon as Noodlecake recent releases. In this game your goal is to to tilt and try to get as far as you can and then fall of and try to stay in the game. Some review called it as […]

I believe that you had never imagined before that you are able to play Mortal Kombat in mobile device, not until this day. Yes that is right the popular fighting game series is now available on mobile as Warner Bros released it recently. Mortal Kombat X let you enjoy a simple one-touch tap fighting. So if you enjoy playing Marvel […]

If you are series racing car games on mobile, that is normal but to make it with speedboat racing, that is awesome. Today we want to share to you a speedboat racing with Driver Speedboat Paradise as the newest high-speed racing game from the Driver series. In this game you will take the wheel of a professional speedboat and dominate […]

Spirt Lords from Kabam is actually a very addictive game wherein you will experience a great consideration of humor with high quality gameplay. In this game you will uncover the secrets of a long forgotten past and become the next Spirit Lord into the most exciting role playing game for you mobile device. In this game you will uncover the […]