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The number one TV series in US is now again to release a new title for Android and iOS platform. I hope this is not only a promotional game for the upcoming new season of The Walking Dead. Well anyway as for review, the game is interesting and you can spend hours for it. The game is focus on Daryl […]

We remember that last year we shared to you a guide about the first release of Sonic title for iOS and Android with Sonic Runners. Fron the initial release the game already reached 140 million downloads featuring the cast of your favorite Sonic Boom. Compare to the other release of Sonic Dash titles, here will experience playing with new and amazing […]

Recently we shared My NBA 2k16 cheats and guides which came from the same developer, 2K that we want to share today. It’s NHL SuperCard which you will experience a brand new card collecting game that will challenge you to build the ultimate deck filled with superstars from NHL. Expect that you are going to see your favorite team and […]

You will start your ultimate fantasy role playing game battle against evil forces including elves, goblins, orcs, dragons which you need to restore the kingdom of Berman. On your journey you will travel through Desolate Plains, Lava Mountains, and Ice Winterland to defeat powerful monsters all for the destiny of your Kingdom. The game also endorse great storyline from the […]

From the creators of Crossy Road here comes a new game, Shooty Skies wherein you will experience shooting, dodging, goosing and weaving for your primary objective – Take to the skies. Just the like the same schemes from Crossy Road, you will experience colorful pilots, adorable enemies, epic bosses and epic loot crates. Though simple, there are lots of things […]

For those who love Pac-Man from the very beginning as one of the classic game in the history video games, you can check out this game as a new twist for your mobile gadget (Android/iOS) which you can download for free. In this game you will bound all the way in a brain-busting puzzle adventure set up. The game is […]

This is a cute version of Diablo for those who don’t want to see violence and evil-theme game they are able to play Storm Casters Ultra. This is a loot-based, action dungeon game from the developers of Mega Jump and Mega run. In this game you are able to collect rare battle cards as well as unlocking more and more […]

Fight alongside with your favorite celebrities in this game. This sounds like MTV’s Celebrity Match wherein you will fight and defeat your opponent to get the most fame in game. As you continue playing this game for hours, you can boost your own fame with special attacks and move to earn different belts such as silver, bronze and gold. In […]

NBA2K15 earned a massive success last year for iOS and Android platform and this year they want to extend their glory with with their newest release, NBA 2k16. Here comes a new game packed with awesome features which will make it easier for you to play the game through touch-based console. In addition from previous series, here you will see […]

This is the newest addition to Need for Speed series for iOS and Android. For those who never experienced playing this game before, here you will experience racing for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed which especially made for mobile platform. In this game you will build your dream ride with several customization. Just win races, […]

Most of the time, we discuss war, battles, endless game, puzzle game and tapping game, but today we are here to share to a totally new game that you can play with your iOS and Android platform. In this game, you are about to party with all your cool friends. First you need to join a club and find a […]

For those are avid fan of playing role playing game, this is your chance as you will engage battle against hordes of monsters and spirits summoned by the evil Conjurer. This is how your journey will starts which will let you experience collecting, crafting and mastering powerful spells that you will cast to eliminate even your fiercest enemies. To empower […]

In this game, you will witness how infamous pirate Captain Roberts left behind unimaginable wealth and treasure and hid it away from the world where no on has found it yet. And you, you will come in game to claim that treasure for your own glory. But that is not easy, as you need to set sail across the seas, […]

One of the most interesting game that you are able for free is breeding based game because this come with almost infinite mechanics in terms of gameplay and interaction. And today we are lucky enough to play a game from Big Blue Bubble with their My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire (sounds funny huh). In this game you will travel back […]