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Everyone loves free and definitely you will like this game as a free app that you can download for both iOS and Android powered platform. In this game you will about to enjoy a thrilling fast-paced strategic battles under a big community of players. If you enjoy playing hero collection role playing game, you would also like this game that […]

Recently we shared to you Dragon Jump as one of the newest application they released. But specifically, the latest from Ketchapp is Arrow as an endless frustration-maker that you are able to play for Android and iOS. The same with most apps from Ketchapp, you will be addictive in this simple game with a difficult gameplay such as playing Flappy […]

If you think that endless based game faded away their hype on mobile gaming, you might think again, since there are still more and more endless racing game coming to the app store where you can download for free. Now we want to share to you the Downhill Riders as an endless cart racing that you can play for both, […]

This a result of massive success from Infinite Myths as they release a sequel for it with another intensifying card battling game, Infinite Myths 2: Crush. The game is pretty similar from the first release only they add more content that most players will surely like especially those who enjoy playing Hearthstone. In this game, you will play as summoner […]

Strategy based game will never be the after after Gameloft released their newest game, Siegefall as a brand new game that you are able to play with your iPad and iPhone. The game is tend to compete with the most popular game on mobile when it comes to strategy gaming. In this game you will smash the castle gates and […]

Garena is generous enough to bring us compensation in League of Legends (PH) through Garena Gas mobile app. Here you are able to acquire free IP, Skins, Champions and even Riot Points (RP). Gas is designed for mobile platform such as iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac) and Android powered device. This is very easy, all you have to do is to install the […]

If you like Disney, you should surely like this simply yet very addictive game from their newest release. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is about clearing through the multiple emotions. To make it possible, you need to guide your characters which is taken from the famous Disney film, Inside Out. What is interesting in this game is that, this is from […]

Last couples of week we shared to you tips and tricks for playing Jurassic World™: The Game effectively but actually most of our readers are wishing to get a promo code for this game. Well now we want to share to you additional tips on how can you get Dino Cash and mPoints easily. Just a short preview, this is a […]

Recently we shared Deadwalk: The Last War now we want to add some war based game in your list that you can download and play for free. It’s Invasion: Online War Game wherein you will experience to play in year 2020 where the world has crumbled to pieces and you as a the main player you will take the role of […]

Last week we shared to you guides for Deadwalk: The Last War on how can you play this game effectively now we are here to again to make some addition with this top 10 tricks that you can use to dominate the game. In this game, survival is your primary goal but that is not easy since you are in […]

This is the series of Flo’s cooking adventure on her way to TV fame as a celebrity chef that will transform the game into a new time management game. In this game you need to sharpen your skill as you cook and prepare delicious foods into exotic restaurant. In addition to the twist,  you need to do this in front […]

If you miss playing farm simulation based game, here comes a new game from PlayDay wherein you will immerse yourself into the best Middle Ages farming game on your mobile device. It will gives you nostalgia in playing this farming game in the old world. So in this game you will enjoy planting, cooking, feeding and even interacting with your […]

I believe that all anime fanatic really like to see their favorite Dragonball Z on a new role playing based game with Z Fighters. In this game you need to collect and engage a fight with heroes and enemies based on our favorite anime. So you can choose between fighting through the story that follows the plot of Dragonball Z […]

Yesterday we shared the top 12 Fallout Shelter cheats and guides which most players from this newly yet the top in app chart today need to dominate this game. The game is now avaialble on iOS which everyone can download for free as well there is a free version for Android based platform that is tend to release later. The game […]