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Experience to challenge your friends through obstacle raising score streaks game with Football Kicks Frenzy. Empower your arsenal using with the most explosive loot to throw your opponents off their game. So your goal in this game is to kick off a streak which will activate mayhem at your opposition’s goal. Twist up with some frenzy of distraction while racking […]

I believe that 60% of players today are familiar from the title alone on what this game is all about. Of course from the creator of League of Legends, Riot Games, they want to extend their domain through this newly released apps that you can play for both Android and iOS platform. This game is about a free side-scrolling mini-game […]

Backflip Studios put up and made an app version of PLAY-DOH that you can play for both Android and iOS powered platform. In this game, you will play as a rolling Play-Doh ball, smushing and squishing your way through a fantastical and colorful Play-Doh world. With touch screen technology, you can drag your finger on the screen to make a […]

This game is not for heart-fainted player as you need to face darkness in Blood Gate. A world where madness, magic and gore needs heroes. From the plague of alchemic destruction, Toskyr is falling down and behind the legendar Blood Gate, the plague’s creator, Black Dahlia, awaits the day she might leave her prison and inherit a well known blood-drenched […]

From the title itself, you can get the idea that this game is about a spell combat role playing game with a magical exploding dice. On your gameplay you are able to explore floating worlds, fight enemies and win loot that you can use on your journey of defeating the evil villain. Yes there are lots of evil villain which […]

Well the big wait is over as The Bare Bears are finally on iOS with some cool mast of minigames through Free Fur All. So in this game, you need to race of the finish line and spice up your selfish while flipping the perfect pancake in Free Fur All. And the cool thing in this game is that, it’s […]

For those who are already playing through Steam and PC browsers you already experience this Clicker Heroes and the fun that its brings. In this game, you will start your quest from a very simple yet incredibly fun adventure game. Just tap to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes which you can unlock their unique abilities later on in […]

The game is based from a simple physics-platformer game that come originally from online browser hit Happy Wheels. In this game you will guide your racer through a perilous path full of deadly traps such as spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons and lot more and that is how the challenge will start. You are about to experience 15 unique and […]

We mentioned Crossy Road as we shared some tips and tricks for playing Blocky Raider and now we want to share to you a new app from the creator of Crossy Road, PAC-MAN 256 as an endless Arcade Maze game that you can download for both Android and iOS. If you love playing Pac-Man before, you will surelly like this reinvented […]

If you love to play strategy game through your mobile device, you can download Tactile Wars as a real time strategy game that will let you control a group of tactile soldiers. Here you need to pick a color and fight in the great color war. You can attack players under different color and conquer the world using different strategy […]

We recently shared Farms & Castle as a newest puzzle game that you can download for both iOS and Android platforms. In this game you will play as the Sustainability Augmentation Model or also known as SAM, on your quest to save the Chroma civilization. To perform your purpose, you need to travel from planet to planet to utilize natural […]

SquareEnix known for bringing fantasy into the real world now here together with the release of their newest app for both Android and iOS, Farms & Castles. The game is about addictive puzzle game that already reached millions of download. In this game, you need to build towering castles and huge farms through matching objects. On your way you can […]

This is all about cuteness and fun as you spend the summer on a mystical island beach full of magical creatures. Creatures that you can breed to hatch a very adorable babies. As part of your gameplay you can take part in all new events in unlocking exclusive animals and decorations. The cool thing here is that you can enjoy […]

Your primary objective here is to avoid the blades as long as you can and I believe that you get it from the title on the first place. On your way you can collect coins to unlock new characters which is your top motivation to keep on playing this game for hours. The game has a very simple set up: […]