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If you miss the year of FarmVille and other simulation game on Facebook, you download and play Farm Sim 2015 for free. In this, you will take a hand to a tractors that you will use to take care your farm. In doing some farm work, you need to plow, seed and harvest your way through life on the farm. […]

Last week we shared to you strategy guides for playing Card King: Dragon Wars effective and as we figured out that there are lots of player who are currently enjoying the game, we decided to expand the list for more additional tips and tricks for playing this game to your Android and iOS powered gadget. If you have question regarding with […]

If you enjoy SongPop and you want to extend the entertainment, this is a good news to you as FreshPlanet develop a sequel with SongPop 2. Now with the biggest music trivia game will even better as you can listen to clips from over 100,000 songs and you are there to guest the correct artist or title of the song as […]

Spry Fox released their newest puzzle game, Alphabear after their massive success behind the Triple Town. In this game, your goal is to make words using the letters which are given as well as completing the stage with higher points possible that will reflect with the biggest bears that you can make. Specifically in this game, you spell worlds by […]

This is a Kung-fu battle between your fingers as this will help you to decide between life and death. As you enter into mystical Dojo to train yourself and defeat wave after wave of axe-wielding thugs into endless Kung-Fu brawler. If you enjoy CounterSpy, you will also enjoy Fingers of Fury as both apps was developed by the same company, […]

This the result of a massive success of Stupid Zombies titles after the firs two release. And now they return for their third title wherein you will be challenged to the game that is all about bank shots. From the title itself, here you will see silly zombies that are standing completely still for you to pick them off easily. […]

This sounds similar to a very popular Grand Theft Auto titles only that this game was designed specifically for mobile platform. Miami Crime Simulator is a new free-roam action game that will challenge you to take crime into your own hands as you throw Miami into turmoil. So as a mini-game of GTA, expect that you will encounter great cars, […]

If you are looking for a real competitive card battling game, you can check out Card King: Dragon Wars wherein you can set up your game against human opponents which will requires you to have effective strategy to win battles. As for the feature, developer proud to let us experience a massive pool of creatures and characters that you can […]

If you are tired of seeing racing game and car based game, you should play Trucksform as a truck racing game  which will transform everything in a new racing experience. As for the storyline, the Earth is about to expload and Dr. Brainz seriously needs your help to drive, shoot and fly with your four incredible machines. You primary objective […]

Everyone loves Dragon Ball Z and I believe upon introducing this new app under Dragon Ball Z franchise. Dokkan Battle is an all new chapter of the series wherein you will enjoy a new action game that will let you assemble a team of fighters across the Dragon Ball Z world. So here you need to work with Trunks as […]

Under the same developer of Heroic Legends, here comes Korrigans: Kingdom Wars  as their newest title that challenges players into a fantasy strategy game under epic real-time strategy battle. Here you will join the Korrigans, known as ancient people of Brittany into the battle that can save their kingdom from the forces of Onalgar. In war, you can build a […]

The first thing you need to put in your mind that here your missions is not actually impossible and you can complete and that is actually why we are here to share to you some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively. In this game, your mission is to find and detain the former CIA agent Ethan Hunt and […]

Though most of the time, you can play iOS and |Android games for free, still if you want something more decent game, you can check out some paid applications such as this “This War of Mine” wherein you need to spend $9.99 before you can download it and play to your iOS powered gadget. In this game you will not […]

If you love playing Don’t Stop the Creeps you will surely like this semisequel of the game, Roll the Wall: Engage as the newest Android and iOS. In this game you will as some blocky little character sitting inside the middle of a wall that’s only half filled in. Your primary objective here is to survive in game as long […]