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We really long for this kind of game, real time strategy game like Boom Beach, Throne Rush and other MMORTS only this game you will experience playing with dinosaurs. Aside from characters, your goal here ist o lead your Dinos to fight through the Tyranos. You can also compete with other real players through PvP and this will reward you […]

In Cryptic Escape you will experience a point-click style adventure where players will be taken to medieval world under the threat of an invading forces. As you a player you will begin imprisoned in a cell and you must complete your quest to find the hidden chamber of Malvadius to stop the enemy from taking over the land. Your entire […]

We already reviewed this game as we believe that we can expect lots from this game. And now we are here again to bring Qube Kingdom strategy guides and walkthrough tricks we’ve learned from other players. In this game you will assemble and empower your troops to defend the six kingdoms of Qubria from attacking enemies. This is a tower […]

This is consider a double treat from Ketchapp from releasing two apps last week with Amazing Bricks and Circle the Dot. We already published tips and guides from playing Amazing Bricks from what we learned from other players now it is time to work with Circle the Dot. For an introduction, just like with other application that Ketchapp developed, you […]

Developed by Ketchapp, we are looking forward that this game will also hit the trends just like The Line, Make Them Jump, and Don’t Touch the Spikes. This time it is Amazing Brick as a very simply yet challenging app that you can download for both iOS and Android powered gadget. Compare with other Ketchapp’s apps you will enjoy a different […]

You can’t believe it, this app outranked games from popular developers or those recently released apps with great potential such as WWE SuperCard, Godus and SpellFall. That is that reason this app hooked our attention and to research for working cheats and guides that players can use. Currently on the third slot on App store (free apps) and this corresponds with millions of downloads so with […]

If you are looking for a challenging game for iOS, you better download Happy Cube Death Arena as from the title itself you will get the clue that this is a kind of game with a twist. Your objective in this game is to avoid obstacles that coming towards you by jumping over them. Well of course we don’t want […]

DeNA known from releasing Godus as one of the most popular apps today released another app for both Android and iOS with Qube Kingdom. In this game you will be challenged through tower defense game wherein you need to defend the six kingdom of Qubria from invaders’ waves by putting up warriors as well as using their skills powers to […]

Just like with WWE SuperCard we reviewed it first and then we posted a follow up consist of tricks and guides, and that works same here with Spellfall. We make a review and gave it a 6 out of 10 ratings and now you are about to witness walkthrough hints and shared from other player to dominate this game. Just for […]

Glu Mobile really eager to dominate the mobile gaming schemes after a massive success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood followed by Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores, now they want to continue the legacy with Tap Sports Baseball. In this free-to-play app you will enjoy the combination of one-touch gameplay and team management challenge for the league of baseball players. Unlike with other […]

Recently we reviewed WWE SuperCard and gave it a 7 out of 10 ranking which is not bad for being a same game of MyNBA2K14 under the same developer. Anyway for those who never played the said game, you will greatly enjoy this wrestling superstar based game. If you wish to download the game, you can go to our review page as […]

If enjoy playing massively mutliplayer role playing game for Android and iOS, you will surelly like Xeno Quest for your mobile. Actually though there are several apps based on MMORPG but then this is one of the first of its genre to run an advanced 3D graphics system. So if you are looking forward for great graphics to play and […]

 If you enjoy playing School Idol Festival and Song of Hero: Music RPG, you will surely like TourStar as the newest addition in iTunes developed by ground(ctrl). In this game you will enjoy starting your music career with a real life music simulation game wherein you will produce an album, schedule tours as well as building a fan base. Your […]

In this game you will enjoy battle arena role playing with a twist of Plants vs Zombies genre only here you need to pick all of your troops and then watch them fight until they eliminate all their opponent. In addition here in Armor Blade, instead of simply going from level to level, you have encounter different map difficulties that […]