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Daytona Rush reminds of me playing Nintendo’s Dreamcast and I can’t believe that such a great game, now you can play it with your mobile gadget. This time you are able to enjoy Daytona Rush into an endless running game style that let you take control of one popular race cars and see how long you can drive for the […]

If you are fan of Gameloft and support every app they release on iTunes and Google play you will also surely like this Monkey King Escape from them. In this game you will see the Monkey King has eaten the precious fruit of immortality which is definitely he needs to protect. And because of that incident, the Jade Emperor’s troops […]

If you want to see new content with physics-based stunt racing game that you can play for both Android ad iOS, you can download Car Race Freestyle. You will start with only one car but as you continue making progress you can unlock more cars to experience more exciting moment. Actually in this game, there are three different types of […]

Weeks ago we shared to you a Shrek-based game wherein you need to take care not a cute and love creature but an ogre. Well this time, to make a turnover for it, you can download DogHotel as a new virtual pet game that you can download for both Android and iOS powered device.  In this game, you don’t need […]

Ketchapp is one of our favorite developers of mobile apps for creating simple yet cool and addictive game on iOS. They already released dozen of these sort and now they are here again to bring their newest app, Bounce. In this game you will control a bouncy blue ball  with you objective of getting the highest score possible. Here you […]

AdVenture Capitalist is definitely addictive game that you can play on iTunes developed by Kongregate. In this game you will find an expansion of well known endless tapping game into less chaotic game and actually the best in this sort of genre. Recently we shared Feed Your Monster which happened as tap based game too only this game flow in […]

This game can be consider in few release of side-scrolling role playing game for both Android and iOS platform. The good thing in this game is that you can download this for free and no in-app purchase that will give a big boost to rich player. What you will experience in this game is that you will see a little […]

If you wish to play a new game under Clash of Clans with a combination of tower defense titles, you must download Playdemic’s Gang Nations. The game offers simple mechanics and yet difficult to master elements that will makes the game addictive for players who love strategy based game. Here you can recruit a gang of Hoodlums, Convicts, Thieves and […]

If you miss the popular game of 90’s, Tamagochi, you can check Pocket Shrek as a new and bizarre virtual pet game that you can play for both Android and iOS platforms. This is much likely as My Talking Tom and Angela wherein you will take in charge of taking care cute animals only in this game you need to […]

This is  a new tap based game that made Tap Titans, Cookie Clickers and Make It Rain popular. Feed Your Monster is a new tap to win app developed  by Three Minute Games. In this game instead of endorsing money you will get in touch of spending on food and feeding your monster. The primary foundation on this game is […]

Ketchapp is here again and now they just released their newest application, Run Bird Run. In this game you will see same cast of characters as last year’s Don’t Touch The Spikes. Your primary objective here is to avoid all of the falling blocks for as long as you can while you are collecting candies as part of your currency […]

Last two days ago we shared to you some tips and tricks on how can you dominate One Piece Treasure Cruise or ONEPIECE TC wherein you will play your favorite characters from the official anime titles. So here you will help Luffy stars his ultimate adventure together with his crew and discover the fantasy world of One Piece. And we are […]

When you see 9GAG I believe that the first thing that will come to your mind is ridiculous pranks. But this time you will experience something more with 9GAG Redhead Redemption. In this game you need to guide May ad George through the zombie onslaught using different guns and power ups to aid you in battle. As for the core of […]

If you are fan of One Piece anime series, you will surely like this game that you can play for free using your Android and iTunes based gadget. In this game you can find your crew mates and start your adventure into endless battles using the easy tap controls. From a simple control system you can make a super combos […]