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If you are looking for a new twist to be played on your mobile phone, you can check Brickies as a new app that you can download for free directly for both Android and iOS powered device. In this game you will bounce and break your way to victory by taking advantage of a number crazy awesome power ups. The good […]

If you are still fan of matching three game you better check Ice Age Avalanche (don’t be confused with Ice Age Adventures) from Gameloft which has been released a few days ago. If you think that you want something more from other popular matching games. So in this game you are about to join Sid, Manny and Diego on their […]

Adult Swim known from developing several mobile games, is here again to introduce to us their newest release, Tofu Hunter. In this game you will see the grown from the adult focused subsidiary of Cartoon Network to a large game maker in its won right. Actually this is a parody of the wealth of hunting games which already made a […]

This is the newest release from 2048 and Threes school of gaming for iOS and Android platform. Your objective here is to combine smaller numbers for you to make 9 and then you can start combining the 9’s together to make larger numbers. In this new original number puzzle game, your mind will be tested as this is very basic […]

Your goal in this game is straightforward as you need only to shoot as many baskets as possible. The only twist is that you can shoot bowling balls, giant hearts, basketballs and anything that you can think of. As you make a counted basket you can collect gold, undertake both challenges and time trials. To boost your interest of keep […]

From the developer of many simple-yet addictive game, now we can download Sketchman from the newest release of Ketchapp that you are able to download for both Android and iOS powered device. Actually the game already released before but got pulled but thanks to Ketchapp for making this game available against to download for free. In this game, your primary […]

Youtuber Shane Dawson released a new game entitled Corny Crush in which you take his dog named Corny and terrorize the neighborhood. If you enjoy a Simon Says type of game, you should download Corny Crush for your iOS and Android powered device. In this game you will see that buttons keep appearing, and you need to hit the right […]

There is a an endless running and jumping game and now we are able to play the endless fish-eating game for iOS platform wherein your primary goal is to feed two cats as many fish as you can without dropping any. You will see in this game that the fish will automatically fly at you and you just have to […]

Love to see strategy game but tired to see same Clash of Clans games on mobile platform? I have good news for you, since you can download now the Fortress Fury, there will be a massive changes to video game entertainment you are usually playing with. In this new competitive strategy game, you need to protect your own fortress while […]

The game is about competing with either your friends or through AI system. Now it is your time to hit your opponent’s head using your car to make a score and the first to get five points will win the match. The good thing is that you will experience to drive ahead in gladiator arenas with off-road cars, F1 racing […]

Personally what I really like to play are those role playing based game and not with endless running or puzzle game. The good news is that there is something new that we can include to our list as a new real time RPG that we can play for both Android and iOS powered device. With Ateam’s Unison League, you are […]

We can say that this is a premier multiplier drag racing game wherein you need to pick a car, boost it and challenge the world. You can also join a team  and invite your friends and become the top racers in game. The exciting part here you can also trade car parts, discover new blueprints and challenge other players through […]

If you are aware with the beautiful environments, you can check Oddwings Escape wherein you will be introduced into a game flying through the magnificent environment with a precise controls scheme which will let you enjoy both graphics and gameplay. In this game you need to simply pick up and play the game and yet this is challenging as this […]

Another new and good game from Gamevil, Dragon Blaze. From the title itself I believe that you already had an idea on what this game all about and expect that you are going to lift the threshold of mobile gaming with this game. With the gameplay of a team-based role playing wherein you will create your own hero from a […]