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This is a follow up article for the Weed Empire: Undercover War cheats  we posted recently. There we had shown to you how can  you instantly grow your weed and sell it. By doing the cheat, you will never find money as a big problem in the game and I believe that is your goal in this game. Well we are […]

At first glance I thought this is another new game from Ketchapp for being simple yet interesting game to play, well I was wrong after knowing that the unique idea is from Monkeybin. Hyspherical is a game about rotating circles into puzzle and action game. Yes it has an action element in game since you need to defend your circle […]

The title sounds familiar from the popular gaming titles in mid year 2000. Ragnarok and GunZ and this time you will enjoy the cute graphics and the shooting game factor with Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarök. In this game, you will plan your escape route while shooting all zombies on your way. Aside from escaping you also need to find the […]

This can be considered as a new genre resulted from combining card collecting game and dungeon exploration. It’s Namco Bandai’s Outcast Odyssey proved that there are lots of things we can work with collectible card based game. The combined genre made a successful release after putting the game in top 10 ranked role playing game in 6 countries. The game has […]

Whoa even Sony joined the competition of developing match-3 based game after the massive success of every title in this genre. They gave it a title of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake which is based from the popular RTS franchise for Playstation. To compare it with other match-3 puzzle based game, this is more like Marvel Puzzle Quest in terms […]

This app is not connected with Manitobagames’ Weed Firm but it looks funny after they released their Weed Firm: Replanted on Android, there is a new game with weed concept released on iTunes. Well, Weed Empire Undercover War is a new app from Texas PFCG Aplicativos Ltda wherein you play as a young new undercover cop and your mission is […]

Recently we discussed about Shooting Showdown 2 Pro and share guides and tricks on playing it, now we want to share another shooting game and this time it is about zombie. Well it is perfect for Halloween as well as for the showing of the most popular TV Series in US, the Walking Dead. This is the sequel of the first Action […]

For those who want to see new game to be played on their iOS and Android powered device, this time is yours as PBR: Raging Bulls released. In this game you will experience not a simple endless running or match-3 game but a bull riding game. You will play as a new cowboy and start your journey riding an old and broken […]

This the newest app from Naquatic after a massive success of their first release now they came back for the introduction of the sequel with Shooting Showdown 2 Pro. In this game you will experience shooting-gallery game which challenge your reflexes through first-person shooting game. In this app, you are either play with adventure mode or you can compete against […]

This is not the first time we are able to play a bike stunt based game as we already shared to you the Bike Rivals last week but this time we want to write about a premium version of bike stunt based game with Pumped BMX 2. Yeah, it is premium since you are not able to download the game for free […]

If you already completed all match-3 puzzle game on your mobile, it is time for you to move on your next journey with Bee Brilliant. This game is pretty similar with other matching game where you can combine three same tiles/gems to clear and make score out of it. What makes this game different is their feature wherein you will […]

One of the most anticipated mobile games on 2014, at last Kabam’s The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth released for iOS powered device. In this game you will enjoy the new experience of playing city-building game with their additional squad building features that includes exploration, battles and hero collection. Actually this is the official mobile game of The […]

Not actually a brand new genre on mobile gaming but when it comes with content this is the first time you will see such skull as the primary element in the game. Ff you are not familiar with such idea, you will get stumbled, mess up and turn you to just delete the game after couple of minutes wait for […]

If you amazed on the recently shared racing based wherein you need only to think about your speed and not with your direction, this time you will hit the road with groove based car chase. It’s Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive that will take you to play Ray Carlton, a driver who likes to mess up with cops. Here you will not […]