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We never find sharing strategy guides for massively multiplayer online real time strategy game a really difficult thing to do since we have a personal touch in this game. Yeah this is our favorite game that we are able to play on Android and iOS. In this game you will build city and empower it with military center and under […]

This is different from Ketchapp’s The Tower as you can see in Tower Boxing you will enjoy something new on their content. Your goal in this game is to destroy as many levels as possible from an endless building. That is not as easy as what we are thinking, since you only have limited amount of time to do it. […]

Another cooking and time management application that you can download for free, Cooking Fever. Just like with typical cooking game on iOS, your goal here is to go through stage after stage as you serve food for your customers. Here you need to prepare different kinds of foods as well as drinks based from your customers request. In return, they […]

This is Glu Games’s version of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch as 3D fishing simulator and their sequel to Real Fishing 3D. Just like with the predecessor, your goal here is to make progress from fishing spot to a new spot while catching different types of fish. As you begin playing the game, you will start with poor equipment but as you […]

Ubisoft just recently released Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge based from the story of Robin Hood take to a new journey for iOS platform. The storyline is far away from the original story of Robin Hood made famous as a thief who steals good from corrupt rich to give it to the poor. In this game, your goal is to rescue villagers […]

Because we are expecting a lot from this application, we made our part of reviewing Tiny Tower Vegas and promote this game to those who love playing the popular title series. I believe this is part of long-awaited sequel for NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower. The game is about bringing back the Bitizens into pixelated graphics with new features and content to […]

 Just like with Tiny Tower Vegas, reviewed it and share links where players can download the game for free for both Android and iOS. We already shared cheats and guides that players can do to dominate the game. Now we are here to share to you Wipeout 2, if you wish to download the game, you can visit this review […]

Never thought that Bandai Namco will develop a puzzle role playing game for mobile device and we can download it for free. If you enjoy Puzzle and Dragons, you will surely like this match three puzzle game with blend of RPG. Though we are not fan of playing matching-3 based app but since this is developed by Bandai as we […]

Ketchapp never failed us in bringing cool and addictive games and definitely they are not yet finish as they don’t want to let the hype go on with their upperhand. Last week their Circle the Dot earned the top app chart and now they are hoping for streak success with The Tower. In this game, your objective is to build the […]

If you enjoy Star Realms as deck building card battling based game, I believe you will consider different strategy and techniques for playing it effectively. Yeah when it comes in card battling there are different ways to dominate the game but that is not the end of the story since you need to compete with other players and that is […]

Electronic Arts made their release with Madden NFL Mobile as the newest title from mobile Madden games. This game is about Half football game and half card-battling collection game as this might draw the excitement of fans of those who are wishing to play exactly the same with the console experience. This is perfect for everyone who wish to play some football […]

When it comes in cheating we  are expert in sharing different method just to earn advantage so expect that we will do the same in this one of newest apps you are able to play for both iOS and Android powered devices. In this game, you need to help Tom get through school without studying. Sounds funny but this is […]

 This is a new hack-and-slash action role playing game wherein you can choose from three characters before you start playing the game. And this character is what you going to raise up to fight evil enemies and go for your journey to your quest to discover where these evil elements coming form. Just like the typical role playing game, you will […]

Already reached top app chart that made it a big reason to work for it and share strategy guides and tricks that everyone can read. As a new platformer game that you can play in game you will enjoy the social feature of the game as well as content. In this game you will experience playing with Cameron, Carter and […]