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Recently we shared Deadwalk: The Last War now we want to add some war based game in your list that you can download and play for free. It’s Invasion: Online War Game wherein you will experience to play in year 2020 where the world has crumbled to pieces and you as a the main player you will take the role of a commander trying to build up a new empire. Here you can team up with other players or you can compete with them and crush them through exciting real-time strategy city management game. So lead vast armies of modern war machines and perform your ultimate strategy to win the war. The game also offers stunning 3D graphics so you will greatly enjoy the game with advanced mobile gaming technology. The game is all about strategy and there are lots of things to do to maximize your output in playing this game effectively. We also share some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Don’t forget to collect freebies. In y our screen you will see a little money icon located at the bottom left that signifies the routine supply. This system replenish every half hour where you can collect free resources without doing anything. This is very basic and you can do it even you just started playing the game. Keep in mind that beginning is the most difficult part in this game and you need to stabilize your resources and this is a good way to consider. The rewards system will also often send you freebies just don’t forget to check for the present icon on the left side of your screen. If you see that there is something out there, meaning to say you have something to collect.

2. Complete your daily task with your personal and guild missions. Actually the game has an open-ended set up where you can do whatever you wish but it is a good to consider to complete your daily missions and guild missions as well. Upon starting a daily mission, you just have to wait for its timer to go down. Upon completing it you are able to collect rewards. Since there is no downside on doing them, you should always ensure you have a daily missions accepted. You can also do it with guild missions as this work under the same concept while there is a possibility for you to earn better rewards.

3. Complete your primary missions. You will see base missions that show up at the bottom of your screen under the blue outline. These kind of missions are aptly named since they will tell you what kind of buildings you need to build next for your base. By means of doing it, it will give you some rewards for your better progress. Just keep your base up-to-date and never skip these missions. In getting those rewards, you need to do it manually upon completion of your mission.

4. Ensure to you have more troops to fight for you. The key here is that since you have different timers for a lot of things in game and you armories are separate from them. Meaning to say that you can always have troops training. Take it as your advantage since depending on the number of troops you are trying to train, the longer it would takes. Just don’t forget to check your queues at the top left corner of the screen. If ever that you don’t see any troops that is under training, you better train units.

5. Analyze your opponent before you attack. It is better to scout first with your target first before deploying for attack. Upon engaging other players, you can scout on their base. This is a good way for you to analyze and make a decision if you are going to attack them or not. Keep in mind that when scouting the accuracy of your scout report will be based on the level of your scouting ability. The only thing in scouting, is that players know how scouts them so they can also do the revenge on you even you disengage with them.

6. Finally join a guild. It is better to play this game with companion and you can maximize the alliance feature of the game by joining a guild. Once you believe that you can handle and convince someone to let you join in their guild, you can let to and take advantage with guild benefits. But first you need to find active guild and also remain active for your guild. In guild, you can help each other out with base construction. Once you have your guild you are able to see the little hand icon located at the bottom right and once you see it, meaning to say one of your fellow guildmates is building a new structure and you can help them to reduce the time needed to complete it. You are not only helping them to lessen the time but also you are able to get guild coin as form of currency that you can spend on upgrading your guild.

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