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If you like Disney, you should surely like this simply yet very addictive game from their newest release. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is about clearing through the multiple emotions. To make it possible, you need to guide your characters which is taken from the famous Disney film, Inside Out. What is interesting in this game is that, this is from creators of Frozen Free Fall and the popular Where’s My Water so I believe if you enjoyed that game, you will surely like this too. The game is about Riley as she is guided by her emotions such as anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness. The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley’s mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. So as a player you should join Riley’s Emotions on a journey to match and sort memory bubbles, as you travel through unique locations inspired by the film. Well just like what we did in Frozen Free Fall in sharing tips and tricks to play it effectively, we also share some guides for Inside Out Thought Bubbles so you can have a better jumpstart on it. So let’s start it.

1. Try to find a small link. Before releasing your shot, just analyze first the layout of bubbles and find out their link between thoughts. The key here is to look for specific opening to insert your chains and remember that any bubbles that are not connected to another bubble going upward will only fall down once they lose their link. Actually the tricks on getting higher score is to pop as many bubbles as you can using a single shot.

2. Getting free power-ups. Just like with any other mobile game, there is a chance for you to get free power ups by simply watching advertisement. This requires a little patience but you will get paid with some cool rewards. Upon watching advertisement video, you will be rewarded with a random power up. Actually if you have some time to spare it this is perfect way to get premium boost without actually spending your money. Actually in game there are two ways to get premium boost so you don’t need to download Inside Out Thought Bubbles cheats anymore just to dominate the game. the first one is from opening the chest on the level select screen and the next one is from watching advertisement video. But if you don’t like the two options, you can spend your cash to purchase gems and have premium boost which is very effective especially when you are dealing with tough levels.

3. Don’t forget to bank those shots. On every level, you will see that there are different vertical tiers of bubbles, the key here is to try to aim for the highest part you can see in your current level. You can bank shots off of walls to make an advantage with your angle based on your shots to become higher. If you can make to pop a chain of bubbles which are connection to the bubbles below, you will see that all of them will fall off and that will be a good advantage when it comes on saving some moves on connecting them all in just a single shot and definitely it will bring more points with you in less than move.

4. Don’t be confused with snowflake symbols. If you feel confused with those symbols or technically they called it as Brain Freezes while you see that there are frozen arrayed around them, keep in mind that you can clear them by removing all the frozen memories which come adjacent to them. But please be reminded that you need an extra careful with your shots or any memory that touches the snowflakes will be trapped and added to the ones that already ringing it to make an addition difficulty on your part.

5. Take advantage with your emotion power. For each emotion there is a special power that charges up when you pop thought bubbles that match their color. You will see that in this game, Joy’s special power is a super joy bubble. Upon filling the charge, wherever it lands, it transforms nearby thought bubbles into joy bubbles. Just try to look for weak links in chains that have nearby joy bubbles. The key here is a carefully placed joy shot which can take out an entire section of bubbles. This is actually a general rule that you need to apply to all of the emotion’s power. Keep in mind that they are special shots which spread their emotion to other bubbles.

6. Unlocking additional characters. As you continue making progress in game, you are able to unlock additional characters originally from the film Inside Out including Anger and Sadness who each have their own special abilities to aid you in game. You will see that there abilities will charge by clearing memories of the corresponding color such as blue for Sadness, red for Anger and etc which you can be activated the same way through the left button.

7. Recognize your goal first to pass the level you are playing. This is the key if you want to advance to the next level. Keep in mind that a typical gameplay is to make a certain number of Skill Shots where you will have to clear memories away from a target and then just fire another one into the center of it to clear it. You can also consider the other way common level type which is Rescue Mission where you need to free a specified number of Mind Workers by clearing all the memories that surround them.

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