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This a result of massive success from Infinite Myths as they release a sequel for it with another intensifying card battling game, Infinite Myths 2: Crush. The game is pretty similar from the first release only they add more content that most players will surely like especially those who enjoy playing Hearthstone. In this game, you will play as summoner who caught up in a chain of events that will let you experience dealing with gods. The game offers best art design and graphics which brings the game to a new edge in mobile game platforms. Plus the game offers an easy system that everyone will enjoy in a card battling. We experience that most card battling game has a difficult features which bring a big disadvantage for playing card battle game. Thanks to Jame Carlay as he solved this case by releasing this game and make everything simple yet addictive. The game also offers bonus rewards by just playing the game few minutes everyday. Here you don’t need to download Infinite Myths 2: Crush! cheats for unlimited Sapphires and Resources since you can get it for free. To cultivate the fun with you and ensure that you are going to enjoy this game for hours, it also offers original storyline that will make you play the game with excitement in terms of the characters’ adventure. Now if you are ready to enjoy the game, you better start it with some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1.  Don’t forget to enhance your cards. You are able to unleash more potential from your cards from simply sacrificing extra cards you don’t need to empower your base card. This is the best way to empower your cards as you level them up. This is exactly the same with other trading card games wherein you are able to collect cards without wasting any cards that you collected from the game since you can sacrifice it to empower your primary cards. Keep in mind that as you continue making progress, the game is getting difficult so you need to empower your cards and this is what you can do to make it possible. Also a good thing in enhancing your cards is that you are able to learn new abilities  as they reach certain levels. There is also some instances, that you can unlock abilities based on their class. For instance, the Great Statue – this is your starting protector car which is capable of learning Ice Shield that can bring a damage reduction ability at level five.

2. It is a battle of defense. I believe that you have heard the video game saying, “offense is the best defense” but not actually not in this game, as protector cards are what you need to increase your survival rate in game. When it comes to protector cards, they have high health/defense but can’t inflict much damage. The good thing in protector cards is that they have “taunt” abilities which call the attention of  of opposing cards to direct their attack from them. This is a good way to protect those offensive cards who have a very low defensive rate from getting damaged. As for instance, if you have lots of assassin cards, you need to protect them to they can hurl much damage and stay alive in game. You can also use your priest cards to save them by healing your team and saving your damager to execute more attack towards your opponent.

3. Follow your quest. In this game you can do whatever you wish without minding any frame to follow. But the game also offers quest for you to complete. You will see that quest can be found on the left side of the main men. You will see that upon completing quest you are able to get some freebies. You will see that quests are sets of task such as clearing a number of stages or bring your battle rank to specific level. Aside from your major quest there is a also daily quest which come as different way to earn more rewards. Here you will find guild related activities that you can comply to remain active to your community at the same time you can earn rewards from it.

4. Your route of victory is in your choice. Keep in mind that your opponent can be defeated by one of two ways which is either destroying all of your opponent’s card or bring their HP to zero. The key here is when your opponent’s objective is to engage directly with you, just try to cover your weak spots while you attack their opening. If they like to wittle down your cards, you can do your best to take them out. Just ensure to mix up your strategy. If you’ve got lots of cards on both sides fighting each other, your opponent might not expect you to place a card down where they have an opening. If happens that there is no card n the other side, your card attacks your opponent directly.

5. Use your hero ability wisely. In this game, you will see that every hero comes with unique ability that you can use in game during your turn. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your ability has a limited amount of charges. So you better save them when the time is right. For instance, the Night God, one of the starting heroes, has the ability to heal the weakest member of your team. This is definitely useful if played in conjunction with a protector card. Just keep them alive and let your team do the damage output.

6. A well balanced deck is better. We mentioned about the protector cards above and explained to you how this type of card can be useful as part of your strategy. But it is not a good idea to put all protector cards in your deck. The key here is to strategize your deck by giving a well balanced set up. So to build it up, you should have at least one priest for healing, one enchanter for your buffs and support, protectors and definitely an assassin type of cards that will do the damage output. That is a basic set for a balanced team but you can also consider experimenting based on your personal preferences and strategy.

7. Collecting freebies. Aside from completing your daily quest and primary objectives to earn rewards, you can also get freebies from the online reward feature of the game which you can collect every ten minutes and gradually increase five minutes everytime you collect from it. You will see from the chest icon located at the top left corner of the screen. Every time you collect it, you will get 10,000 gold and 10 gems. Here you will see that the game is very generous to everyone in giving compensation so you wouldn’t have a reason to download Infinite Myths 2: Crush! cheats. All you have to do is patience to in participating in in-game promos.

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