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hello hero

Lucky for those first batch players who can accommodate this Hello Hero Free Carat by typing the promotional code in the beginning of the game since we don’t know until when this freebie available. If you can play the game today (February 14, 2014) it is still working and you can get free 10 pcs of carat but for those who already played the game before it launched on Facebook they have the opportunity to claim free 100 pcs fo carat. Very handy for a good jumpstart!

The system of this reward is through referral. So it means you can not only get your 10 pcs of carat through the reward system but also you can get additional 5 pcs of carat for every referral you make. If you will invite your friends to play Hello Hero either on Facebook, Android, iOS and let him/her to type your name as promotional code (referral) your friend will claim 10 Carats and you will get 5 Carats in return. The trick is to invite as many friends as you can and tell them to write your name as a promo code and they will get 10 pcs of Carats. You can claim up to 150 pcs of Carats or equivalent for 30 friends recruitment (maximum.)

If you have patience, this will be the easiest way to earn free carats without using any Hello Hero cheats or hacking tool. Actually there are lots of ways to earn premium currency in game only this is what we recommend for beginners as you can assess it even you are newcomer and don’t have much experience in game. Also having lots of friends playing this game will give you another advantage through buddy rewards. Almost all Facebook games (also adopted by other social games in different platform) are willing to give rewards by socializing with friends. In Hello Hero, you can send and claim honor points by interacting with your friends that you can also use to purchase premium content in game.

If you don’t have friends who are already playing the game or don’t know what promo codes to use you can type:


This is very efficient as a matter of fact, those players who missed this reward decided to delete their account and restart playing it from the very beginning to accommodate the said freebie. If you will purchase carat with your real cash, it will cost you $9.99 for every 110 pcs of carats so by doing this trick you can earn up to 160 pcs carats by just referring the game with your friends. Even more for those who already playing the game before the official release in Facebook, they can earn up to 260 carats through promotional starter pack.

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  1. Tonz says:



  2. WILSON14 says:

    Server: Armon


  3. WILSON14 says:

    Server: Armon


  4. Vinz says:

    sever wukong : id VinzPanda

  5. Serpain says:


  6. Sever: Wukong says:

    Ign: AoKhoai

  7. Bentley says:

    Server: Linberk
    ID: Bentley

  8. Leinharth says:

    server: wukong
    ign – Leinharth

  9. Anonymous says:


    Server: linberk
    Id: gotch

  10. Anonymous says:

    Server: Armon
    IGN: coupdeburst

  11. gali says:

    server: wukong

    id: draggy

  12. RobbStark says:

    use: RobbStark on WuKong for free 10 starter carats and add as a freind for daily honor

  13. Furetsu says:

    Server: Keronic
    IGN : Furetsu

    Thank you

  14. MArk Dale says:

    Server Linberk

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  16. kora says:

    IGN kora

    ADD TO GET EASY 100 carats! just type my name in the recommened name and play on!
    happy gaming!

  17. Leophrix says:

    Please use my IGN so you can have free carats! Enjoy!

    IGN: Leophrix

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    IGN: Leophrix
    Server: Balos

  19. kritos says:

    Me from indo

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    Please help me find new friend…
    But i am indo sir

  21. Liftsdaily says:

    BALOS liftsdaily for free 10 carat at start. You can also add to friend list for free daily small honor points.

  22. dr.who says:

    Please help me find new friend…
    But i am indo sir

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    Hello new player! If you plan on joining the Armon server, enter my ign SpiritLeo for 10 free carats! Trust me it will help you and me both, plus I will allow you to join my guild when you reach lvl 5! I’m very active and social so dont be shy!

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    IGN : KOZA
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  26. Irfandi says:

    nick : JrSersan
    server : linberk

  27. boyz says:

    sever : balos
    name : sapmycorn/supmycorn

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  29. LordKeegan says:

    Server: Balos
    IGN: Lordkeegan

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    server :linberk

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    Server: Keronic
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    Promo Code:

    Server: Keronic

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    Server : Keronic
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  35. GameMaster Hello Hero says:

    Just try it

    New Server Balos:

    Starter Pack Code : UrfDerp

    Enjoy the code ^_^ you will get 100

  36. GeminiS7 says:

    Code: GeminiS7

    :) Thanks

  37. jhyayz19 says:

    Server; Keronic
    Ign: jhayz19

  38. lui says:

    Server: Cucubita
    ign: aevit

  39. Jhay says:

    IGN: Kamoteh
    Server: Cucubita
    Add me thanks

  40. King67 says:

    Server = Cucubita
    Ign = Rpression

  41. Binnie Mcfly says:

    IGN: Binnieee
    Server: Cucubita

  42. PAPAxBEAR says:

    lynberk server.. ign: PAPAxBEAR

  43. eboy abnoy says:

    just put my name to get a bunch of carat

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  45. Kruxias says:

    Add me up!
    Server: Linberk
    IGN: Kruxias

  46. Rico says:

    Server: Linberk
    IGN: PrinceRico

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  48. Hyouzanryu says:

    IGN: Hyouzanryu
    Server: Cucubita

    Please use me as referral and send me a friend request! :)

  49. SexyAnne says:

    Hi Guys? Please Help Me Get More Carrats :’3 Just Type In Momomonster, Don’t Worry You Too Can Get 10 Carrats 😉 I’ll Help You Out, Even If Your Horny I’ll Work It Out XD LOL Happy Gaming ^_^

  50. Anonymous says:

    IGN: BlueKrait
    Server: Armon,Cucubita,Linberk

  51. Darkterror29 says:

    Server : Darkterror
    IGN : Cucubita

    *I me find more friends..thx

  52. BloodAJIUCA says:


  53. anonymous says:

    Hey readers! Let’s play hello hero together! Please help me by selecting server: Cucubita and type under referral: Sakura29. It will be a great help to me so please do. It’ll help you too, you’ll be having carats for helping me. Thanks a lot guys! Take care ;’) happy gaming!!! (^o^)/

  54. Momodoa says:

    IGN: Momodoa
    Srvr: Cucubita

    Thank you^^

  55. DamnLoko says:

    IGN : DamnLoko
    SERVER : Linberk


  56. RrMing says:

    Recommend me and you’ll get 10 Carats free at the start of the game! :)

    IGN: RrMing
    Server: Cucubita

    Happy Gaming! 😀

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    Server: Armon
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  58. Anonymous says:

    type in promotional code
    name: DanaRMTMD
    server: keronic
    * and recieve 10 carat for free

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    Server: Armon
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    Welcome to Hello Hero!!!

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    Server: Keronic

  63. anonymous says:

    Hi reader! Select server Cucubita and type under referral: Sakura29 and you’ll receive carats for free! ^^D happy gaming!!!

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    Hey readers! Let’s play hello hero together! Please help me by selecting server: Cucubita and type under referral: Sakura29. It will be a great help to me so please do. It’ll help you too, you’ll be having carats for helping me. Thanks a lot guys! Take care ;’) happy gaming!!! (^o^)/

  65. DamnLoko says:

    IGN : DamnLoko
    SERVER : Linberk

    type DamnLoko
    for free carats
    thnx happy gaming!!

  66. Jm says:

    Free carats

  67. Anonymous says:

    Server: Armon
    IGN: Ravennn

  68. free 10 carat just enter says:

    Ign: DanaRMTMD
    Server: ketonic
    Type in promotional/ referal

  69. Charles says:

    Server: Keronic
    IGN: Charlemar

    i’ll also give you honor everyday.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Server: Keronic
    IGN: Charlemar

    i’ll also give you honor everyday.

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    Server: Armon

    Badly Need Carat

  72. Anonymous says:

    Use me as your referral

    Server: Armon
    IGN: NoOneELse

    Regular player of HH.

  73. HgLaoTa says:

    Server: Cucubita
    Code: HgLaoTa

  74. Om Janji says:

    need = 1000 carats

    sever = armon

    nick = Om Janji

    Thank’s GM.

  75. Visiel says:

    Server: Amon
    IGN: Visiel

  76. Rico says:

    Linberk server
    Username: PrinceRico

  77. welcome to keronic server says:

    code micoedz

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    here’S your code KaZank

  79. one of the first players says:

    here’s your code KaZank

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    Server: Armon
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  81. Matowy502 says:

    Server: armon

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    Type DamnLoko
    Linberk Server

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    Type “Zenov” (my username) in your recommender’s name to get 10 carats for free (I get 5 carats as your referral). Remember, this is one lifetime chance which means you can’t get 10 carats for free anymore if you don’t fill anything in your recommender’s name. You are free to choose to type my username or other player’s username, but make sure you fill it or you’ll lose this golden chance!

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    Server: Armon
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    sever: Linberk
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    Server: Armon

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  90. Anonymous says:

    Username: Zenov
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  91. Kakaleçe says:

    Cucubita – Server
    WodboBattle- Name

  92. Begemot says:

    Name: Begemot

  93. Mpie says:

    Server: linberk
    Promocode: Mpie81

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    Type LokoXD
    Linberk Server

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    Server : cucubita
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    100 CARATS

  96. AWA says:

    saya juga dong kirimkan
    server : cucubita
    Nick : ArfanW

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  98. BornOfHell says:

    BornOfHell Armon

  99. nairbtnecniv says:

    send me too

  100. Valentino Angelo says:

    server : Armon
    ID : Vangelo

  101. ashtu says:

    Server : Armon
    ID : Ashtu

    for free carat

  102. Begemot says:

    Server: Cucubita
    Name: Begemot (Type this name for 10 carats)


    heres you code KaZank

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    GameMastee 100 Carats

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    Linberk server
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    Promo code for keronic server is OmegagemO

  108. Hashi says:

    Name: torchwood
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  109. Jerick Diaz says:

    Name: KoboldGenius
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  110. Jerick says:

    Name: KoboldGenius
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  111. Angel Magana says:

    Username Mag89
    Free carats….

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    Name : GLHF
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    My name – BoBmArLeY100
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    Name: Chenjin

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    Game Name: CrustyCraabs


    here’s your code: KaZank

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    Linberk server
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    Type LokoXD in Linberk server. Thanks

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    why you lie computer

  128. playing since the beggining type code : InaMoKa says:

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    type code : InaMoKa

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    Put in coryp in keronic server plz

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    type gbii or GBII on cucubita server, enjoy ^^

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    If u want free carots energy and stamina enter this in the referral of keronic server : Swyzz and for the new server limberk this : lolp

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    Freak1 Linberk server

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    When. Entering the game put this on the referral Swyzz on keronic or lolp on the new server linberk

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    NAME: Samsara

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    recommend me.

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  167. TheMentor says:

    For 10 Carat , please enter ValX if you play in Cucubita server . Well , i reccomend you to play in Cucubita Server , because it’s the newest version , and people there doesn’t reach level 20 yet , atleast until now they’re still 14 , 15 , 16 .
    If you don’t know what [master heroes] mean , [master heroes] mean you must level up some heroes until they’re level 30 .

  168. Bcae says:

    Name: bcae
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    It’s impossible to get the 100 Carat offer now, unless you were a user before the initial release, like is mentioned here.

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  190. Narzkie says:

    MY IGN: Narzkie
    thanks dude!! goodluck! ^^,

  191. Turororo-kun says:

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    The first letter is a small letter “L”, ugh for the first time, I regret having such a complicated IGN.
    Thank you!

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    to receive 10 carats server Armon write: MadMat
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    Type ” ginoboyd ” for Referral to have 100 Carat for Free. update April 22, 2014 ALL SERVER

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    bạn sẽ nhận đc 20kim cương….sau đó sẽ tiếp tục nhận đc 30 kime cương nữa
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    Hey ! To get 10 carats , type valenyosas at armon , ninznero at keronic , and valx at cucubita !

  204. Samboy101 says:

    IGN: Samboy101
    Server: Keronic

    Request me to your friends list right away too.. I always assist my friends for quick honor points!

  205. person # holla says:

    dat made no sense and how you get to da promosianal code anyways?????

  206. xLance says:

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    Add me as referrer! Armon server
    IGN: Caikang

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    for FREE Carats (in-game cash) !!!
    Recommend me : IGN : KaizerBryze / XenoBryze Server: Keronic

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    Put Aerochii for 10 please

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    Type in “Tavlok” to get 10 carrots free!

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    Ahahahaha Problem solved i have friend play Hello Hero So long.. and he have a promotional code… he gave to me the code.. it was “JeezzrylR” type in promotional code its him..

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    Plssss … give more Carats GameMater and i’M not use a Cheat whEn you givE me ahh Carats plsss.. i need more .. :)

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    1. Type my name “wooDoge” on “Keronic” or “wooDowge” for “Cucubita” server for Referral to have 10 carats for free.

    2. After the tutorials.. Buy 4x Speed for 1 day in the Shop which is worth 5 carats. It will make you level faster than usual.

    3. Make sure to make Harold, Ophelia and Aaron lvl 30 for you to have Amelia (3 star Hero) free. In claiming.. Just Click the Recruit Button and after that click race. Then find the Face of Harold then click it. After that click claim.

    4. Add friends for free Honor points which will be used for buying hero, armors and weapons.

    5. Participate in Arena fights and Boss Raid. It will give you free carats after the designated time. (Much better if lvl 30 heroes being used.)

    Hope it will help You in Playing the game. Hit “Like” if useful.

    Happy Gaming!!

  220. Adi Nack Negeri Syam says:

    Hello hero promo code

  221. LafJenAq says:

    keronic server

  222. Amshel says:

    Server: Keronic
    Ign: Amshel

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