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This is the full detailed guides for Hello Hero Dungeon as we included in our cheats and tips that Dungeon is a perfect place to grind for more carats, heroes and equipment. We also included dungeon as a good source of free carats and challenge for those players who believe that they are one of the strongest adventurer of Hello Hero.

Well this time, let us earn our full advantage from fighting at dungeon through out this guide including enemy list, strategy and rewards you can get upon completing the level. We also encourage other players to share their techniques of beating every level since we have different perspectives and available hero in our hand. So let us start this with a list.

As of now dungeon has 80 different levels with corresponding sets of enemy party and special rewards such as carats, coins, equipment, and heroes. Every fight in dungeon will ask you to spend three energies and upon defeated there is no death penalty for your team so you don’t need to revive them with coins. Dungeon has a random reward system when it comes to hero and equipment so everything will be based on your luck on what you will get upon completing the stage.

Every level has a good way to defeat base on players strategy. And since every player has their unique sets of heroes, there is no exact way to beat every stage but such a set up from the team. Just like how we mentioned in our guides for beginners, it is better to get a high level first and earn level advantage on dungeon before even trying to fight them that will take you for a hard fight especially those enemy team that has healer, literally you will spend minutes to beat them.

As you can see we included the enemy level per stage level so you will know if you have advantage over them and can beat them easily. We recommend to do fight between 5-10 levels of gap so you can ensure you can take care of it at ease.

Basically a good party for dungeon has 1 tanker for primary defense, 2 clerics for alternate healing, resurrect and buffs, and 2 dealers for damage. In early stage, you can go for stunner but as you make progress you will notice that most enemies are immune to stun and other abnormal effect so instead of placing stunner/debuffer as damage dealer, pick those who can boost their critical rate or counter rate for solid damage.

The list is not ended here, we have still our research to complete the list especially with most important information for clearing tough levels. You can also share your own strategy on beating those levels as everyone is welcome to contribute on this website. We assure you that all credits will still remain to you. For more question and further concern, you can drop your comment below. We also recommend to bookmark this website by pressing CTRL+D so you can return immediately for updates or you can follow our official Facebook fan page to keep you posted with Hello Hero topics.

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  2. GM says:

    Level 81: Gold
    Level 82: Unique (5★) Weapon
    Level 83: Unique (5★) Armor
    Level 84: Gold
    Level 85: Carats!
    Level 86: Unique (5★) Weapon
    Level 87: Unique (5★) Armor
    Level 88: Gold
    Level 89: Epic (4★) Hero
    Level 90: Unique (5★) Item

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