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The game is based from a simple physics-platformer game that come originally from online browser hit Happy Wheels. In this game you will guide your racer through a perilous path full of deadly traps such as spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons and lot more and that is how the challenge will start. You are about to experience 15 unique and challenging levels as well as you can create your own levels through game editor. And this is a physic based game, you can relate your stunts in real life. There is also a leaderboard in this game wherein you can compete with your friends through point system. Now for those who are serious in playing this game and want always to get the edge on playing it, you can check out some tips and tricks below:

1. Protect your head at all cost. As we mentioned that this game has a realistic influence, this goees the same with your head. In real life, head is the most important part of your body and in this game you need also to watch your head and protect it at all cost. Though in game you have a silly safety helmet, still it will fly off with any slight bump. And if happens that your rider takes a hard hit on the head, your run will be end so you need to be very careful.

2. Take your patience by playing the previous levels over again. In this game, the scores will be based on how long it takes for you to complete the level. And when it comes to your speed, there are also leaderboards for the fastest time so the fact here is that speed is all that matter. I believe that playing over and over again those level again will hasten up the completion of it since you are able to memorize and rely on that stage as you repeatedly playing on it and know the exact path to take.

3. Go slowly but surely. In this game, you can say that the world of Happy Wheels is not a safe place. Most levels there are traps waiting for you to take as a business man, dad or what have you to come by. So as a beginner, it is better for you to take it slow and play the game safely.

4. Take advantage with the tilt control in the game. As you can see below the jump button are tilt controls and these buttons will make your rider do forward or backwards. So in case that you are falling out of control, leaning in a direction will help you recover your balance. Just don’t fall or else the game will be over. I believe that compare to the version of

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