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If you are ready to enter now the dark mazes and dungeons, you should check Hammer Bomb wherein you will venture dungeons full of monster hordes and treasure. In this game you will help Sir Hammer Bomb rescue all of his captured soldiers. This is a game for those who love to play a new twist on dungeon style arcade games. A new game with an easy controls for most players but technically the game is really difficult to master. So in this game, you will drop bombs to open secret areas to find treasures. There are also quests which will ask you to look for different types of junk food. In this game, you can use different weapons such as bows, swords and hammer. Just use them to beat Bosses in every of the biomes. Now if you are ready to play this game, you should check some tips and tricks below:

1. Don’t forget the radar upgrades. In between every floor of the dungeon, you can buy upgrades from the shop. These improvement persist between deaths so don’t hesitate to spend your coins. But then we recommend to buy the Radar I upgrade first. It will ask you to pay 150 coins and it ,ale enemies show up as red squares on the mini-map when you are closer to them. From how it works, you will realize that this come in handy since without it you are going to take a lot of cheap shots by taking corners without thinking there are enemies closer to you.

2. Explore everything in game. As a first time player this is very essential. So the key here is not to leave the dungeon until you’ve explored it thoroughly. If you just rush on the exit, yu might miss out on secret quest, soldiers to rescue, chests and lot more. Don’t forget that the more things you accomplish on a dungeon, the more experience you will get a that end of the floor.

3. Just kill all enemies. Upon eliminating enemies, you will earn additional experience points at the end of the level. The good thing here is that the dungeons offer enough chests and weapons so that you an take out all the enemies of the floor. You must take advantage on it but you should be careful not to waste weapons. But then if you pick up a different class of weapon, your current weapon will be wasted. Just try to use up all of your weapons before picking up new ones.

4. Don’t stop practicing. On your first attempt, i believe that you are not going to make it very far. It’s OK that is a part of the game. And once you miss your run, you have to start all the way back at the first level, but you keep any coins and upgrades you’ve bought. Just keep on playing through the game and then you will see that you will have enough upgrades to get you through on improving your gameplay.

5. Avoid enemies. You can dance in place to dodge enemies. In case that you ever find yourself stuck between an enemy and a hard place without a weapon. If they are come in your way, what you need to do is t dance in place until they leave the immediate area. You can simply dance by just swiping down rapidly . And upon doing a down swipe is the quick turn around move, and if you do this fast enough you will just keep spinning in place. It is very essential if you need to wait a little bit since there is no actually stop command in this game.

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