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Are you ready to take command the gods of Olympus as they fight through fortified cities and hundreds of combat against Greece. Well in this game you are able to control every second of the action as the gods rampage through the cities of your enemies. So definitely you need to build a mighty empire worth of the gods. One of the best feature of the game is to take a full control combat of legendary Greek gods into a real-time battle. As a player you need to master an innovative combat system which will puts you to organize the arsenal of towers gods as they take down enemy defense. So this is about strategy and brutality as you unleash the devastating powers of a Greek supreme gods including Artermis, Ares, Aphrodite, Zeus, Athena and Apollo.

To compare it with other games, here you don’t need to wait for the completion of your building as all buildings and upgrade are can be completed instantly. This is to give way for hardcore gamers to enjoy the game even more without waiting. What players should think here is not about building as many builds as possible but to employ their strategy and win the battle. Now if you want to work out with your strategy, below are some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Don’t forget to power up your gods. If you go back to the Pantheon, there is a in-game feature there where you can empower your gods. There you can spend your gold to either upgrade their health, strength, and even abilities. Just ensure to back every now and then to spend your gold as this is the only way for you to spend that currency. Also if you want to improve your damage output, improving your gods is very important. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t empower your gods unless you forget it or you really don’t know this key feature of he game.

2. Spam your gods’ abilities. Just like in empower your gods, you must also use your gods’ abilities as possible as can be. You will start with the main supreme god, Zeus who has a chain light as his first ability. Chain lightning does heavy damage to buildings and units around him and the best thing with chain light is that this is capable of jumping to additional targets. Just use this ability often as the cooldown on it is relatively short and it can make quick work of buildings and small groups of units. This is also the same with other gods abilities. Just use their first skills as much as you can since they cooldown very fast and you can spam it all the way against your opponent.

3. Go get Athena. We mentioned about Zeus as your starting god. Well your second god or should I say aside from Zeus you must go get Athena as your second god. Actually in this game, you can select one of the other five gods to join on your campaign. And it is highly recommend to play teh game with Athena. She is very tanky known as the bearer of Aegis which will let her to absorb lots of damage. You will see here having a very high HP as well as his defensive abilities, Aegis which reduces incoming 70% damage. In battle, just ensure to deploy Athena first so that she are able to provoke all attacks from your enemies as well as getting the attention of all possible threat against your primary damager.

4. Don’t forget to upgrade your towers. In Gods of Olympus you can upgrade the various temples of the gods but as for recommendation, you can upgrade your defensive towers first. Here you will see that the god’s temple grant passive bonuses to your gods and troops but that will be until you sink a vast amount of upgrades into them. Towers come in different variations including arrow towers, garrisons, and other defensive structures which you need to upgrade first. Their attack power will increase as well as this can produce more troops and lot more.

5. Keep deploying troops. When you are in defensive phase, you will not have access to your gods. So what you can do here is to deploy as many troops as possible. Just ensure that you have set up enough academies and defensive towers. The best thing here is that every couple of seconds, you can summon a group of troops at any building you want. Just ensure to do this the second the ability comes off cooldown and during the later levels you will get bombarded and if you don’t have a steady strea of tropps moving out you will get easily overrun in this part.

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