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You are aware with an endless running game as we shared most application here under that genre, but today we want to elaborate it with a new genre of endless battling game which made the collaboration of Ketchapp and Lemon Jam possible for this game. Your primary objective in this game is to jump in either Mario-stomp dragons or even spear […]

If you already read our guide for getting premium rare units and weapons you will notice that the core of it is having lots of Cubic. Now that question is there any possible way to get free Cubic and other primary resources without downloading Summon Masters cheats? Well actually there are ways as developer designed it that way for those […]

Recently we shared Royal Revolt strategy guides consist of 9 tips on solidifying your defense. It is about the strategy that you can do in game base on how on how players understand our guide and formulate their own defense based on their style, current level, overall progress. Of course we can’t say to them what is exactly they need […]

Hands down! Throne Rush is biting the competition between real time strategy based game. Recently Social Point announced that they will shutdown League of Warriors (same game as Throne Rush) now Progrestar’s Throne Rush are willing to dominate it all the way with their updates and expansions. Unlike with other games under the same genre, few from them offers free […]