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Well the big wait is over as The Bare Bears are finally on iOS with some cool mast of minigames through Free Fur All. So in this game, you need to race of the finish line and spice up your selfish while flipping the perfect pancake in Free Fur All. And the cool thing in this game is that, it’s true, this is free fur all game as you can download this game for free. To start it, you need to help bears (Grizz, Ice Bear and Panda) as they go about their everday misadventures into six different minigames. And as you continue making progress, you are able to practice mystic arts together with Ice Bear. Ultimately, this game is all about score and need to do your best to ensure that you are going to dominate it. Together with your friends you can compete against your friends through local multiplayer matches. Just use the pass and play mode if you only have one device or you can also connect with your friends’ devices to play at the same time. Now with competitive set-up I believe that you really need some tips and tricks in this game so you can ensure that every move that you will do is effective.

1. Take advantage with the tilt feature of the game. Just like in other apps, you can also enjoy and take advantage with touch screen technology for this game. You can tilt your device to steer and pull up to brake. Just tilt very gently since this is very sensitive or else you will lose control on it. Actually there are many twist and sharp turns in game and from here, your tilting method will be tested. Also keep in mind that sometimes it might even be better to take the grass route to earn advantage in the race such as letting you to cut through the grass and approach checkpoint faster.

2. The sample king. Here you will find it pretty simple and all you have to do is to swipe all the good foods up towards Grizz and swipe the green, stinky foods away. Here you will see that occasionally a candy will be offered and eating this will let you earn bonus points.

3. Do the Panda Selfie. Your primary objective in this game is to decorate as many selfies of Panda as you can under the time limit. It stars out easy and simple and as you continue making progress in game, you will see that the screen will be covered in stickers and you will be scrambling to find the right ones. After every self completed, just try to move the extra stickers you didn’t use around into empty spaces. The key here is to not let the stickers overlap and once you do, it can get really difficult to dig around for the right stickers. And if you are able to clear the self fast enough, you will get a radical selfie bonus which will bring more points to you.

4. Take advantage the perfect slide bonus. Upon pressing your finger onto the light ball and then slide it across the indicated line, you will earn bonus points for doing it quickly and precisely. If you can get the ball to the end without going out of the boundaries you will get a perfect slide bonus.

5. Do it with a second early. Just ensure you have second advance in doing your action. Keep in mind that panda will continue to pour the drink for a second after you lift your finger off the screen. The key here is to prevent it from spilling. If you get too much drink on the counter, you will have to spend precious time wiping it. Keep in mind that cups do not have to be filled to the brim in order to be sent out. It just needs to be about 80% full.

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