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Now stop for puzzle and cooking game but let’s us enjoy this new tactical runner game that will puts you inside the apocalyptic fall of Los Angels from the popular AMC’s hit series Fear the Walking Dead. In this game you will play as restless fleeing across familiar Los Angels landscapes as the city is overrun by undead. Here you will see abandoned church, schools and local sports arena to take with. You are not only running but you can also shoot them but beware since this will slow you down.

In addition, you are going to enjoy exciting episode levels including 3 special show levels based from TV series. Here you are able to play as your favorite character from the show such as Madison, Daniel, Chris, Nick, and Travis. Every character has their own strengths and weakness and come with their own unique weapons.

1. Always go for headshots. Just like in typical shooting game, upon killing undead with headshot, you let you earn advantage. Just learn to headshot them as early as possible so it will give you an advantage in the long run. So for you to ensure headshot in this game, all you have to do is to tap their heads.

2. Don’t forget to play the episodes. Actually this is the most important part of the game. Here you will see a different gameplay from a typical running game of the Walking Dead. What you have to do is to play it and master it. The best thing with episode is that this can give you better rewards with new characters and a lot of coins so it is really worth playing. You can also select episodes instead of the regular running game from the main menu.

3. Use one character at a time. Yes you can select whatever character you want to use in game, but as you just started playing the game, it is better if you just find a character you like and then stick with it. So in this game there are several character with different weapons they have. But the best approach here is to find a character you like and stick to that single character. The advantage of having a single character only is that you can focus on single upgrade. This is essential since upgrade is expensive so it is better to do it one at a time. Now if you still don’t have a character to pick with, you can go on the start character you have since you don’t need to spend money to unlock him.

4. Take advantage with the environment. Keep in mind that the environment is highly destructible. Just look for stuff to shoot down that might help you stay alive for longer. When you get past gas stations for instance, you can shoot those to cause an explosion. Just shoot barrels, as well as shooting walkers attacking civilians. Since it takes time to shoot everything in game, you can take advantage the environment to eliminate them all in just a single blow.

5. Always keep distance between walkers. Keep in mind that if they come close, you will automatically switch tot he melle weapon but you will also lose a bit of health. Also don’t forget that if you get grabbed by two zombies at the same time, that is the end of your game. So always try to reload when you still have time and try to take out the zombies before they get near to you.

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