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As far as I know Ketchapp is the most active developer in releasing games for both iOS and Android as a matter of fact, we want to share to you another new apps today which you can download for free, Escape. In this game you will play a new rocket-propelled endless flyer game on your mobile having a goal to rescue as many people as possible while flying a far through the rapidly-collapsing regions of the game as you can so you need to escape before it’s too late. Here you will experience dealing with collapsing environment, mountain sinking into the ground and constructions which are under attack as humans are panicking and you together with your rocket is their only hope for salvation. Now to help you saving those hopeless mankind, we are here to share to you some tips and guides for playing the game effectively.

1. Take advantage the skip feature of the game. In this game you can skip through different level if you think that you can’t really pass it out. Just go through a segment of the main game and purchase skip there. Definitely this will give you ease in your gameplay but you should not rely your progress here since this will cost you money. So it is better to clear the level without spending any money after all that is the essence of playing this game, only there is an option for your to take advantage with the skip feature of the game.

2. Don’t forget to fill up your rocket as many people possible. This is the key for you to earn more score in the game. At the beginning, let your rocket fill up with as many people as possible before taking off. Keep in mind that you can start it up with as many or as few humans as you wish to and the best thing here to do is to fill up your rocket as many passenger as you can and on your way you are able to pick up more humans. Just fly near to them in order to pick them up.

3. Removing ads cheats. Keep in mind that this game is for free and just like with other apps from Ketchapp, the profit making for their game is to insert some ads pop up from their advertisement. Here you have a choice to remove it by spending real cash for ads removal. Here you can show your support to Ketchapp so they can develop more exciting game in the future. But if you don’t have such money and yet you don’t want to see those ads, there are cheat that you can remove ads without spending cash. The trick here is to set your phone into Airplane mode and you will see that ads will instantly disappear.

4. Containing your main adventure. The good thing in this game is that there is always a way for you to continue your main adventure from where you left off. Here you will see that all of your progress from the levels which you previously beaten will be saved and you can start again from where you left off as many times as you wish. So if you are not satisfied with your progress regarding with your score, you can always start back over and erase your current saved game. Yes you really need to delete it since you can only have one saved game at a time.

5. Take advantage the daily challenge. Actually this is the toughest part of the game as an old-school endless flyer mode. Here there will be no one to rescue, all you have to do is to fly as far as you can through the stages.

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