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For those who are currently playing Dragons: Rise of Berk here you can get some walkthrough guides and tricks. Tips on how you can effective rebuild Berk as your primary goal of playing this game. So let’s start the list now:

1. Follow your objectives. As a beginner who play the game for the first time, maybe you will ask yourself what to do to make progress or you will ask if you are playing it right? So your frame here is to follow your missions. If you can complete it easily meaning to say you are dominating the game if not, maybe you should try hard for it. In this sets of goal, you may see coming soon features of the game as the game still on beta right now. We are expecting for these features to be launched on their next update including battle mode. Those coming-soon task is not actually your problem, just leave them and start with those which are available. Here you will experience building your city, upgrading your structures and of course managing your dragons. Don’t forget to visit the list of your quest located at the top left corner of your screen. This quest will help you do things step by step. Definitely everything enlisted here is attainable for your current status.

2. Integrate your game with your Facebook account. This is a rule of thumb for almost all iOS and Android apps so you can get premium rewards. Actually there is no disadvantage from connecting your gameplay with social network only they will see your progress in game. As well as there are some people who are getting annoyed from flood status of their friends especially when it comes from the game which they really don’t care at all. It is because developers/publishers want to use their players to promote their games to other users through social network. There is a trick to prevent the annoying scenario and this either using new Facebook account dedicated for playing games where you don’t have friends on this account or you can set up the privacy of your account to view only me. Ultimately when it comes to game, this will give you premium currency that you will usually get from purchasing using your real cash.

3. Getting Free runes. We found out that there are lots of free runes in game. This stands as premium currency in game that you will usually buy using your real cash. But as we mentioned we can get it for free this is to discourage everyone to download Dragons: Rise of Berk cheats for unlimited runes because you have a choice to get it for free. What you really need to do is to take some patience for it to claim. Usually you can get it for free from watching advertisement videos. You can complete TapJoy offers in return for free runes. If you don’t have enough patience to endlessly watch those ads you can also complete missions to earn runes. You can also send Toothless to do some searching and get free runes as a reward.

 4. Always go for Toothless search for stuff. We already mentioned Toothless and you get some edge from it. Actually there is no specific requirement for you to send Toothless search but you should always have him out there for searching stuff. Here you have free option (one satchel) and prepare yourself from claiming lots of useful resources from it. If you have extra eggs don’t hesitate  to let them go and send another Toothless to go for another search.

5. Upgrade regiment as soon as possible. For you to send more than one dragon at a time, you can upgrade sawmill and the fish hut. You can also upgrade Toothless so that he can explore more different islands. There is a way to upgrade other dragons so that they can go to the sawmill and the fish hut for longer duration and definitely this will let you get more fish per minute for every place they explore.

6. Pick the dragon you want. Tough you will get the dragon randomly, there is a trick to guarantee the dragon you will get. This is by means of sending out Toothless with three satchels to increase of getting the dragon egg that you wish. Satchels will cost you runes so ensure you have lots of runes before going in this part. Don’t worry as you give you hints and tricks of getting free runes even without using cheats.

7. Don’t forget to feed and upgrade your dragons. You need your dragon to be fed with fish and upgrade them to unlock more opportunities on getting more resources. Of course as you are playing simulation game, you should focus with your resources first as this will supply you for the long run. From the top of it, don’t forget Toothless as your primary dragon so you need to feed, train and ensure that it has a maximum level based on your current stand.

8.  Always explore your territory. This will let you find useful things of knowing where to go as you advance in the game. We mentioned about your objectives as your pattern but if you really wish to play it in advance you should familiarize yourself with stuff you can do so you can plan it ahead. For instance, you where and what is Academy as this will help you upgrade things that can be found in the middle of bunch.

9. Make more rooms for more dragons and vikings. For you to avail more slots, you need to clear more trees and rocks so you can make room for it. Just search for the entire island where you can clear such obstacles without dealing on Meade Hall upgrade first.

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403 Responses so far.

  1. Tina says:

    How do I get wood as a reward for filling the brawl packs?? I never been asked this before and now i am meant to get it…. how?

  2. Curt says:

    Is there an advantage or even a reason to keep every Dragon in the game I come across? If I don’t use them for either resource gathering or fighting, what is the point of keeping them?

  3. Sanlen39 says:

    Ok so i unlocked the second area with 80 runes and places a dragon over there and viking huts but they wont work in that new wood mill or fishing hut how do i get them to work?

  4. Temmie says:


  5. Potato says:


  6. Muttsoplenty says:

    Is there an easier way to get my champion dragons leveled up? I am always opening packets that do not have any tokens for my best dragons.
    (Obviously they scatter those, but I haven’t gotten any in about a month for my triple Stryker wind gnasher or catastrophic quaken) and I get packets every other day.

  7. QUESTION says:

    I was playing in my Guest Account and I wrote down my guest number.
    Then I accidentally deleted the game.

    How to use my guest number?

  8. Dactyl says:

    I’m trying to install it on my iPad but it just gets to around ⅔rds and stops.

  9. Charlie says:

    I’m having trouble on my game, I need 35 vikings to upgrade my dragon training ground but I can’t get 35 until I upgrade meade Hall to level 6 which I can’t do until I have 5 dragons at level 24 but I can’t get them to level 24 without upgrading the training ground…. Any ideas around this problem?

    • Mike says:

      Have you built the windmill option from the mead hall each building from the mead hall increases viking population including that. Making sure your resources storage is maxed and slowly building those will ensure your population will be enough.

    • Jesus says:

      Up grade first dragons u get they level up to 24 not stormfly or meatlug just monstrous nightmare Gronckel 2 terible terror nd 1 scauldron or just 3 terible terror

    • Akixflol says:

      You can upgrade the dragon ,theres no problem

    • You need to upgrade 5 dragons says:

      You can upgrade them to 24 , just get 5 dragons to lov 24 and that’s it

  10. Mystery Dragon says:

    I have 20 Vikings and my limit is either 15000 fish or wood, to buy more Viking huts I need 75000 wood. I can’t upgrade my fish and wood collectors because I need 23 Vikings. I need help!

  11. Hi~ says:

    Ok, I have a Facebook account with all my stuff on it. But every once in a while my app asks if I want to join guest or Facebook profile? I accidentally tapped guest instead of Facebook. How do I get off of the guest profile and back to my Facebook one?

  12. Chicken wings says:

    does not work

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a problem were I just went onto rise of berk and I was started back from the beginning. I was also really far with 3 almost 4 Titan dragons. Is there any way to get by progress back?

      • Akixflol says:

        Before this ,are you logged into your fb,if you are then you delete the game or clear data then download it back and logg in ,,,but its not 100% worked

  13. LukasO says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi any idea how to unlock screaming death? I can’t seem to unlock it. I have forever wing, bilwilderbeast, green death but screaming death is not unlockable.

  15. simpsons33 says:

    I need help trying to figure out how to feed the dragons (mainly toothless) to level 7 but there is no “feed” button the only time I saw that was in the very beginning.

  16. Kristen says:

    Almost all of my dragons are at lvl 51. I also have lvl 15 wood pile. So why can’t I build Valka’s Sanctuary?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just got 3 dragons to lv.12 and I got my first Defend Berk Mission!
      But when I tap Battle It loads for a longtime and I never get to battle, can someone help me please.

      • Samantha says:

        are you sure there is nothing wrong with the device you are using? Below where it says repair in green, it says chance of victory. If your chance of victory is impossible it might not let you battle.

    • wicKedShaydes says:

      It should tell u what is needed on the pop up build menu. It’s usually a combo of wood or fish..I believe it was wood for her, and number of Vikings. Which sumtimes means you need to lv up your hall first depending on the max number u can have. They’re be a check mark on each requirement when completed then u just need the mill wood to build.

  17. Kristen says:

    What does it take to build Valka’s Sanctuary? What quests, ect. need to be done because I don’t have the button to say Yes Build It.

    • wicKedShaydes says:

      See my post right above for valkas sanctuary..this is also how it is for all builds

      • Kristen says:

        I’m not getting the option to build and I have most of my dragons at level 51 and I have the wood and fish piles at the level they need to be and max vikings at this moment

  18. fiona says:

    My son. Has been playing in guest mode and built up a great collection. Toothless was on level 22 and he has lost all progress, it has thrown him back to the beginning. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi. Im a no one, but soory its lost forever. Hope u survive kid! Sorry cant help

    • Anonymous says:

      On guest you get your game reset cos your not connected to facebook

    • wsh says:

      Hi – same thing happened to my daughter. We contacted ludia support, and although we didn’t have her OLD support key number (screen shot this, keep it safe….) they were able to restore her progress by using her new support key and her old guest number from the “Champions” side. She was rather happy, as her Toothless was lvl42…

  19. fish says:

    My so. Has been playing in guest mode and built up a great collection. Toothless was on level 22 and he has lost all progress, it has thrown him back to the beginning. Is there any way to fix this?

  20. Leah says:

    My daughter has been playing this game for sometime and her Toothless is a level 43. She is nervous that if her IPad ever dies she will lose everything. Back when she started the game she was 9 and put that in for her birthday. Is there anyway to change the birthday on the account so I can merge the account onto my facebook?

  21. Dragonkkk says:

    This game is awesome but it takes too much time to load. The loading process reached 100 percent but it goes went back to 98 percent

  22. JP says:

    This post has NOTHING to do with cheats or walkthrough!!!! everything posted is common sense and is self explanatory in the game.

    Whee do we find cheat that work and dont charge you a daily fee?

  23. Kristen says:

    I’m not able to build Valka’s Sanctuary (Dawn of the Titans p.1). I have three dragons at level 51. I can’t raise my Monsterous Nightmare up 5 levels because I leveled him before I got the quest. He is now prepared to be a Titan. How do I upgrade the academy? Or get more vikings? I’m stuck

  24. Han-solo says:

    To upgrade things it says you have to have 23 Vikings but I only have 20 🙁 how can I fix it is it a glitch or something? I basically can’t do anything on the game now :/

  25. juan quinones says:

    You search for a nadder then toothless will leave to the dragons Nest to try to find it.

  26. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup says:


  27. dd says:

    Hi anyone have an idea of Erek mission.
    I done built his ship but there no mission.
    Please advice

    • Anonymous says:

      Butt h

    • XYZ says:


    • wicKedShaydes says:

      Ya it’s unfortunate but as exciting as he looks with his boat it does nothing once built. I believe there is one or two dialog parts in other missions with him when he first arrived but none of the character huts or kewl looking locations do anything. If u run threw all the boring smaller missions that give u basically coal as a reward u will see a slow story progression in the dialogue but that’s it. Besides of course the academy, trader boat and valkas sanctuary..they do stuff but just upgrading.

  28. jack says:

    go stormfly

  29. totoro78 says:

    I have a problem with a mission: I have to put dragon in the hangar. I did it (it says that I’ve done it). Then I have to put a dragon, which was in the hangar, in Berk. I did it at least ten times, and the mission can’t be completed T^T Does someone have a trick, or it can’t be resolved?

    • kaelenar says:

      I have the same issue, it won’t complete the quest no matter how many times or which dragons I place back on Berk. If anyone finds how to do it I will be grateful.

    • Shelby says:

      It worked for me 🙂 all I did was go to the fish basin brought some fish for 9 runes went to the hangar and leveled a random dragon that was below the level 10, to level 8 and i managed to complete the mission

  30. mick says:

    What do u need to do to unlock valkas sanctuary

  31. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone having the problem where u load the game and it kicks u out because it is doing it to me!

  32. Nicole says:

    I had this problem where I built Astrid’s house and they said the reward was 300 runes but was unable to get it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Does the “Watch videos for runes” section update and refresh so you can watch more videos when it says “No more videos, please try again”?

  34. Jen says:

    I am stuck at the mission where I am told to search for a timber jack at the cliff of eternity. I can only make toothless search for a timber jack at the isle of a quiet life. Help! Toothless is now at level 24.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just had same issue… once my toothless was level 24 it unlocks timberjack with location of cliff of eternity…. I still haven’t found a timberjack but currently searching cliff of eternity

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s just for a limited time.when the period is over,you can search for timberjack eggs at the cliff of eternity

  35. JJJhq says:

    Im stuck at “Find a Deadly Nadder at dragon’s nest’. I don’t even have a location names ‘dragon’s nest’ in the game !! AHHH HELP !

  36. sadasdasd says:

    my first sawmill í run out ==! why this happen?

  37. lover4dragon says:

    Hahahahahahaha i have all dragon

  38. louis says:

    the game takes too much time there should be an easear way you can get runnes

    • simone says:

      Your right there should be and I have a skill, 4 wispering deaths, storm fly, 2 grunckles, 2 terrible terror,a snaptrapper, cloud jumper a monstrous nightmare, a smothering smoke breath

  39. lythandr says:

    I was messing with my game and went to guest mode. now I can’t get back to my facebook game without playing it through facebook. I can’t find a way to change modes. anyone have any Ideas? I’m running 1.3.9 on adroid.

    • Jeffrey Johnson says:

      I did the same thing and was pissed off but I figured out that if you go to the little mail thing that gives you notifications it will ask you to connect to facebook. Do that and it’ll kick you back to the main loading screen and ask you to load as a guest or with facebook

  40. Angel says:

    Can someone please tell me how to do the “Keep Counting” quest? I leveled several dragons now and it does not seem to count. Please help.

  41. vinny says:

    So what’s up with the titan sized dragons? low probability when trying to train to titan size?

    • DragonBallZ says:

      Yeah I know. Just luck I suppose. I got 1 Deadly Nadder to titan on first go, Tootless on the 2nd go, and have tried 4 times now on my Boneknapper but still waiting. Each time you do fail, the margin for success increases a fraction (not enough imo) 9 million wood each hit for the Boneknapper though… sheesh!

  42. Anonymous says:

    i cnt fishing at old forest but i built it..

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am unable to know from where can i access my hangar i dont see the button on ipad

  44. Sostuck says:

    I have almost all of my dragons at level 54 now, but I need to level up the academy to level 9 before I can train them further, I upgraded my Meade hall and got the number of Vikings needed to upgrade my academy, brand even have the 27 million wood needed, but it won’t let me click on the upgrade! The button that shows “27 m wood” is grayed out. Why won’t it let me click on the button? Do I have to spend 2000+ runed to upgrade my academy slot?

    • vinny says:

      Did u build valka’s training hut yet? It trains titan sized dragons!

    • ellohaiesh says:

      Same problem! I was actually waiting for an update a loooong time already thinking I could already upgrade the academy. And I don’t think spending runes to upgrade academy slot is the solution. It would just add another slot but won’t increase the levels the academy could train.

  45. T says:

    do you think expanding the academy is worth it? they take an awful long time to train…

  46. Jen says:

    I am really far into this game and want to connect it to facebook but whenever I try it basically just makes two games. The one I have been playing as “guest” and then my facebook one that makes me start from the beginning. Can’t I link my existing one to facebook without losing all of my progress? Any help would be really appreciated!

    • Ryan says:

      When I started, I did so as a guest too. Once I decided to connect with facebook, the game gave me the option to link the games. Did you check settings to see if the link option is in there?

      • Jaypee says:

        Were you using an apple device (ie ipad, iphone)? If so, make sure that your facebook account is the main account logged in settings. Go to Settings, then scroll down the apps pane until you see facebook. Select it and make sure your facebook account is the one displayed in the facebook settings pane.

    • helper says:

      normally there is an option to merge… just click yes

  47. Charlie says:

    Please help. I am stuck on the mission where I have to spend 30,000,000 fish. The display stays on 29,667,720/30,000,000 no matter how much fish I fed my dragons (fed millions fish but it just won’t count). Does anyone have same problem?

  48. Cal says:

    Which Dragon has the best potential, or chance of success, when training one for Titan status?

    • Cal says:

      Can you train several dragons to Titan status at the same time if you have several training slots at your Academy?

    • Cal says:

      Stick with dragons rated as Normal. Cheaper and quicker to train. Especially the Nadders. I have 12 of them.
      Don’t get drawn into searching and collecting rare ones or ones belonging to characters from the franchise. You can pick these up once you’ve got yourself setup. To time consuming and costly.
      Same goes for buying and clearing land. Only do so when the need arises. To costly and time consuming otherwise.
      Lastly, make the most of the deals that come on weekends. Maximum fish or wood on offer with each special offer search. Not to mention runes and dragons of coarse.
      Good luck l!

  49. Anonymous says:

    How can i met more runes? Im stuck at building ruffnut & tuffnut’s house mission, but i dont have enough runes to buy barf & belch. I also didnt get to buy Hookfang.

    • Because…dragons says:

      Here are some ways to earn more runes:
      -completing missions that reward you with runes
      -removing rocks will get you many runes; you’ll have to have a lot of wood to remove them
      -if you have a Facebook account and log on to connect to Rise of Berk, they give you 50 free runes
      -touch the plus button next to the runes box on the top right of your screen, and you’ll find a button that says “watch videos for runes”. You watch short ads to earn runes. There’s also a button that says “get free runes” where you can watch more vids, but they’re mostly ads that tell you make accounts to earn runes.
      -you can pay actual money to earn runes, but I don’t think it’s necessary

      And, it’s good if you build the houses, but you can save up your runes if you’d like and pay for the dragons later. I still haven’t bought them. I hope this helps.

  50. stefan says:


  51. gavinman9 says:

    If I get a new phone will I lose my progress?

    • hi says:

      As long as you have been logging in through facebook to lay it then you will be able to transfer the game between phones. Works with just about every app connected to facebook.

  52. KERRIGAN112 says:


    • arkiz says:

      You cant rotate it… i think…

    • adon says:

      You can’t all the shapes are perfect squares so it wouldn’t matter. Just make sure you clear out all of the tree and stones when you can. Also I found that sending toothless out is pointless. Wait for the weekend special event and the mid week event before you send toothless out cause the special events give TONS OF WOOD AND FISH. Like TONS. I have lvld up so fast during these events because of this, made even faster if you buy runes and use them only during the special events.

    • Ataxia says:

      I am having the same problem! I know can turn them cause I have three that I have turned. Now I forgot how to turn them. Anyone, could u tell how to turn the viking hut? And also, please don’t be rude if u answere

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t rotate so LOL now your town won’t be perfect. Shame…..

  53. arkiz says:

    Hey guys.. im stuck at the mission where hiccup was supposed to go find scouldron at the unlandable cove… the problem is that i dont have the option to go there.. btw, my toothless is on lvl 9… and ireally need the rune..

    • funsized says:

      Same here! I have toothless on level 12 and I still have no idea how to find a Scauldron at Unlandable Cove. I have THREE scauldrons in my hangar and it says I haven’t done anything… Please help!

  54. confused says:

    My wood stock is lvl 15 and the max wood i can have is 10,000,000, i cannot upgrade the wood stack until i have 560 vikings. My mead hall is lvl 9 and says my viking limit is 500/500. i cant upgrade the mead hall until i have 5 dragons at level 52. i try to trail them to level 52 with Valka, but i need 10,800,000 wood, which i cannot get. is this a problem for anyone else? how do i proceed with the game?

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything is all correct since I am on the same level with the wood stock and Meade hall, but I have no trouble training dragons because I don’t need more than 10,000,000. It shouldn’t be over the wood stock limit. Have you tried saying okay to the train a dragon, and see if the game won’t allow you? I hope it’s not a glitch or anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        I try to train but it says I need to buy additional wood for runes…

        • me says:

          some dragons just cost more to train than others, probably you have very good dragons or unique dragons right? it is probably not possible with those.

          • Anonymous says:

            That was the problem, I trained all my unique dragons first, I have them all but the new terrible terror guys, waiting for their thing now. Non unique dragons I can train to lvl 52. Thanks for the help

    • Anonymous says:

      Get more wood

    • me says:

      Pick a different dragon, they all have different costs.

  55. Melissa says:

    Sounds like you all have android phones there is all away problems with there games.

  56. Abhay says:

    What is max Meade hall level

  57. Sabusan says:

    I cannot seem to upgrade my Meade Hall. The game calls for 6 dragons at level 36 in order to upgrade. I have 8 dragons at level 36, but the display says that I have only 1 at that level? Any Suggestions?
    The dragon hangar holds 50 dragons, I have a total of 17 on the various islands and 50 in the hangar. (67 total!). I am awaiting a response from the game designer as to whether an additional hangar will be provided. Is having that many dragons a waste?

    • me says:

      perhaps the game only recognises your toothless, is he level 36? you could try moving them, or placing them in the hangar and back on berk. have you had a reaction from the dev? it depends on what dragons you have in the hangar, answering your second question. it is always good to keep some dragons for the +3 level quests etc. or if you get stuck with upgrade requirements you can level some terrible terrors to get there.

    • Hi! says:

      The ones that are at level 36 need to actually be placed on bark to count, they can’t be in your hangar

  58. paul says:

    Is there any cloud save function ? I can’t seem to carry on with my game on a second device. Most games allow this.

  59. Zack H. says:

    I have most of my dragons to level 42 and I have over 400 Vikings. I was wondering that If I upgrade my Academy( not just level it up), will it give me the Chance to train more than one dragon at a time. I’ve noticed that you can hatch more than one egg at a time by upgrading the hatchery but I didn’t know if that same thing was available for the training academy. Thanks.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Anyone got the sanctuary yet and can you upgrade toothless?
    Also the most recurring problem I have noticed is needing more Vikings but the wood stock isn’t big enough and not enough Vikings to upgrade it. My solution is this: go to Meade hall- biggest building with two statues on it- and read carefully how many vining houses or cabin you have and how many can/have built example Viking cabin 1/2 mean I have built one cod the possible two Viking cabins I can build for same amount of wood and it gives me 5 Vikings or whatever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Toothless is in Titan training now. 3 hours to train with 1 mil wood, but he has a low chance of becoming a Titan. Good thing is that u can try again and ur chance of toothless becoming a Titan is greater. To level up, u must upgrade Meade hall, buy Viking houses, then upgrade fish and wood piles, then upgrade dragons.
      Everything else will flow if u keep that routine.

  61. wckd says:

    How do I add friends can I add friends how do I visit friends if I can add them. Description says can visit friends islands……HOW

  62. dance says:

    When will battle mode be unlocked?

  63. Kat says:

    The maximum of dragons the app says I can have is only 23 dragons. Does the limit increase by the Meade hall level (mine’s on the 9th level) or is it something else? I’m starting to collect more than 23 dragons and I want to put more on the islands.

    • dragonfriend says:

      If you have more vikings, you can get more space for dragons.

    • mojo says:

      I believe they are going to release it eventually but like the battle mode it hasnt been released yet

    • Ross says:

      The number of dragons is irrelevent. The HANGAR fits 50 dragons from the start of the game. The number of dragons you can have outside the hangar doesnt matter much, as you can’t use many at one. Currently I can have 6 getting wood and 6 getting fish, plus 2 are training. So I only need 14. I have room for 23 but there’s no point putting them out. Also, be a little careful doing too much clearing early on. Later in the game you will get missions to clear trees and rocks, and if you have already done that then you will have trouble completing these missions.

      • steven says:

        Not really … since we have 3 fish huts and 3 saw mills, so total I can actually have 9 dragon fishing & 9 collecting woods with 2 dragons on upgrades and 1 on stand-by. i’m fully utilizing my dragons so to speak.

        my hall at level 9 right now. toothless on level 56 but I need 4 more dragons to reach 52 before level 10 hall is open. my hatchery n training stadium can fit 2 dragons each. now i’m thinking whether to add one more for the training ground since 2 is taking too long when you are at level 9 as one training for the dragons needs 9-12hrs each.

      • steven says:

        and bout the trees and stones .. i had already cleared all of it .. no worries on the boulder clearing missions .. those cleared earlier will be counted for when the mission is activated .. for my case i’d cleared 3 beforehand and when the 2nd boulder missions appeared, it’s already accounted for.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for that! I thought the clear-cutting off the entire landscape was…. the opposite of the message from the last Dr. Seuss movie. I guess I need to leave a few Rocks. Highest Dragon is 18. Fish&wood support 40k.

        • anonymous (same guy) says:

          My challenge to myself, as with all my Android games, is too not spend ANY actual money. I got so burned out watching people level up with $$ on Mafia Wars, I decided to make that never, ever happen here. Not too say I won’t purchase games – I have (Smash Hit, for one). Just not ones that try to knock my eyes out with ads. DRoB has nice detail and the occasional ‘free’ events, which is a surprise.

  64. Rider says:

    Is there a rise of Berk wiki?

  65. Nightmare says:

    My Meade hall won’t upgrade got any ideas !!??

  66. Marian says:

    can’t log on using my iPhone anymore since titan upgrade and when I log on using my apple mac there are no dragons including toothless on berk or in the hanger??? Then screen freezes, effectively I can’t play the game anymore. anyone else having this problem with apple devices?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is a dumb question but i dont know where the training academy is to upgrade it

  68. rider brian says:

    in my game a egg keeps appearing when i log in the game every time n i dont know y, can some one help

  69. Wazaaaa says:

    It worth to buy the riders dragon? I bought the firsy two but i dont know if i should buy hookfang

    • Anonymous says:

      Unknown what they might be worth in Battle mode, but the only benefit of the named dragons appears to be increased search time for resources. But they also cost a lot more to upgrade.

      My advice, get a lot of Nadders to start then diverge into the specialized fishing or wood dragons like the Shockjaw which are frequently found on searches. I’ve found that the Boneknapper is a long search and of about 2 dozen searches I found 1. Don’t waste your time on ones like that which are too good to be true. … Ie great with both resources. Finally make your way up to Seashocker and Sweet Death who are highly specialized for resources.

      • Patrick says:

        I have searched for Seashocker at least 15 times (2 hrs each search) with all 3 bags and have not found him yet. Toothless ( level 39) has not returned with Seashocker or CloudJumper despite repeated searches.
        Any advice? I feel like I am wasting my time…

        • Anonymous says:

          Not in particular. I have searched the Seashocker just as many times with 3 bags and no luck. We did turn up a Cloudjumper egg, but on a time with only 1 bag!

  70. Anonymous says:

    I can’t feed snaptrapper why?

  71. Hound says:

    Does anyone know how to go back to Facebook account?
    By accident clicked on a guess account!!

  72. Question says:

    Is the bone knapper any good,bc I have it at level 10. It collects 15k fish and wood but it’s time is only 16min. Is it worth trying to upgrade it?

    • Anon says:

      It is sensational. I have a bone knapper at level 46 and it collects 50,000 wood or fish per hour for 6h20min. It takes A LOT of fish to level up though…

    • Anonymous says:

      yes because at level 50 it collects a lot of fish and wood go check it out

  73. Anonymous says:

    I cant upgrade my hall to Lv 5, I need 5 dragons at Lv 18 but cant store enough wood to train them in the academy.. Do I need to use runes to get the extra, my storages are maxed..

  74. Anonymous says:

    Guyys, help i cant finish my quest to find changewing 2 times at hurrendous cove , but the changeswing’s location is at changewing island and not hurrendoeus cove, pleaaase help i have wasted many hours of time already >.<

    • Anonymous says:

      Changewing Island is an event island. Once the weekend event ends, Changewings will go back to Horrendous Cove. Then, you can finish your quest.

  75. candra says:

    how do you unlock battle mode….. please help.. im lv.24 but battle mode is nothing….

  76. PewDiePie not really him though says:

    How do you restart your game

  77. Anonymous says:

    Какой максимальный уровень Wood Stack

  78. Anonymous says:

    Do you need runes when unlocking erets boat, the same way you need them when unlocking the character dragons by building their owners house?

  79. WolfWintter says:

    i am at level 4 on meadle hall and something weird is happening, i cant get any houses for vikings

  80. Anonymous says:

    Ok I’ve completely upgraded wood and fish and can’t go any higher then 3mil.
    I’ve just got the last bit of land that’s left and am about to have 8 dragons at lvl 42 so I can upgrade the Hall. What else is next? It’s getting kinda boring.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Is it actually necessary to buy the unique dragons? The way I see it, they aren’t better than their non-unique equivalents, but cost more to level up..just want to know if we will need them later in the game, so I don’t regret missing the 24hr discount. Tia!

  82. Richard says:

    After level 36 it’s gets a bit boring,…..Too much fish to train a dragon, etc etc.
    Takes ages..
    Does anyone have a link to a cheat for Android?

  83. Azelynn says:

    To upgrade Meade hall to level 6 I need dragos at level 24. In order to train I need to upgrade my academy. I can’t upgrade my academy until I get 55 Vikings. I can’t get Vikings until I upgrade the hall. What do I do?

    • Diana says:

      I have this same problem, Help!

    • Molfess says:

      The special dragons (like Stormfly) don’t level up the same way, they do need more vikings and a bigger academy. Just focus on “normal” dragons and you should be fine!

    • Anonymous says:

      Upgrade your fish brown & wood stack.

    • Anonymous says:

      This may be a “duh” moment for me. I spent a week trying to figure out how to upgrade Meade Hall. The pop up for upgrading the hall called for 6 dragons at level 36. I had 11 at this level but when I tried to upgrade, the pop up only was showing 1 dragon at level 36, and I couldn’t upgrade. I sent query emails to Ludia about this and am awaiting an answer. Today, I accidentally placed one of my level 36 dragons on the island (I had been storing my level 36’s in the hangar)’ and the upgrade pop up reflected 2! I then placed 4 more level 36’son the islands and the Meade Hal pop up reflected 6…the correct level for upgrading! I guess that dragons residing in the hangars are merely sitting around kicking back and not contributing to the advancement of the game unless actually active on the islands? Live and learn, hope this helps others who are experiencing the same problem.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Help! How much is Barf and Belch?

  85. Anonymous says:

    how i can work morre than 7 dragons on the islands

  86. T^T says:

    I can’t upgrade my meade hall at level 5. it need 5 dragons at level 18
    Now, I’m level 18 and I have 7 dragons but I can’t upgrade it.
    what should I do? T^T

  87. Kyle says:

    Maxed out everything, nothing left to do! When are the new expanaions coming???

  88. Kyle says:

    Maxed everything out, nothing to do anymore! When are the new expansions coming???

  89. KevinAdrian says:

    saya tidak bisa mengupgrade meade hall saya ke level 3 , padahal saya sudah memiliki 5 ekor naga tapi tetap tidak bisa… T_T help me..

  90. Carly says:

    It says that I have to search for Whisperin Death in Bashem twice, but I can’t search somewhere that isn’t dragon island!!!

    • Carly (too!) says:

      I’m in the same boat 🙁 I’m hoping that after the offer finishes it’ll move back to Bashem.

      • ImoNatsu says:

        I’ve searched for a whispering death in bashem 3 times and it says i haven’t searched for it at all. HELP!

    • Roads says:

      Me too, my Toothless is at level 50 🙁 And still i cant finish that mission. Anyone? Ideas please 🙁

      • Devin says:

        This problem was probably during a time when the Whispering Death was on sale, and you could search for it for a “limited time” (including those not high enough level to search for it normally). After the time expired, you should have been able to complete it.

  91. ChrisPhie says:

    A lil suggestion if you wanted to earn more Fish and Wood.
    Step by step, try to change all your dragon with Deadly N + One Stormfly. It’s expensive but it’s worthed .. Because they can gather both fish or Wood.
    Plus their Max is 34.2k the most highest Gather among all the rare to common dragon.

    Just step by step. Let’s say you can have one different dragon just to focus lvling up. While the other Deadly N dragon gathering the resource ..

    Again .. It’s just my lil experiences 🙂

    Hope this can be helpful 😉

    Chrisphiedesign @ << let's be friends

  92. Ana says:

    How do I remove my dragons from the hangar? I can’t find it anywhere, help!

  93. Catie says:

    Ummm I recently found a rare dragon by the name of Rumblehorn (it was some weekend deal). It was collecting fish and wood like normal, one time after collecting from it and re-assigning it to do its job, like normal, I couldn’t do it. The commands have disappeared, if I try to move it to the hanger or release him, it says I have to call it back from its job.
    Can anyone help me, or do I just have to deal with a literally useless dragon.

    Please help me!

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s probably still doing another job. or else you wouldn’t have to call it back.

      • Catie says:

        Well it’s literally sitting there on its platform with the zzzz coming off it..

        • Devin says:

          This would be something to contact the Ludia developer about. But in the meantime, uninstall and reinstall your game. Also be sure to delete the saved data from your device. Also, make sure that you have your account linked to Facebook, so that you do not lose your progress.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have just contacted them. I’m sick of that lazy Rumblehorn XD
            Thanks for the advice!

    • Anonymous says:

      In having the same problem with me toothless. He was on a mission and I got a message saying he was back, but when I went to see what he brought back he was gone! I finally found him inthe hanger.(don’t even know how he got there!) but when I try to place him or touch hiccups house the game crashes every time! I’ve email support through the link provided twice but they have not responded yet and it’s been two weeks or so now! Help!

  94. anonymous says:

    I’m having trouble with the quest to search for a nadder at dragon nest and it only searches at dragon island??

  95. Anonymous says:

    I am having problem unlocked the quest, it said search for the deadly nadder at the dragon nest and i got two eggs and yet the quest dose not seem to compelete where am i going wrong.

  96. Weredragon says:

    How do you get 6 dragons to lvl 30? I can’t upgrade my fish and wood stock to the next level without having 85 Vikings but I can’t get all of my dragons especially the deadly nabbers Stormfly and another because I can’t train them to level 28 because I dint have enough wood. I only have 320,000 wood which is my current limit. Do does anyone know which 6 dragons are the best and easiest to raise up to lvl 30?

    • karmakanix says:

      Search out some non-unique dragons which are cheaper to upgrade, like basic Nightmares or Gronckles. Put your unique character dragons in the hanger. You can bring them out when they are needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Grab a few terrible terrors. You can upgrade them quickly and cheaply. If you have a couple of nadders then you can gather fish and wood quickly too.

  97. grrrr says:

    I am stuck on the Friend or Foe? quest. wher eyou search for a deadly nadder at dragon’s nest. I have sent toothless to dragon island, but i didnt get the quest completion.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Vikings, Vikings, how expensive is a Blacksmith? I am Meade Hall 7 upgrading to 8, but then all a sudden I get 450 Runes I plan to use on the Blacksmith.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did you upgrade you hall it’s not letting me it says I need 6 dragon at lvl 24 but I can’t train them any more until the academy is upgraded. I can’t upgrade the academy until I have 55 vikings. I can’t get 55 vikings until my mead hall is upgraded.

  99. k says:

    To buy hookfang I need 1000 runes! I only have 300 how do I find runes for free?

  100. k says:

    I’m at level 18, and my wood level is 15000 it says to buy more vikings I need 45000 wood what do I do?

    • grndrgn says:

      I have the same problem, can’t buy more vikings because my wood supply is not high enough to purchase them, can’t upgrade the wood basin without the vikings, I’m at an impasse.

      • grndrgn says:

        Ok, it took my 14 yr old daughter to show me, you need to build the wind tower, it will actually give you 3 more vikings and allow you to upgrade your fish and wood storage.

  101. Talia Dargon Lady says:

    I want to know how to start using my second saw mill thing. All my dragons are at least level 18. I cant figure out how to start using them?
    Someone please help

  102. Sombody says:

    How do I start a new game for it?

  103. St Michael says:

    what is the price and 24 hour discount for Hookfang after building the house? Trying to plan ahead for my kid. thank you!

  104. help me please says:

    How can I rotate a hut?

  105. Anonymous says:

    What is the meade hall

  106. Anonymous says:

    To you very high end berk players, what dragons do you suggest I use? Should I use a mixture of dragons or lots of identical dragons?

    • Anonymous says:

      Deadly Nadder is the best for farming. It has the highest collection rate of all the dragons.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say a mixture because it allows different rates of incomes and different amounts of fish consumption.

    • Peter says:

      Deadly Nadder has the best rate but short farm times. If you are playing often, then stick with the DN’s. If you have long gaps between play times, go with other dragons. Another reason to have different dragons is I’m constantly near full resources and take huge losses when I complete goals or collect when I’m full.

      Astrid’s dragon is also one of the best ones to have. Buy it when it’s on sale and you’ll actually make runes off the purchase.

  107. Anonymous says:

    What if you’ve hit a road block? I can’t upgrade my mead hall because my dragons aren’t level 18 but I can’t upgrade my academy because o don’t have enough Vikings. Why can’t we upgrade the houses?

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to town hall . See + Viking

      • Christine says:

        You can’t add more vikings as there is written to upgrade mead hall. The maximum is now 20 vikings. I am in the same situation and this is a dead end. What can I do?

        • Sarah says:

          I’m in the same situation it stinks

          • Anonymous says:

            I was stuck there for a while too.. you just need to keep feeding and training 5 dragons to lv. 18 then upgrade the hall… If you’re trying to do it quickly the terrible terrors usually don’t cost as much to feed

      • Anonymous says:

        Upgrade the woodpile and Fish basin so they’ll let you store enough to get more vikings. It takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it and you’re never going to regret having extra storage.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know why so many people have this problem I never had it now my mead hall is at full level and all my dragons are lv 50 now I’m waiting for Titan to come out so I can do that

  108. elisa says:

    Hi just wondering how do you build more viking shacks? I’ve reached level 6 and I have one more dragon to place (its alrd in the hatchery) but they dont allow me to place it on the island. Then they asked me to buy vikings. I’ve been staring at it for a long time and still dont know what to do. Pls help. Tks!! 🙂

    • kyler says:

      easy earn more wood and upgrade your hall and you can get vikings in the hall just by building the houses for them

      ps im in love with this game

    • Anonymous says:

      put one of the dragons you have on the island in the hangar, then you have room for the dragon in the hatchery. There are just a sertain number of dragons allowed on the island at each hall lvl. The higher hall level, the more dragons you can have on the island working for you.

    • Steffi says:

      Click on Meade Hall and then press the Vikings button with the + sign on it. That will let you build more huts!

  109. tomk says:

    i’be built the bridge on the right, but the sawmill isn’t active. How do I get Vikings to chop wood??

  110. Anonymous says:

    I was just wondering, I was feeding my Scauldron , my Whispering Death, my Changewing, and so on, but then how do people get so much fish? My friend Daniel says he is rich, but he can only fit 8,000 fish and wood. HOW do people get millions of fish? Would that take great numbers of fish and wood collecting? Do you need to have very high Leveled Dragons? (P.S. I got a Changewing during its Limited Time Free Search Available.)

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s the same person who asked this, To people who still doesn’t experience of how much wood and fish you can actually have ( Like if you still have Lvl 3 Fish and Wood Storages) then don’t answer unless you really now why. THX for the answers!

      • Anonymous says:

        I can currently hold a million of both. The dragons begin to exponentially increase in rates and times as you level up that high. I have 6 nadders collecting fish at each giving me 30,000 after an hour. So… 180,000 every 2 hours or so.

        The higher up dragons give 26,000/hr and last up to 7-11 hours

    • Anonymous says:

      Upgrade your Fish and wood storages as much as you can…. All the time… On every level.

  111. Belida says:

    i cannot finish the mission search a rumblehorn at the wood that howled but rumblehorn is at wildwood shore not that. if you know how to finish this mission plz help!!

  112. Dragon says:

    How do you send Toothles search for Stuff? Its is the same that searching for a dragon egg?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      ya pretty much. when you get extra bags or you have max number of dragons for Meade Hall and search for a dragon anyway, you will get an egg (or not) and you will also have some stuff (either wood or fish or anything)

  113. Dave says:

    How much is barf and belch after building ruff and tuff’s house?

  114. Anonymous says:

    When does the update come out?

  115. Anonymous says:

    Anybody get a glitch where toothless, gets back from searching, get sent out again, then somehow after one second comes back from a 8 hour search, and game crashes every time you select toothless

    • steven says:

      same with me .. started when toothless was at level 6. now all my 6 other dragons are level 18. and i can’t select toothless anymore .. bummer. wrote to the developer and she replied problem will be solve during next update … duh~ when??

      • Me! says:

        Toothless on my game is on level 12 and I haven’t crashed on my iPad yet. Maybe it’s just the device your playing on.

        • steven says:

          I was merging my FB account with the game and suddenly it crashed. Now my toothless always at home base with a collected bag icon on top of him. sigh~ the rest of my dragons are all at level 21 now. but i can’t get more dragons as im running out of runes and i can’t get toothless to search for new ones .. argh~~ frustration!!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! Im having the same problem with me toothless. He was on a mission and I got a message saying he was back, but when I went to see what he brought back he was gone! I finally found him inthe hanger.(don’t even know how he got there!) but when I try to place him or touch hiccups house the game crashes every time! I’ve email support through the link provided twice but they have not responded yet and it’s been two weeks or so now! Help!

  116. Allie says:

    Does anyone know how to merge a guest account with a Facebook account

  117. valldo says:

    best for fish and wood is d.nabber ? i have lvl 21 and they are but ikd later on highest lvls … ?

    • Nadder King says:

      Deadly Nadders have bad time as you level them higher, but their rate is always better. For example, a higher dragon at level 40 may collect 26k/hr at the rate of 7 hrs, but nadders can collect 26k/hr at level 30

  118. Lj says:

    How do you change back to Facebook account from new guest account

  119. Devin says:

    Is scauldy worth buying?

  120. Anonymous says:

    Accidentally merged with a Facebook account I wanted to delete. Is there any other way to un-merge and re-merge with another?

    • Anonymous says:

      On a similar note, what happens if you merge two different guest accounts with the same Facebook account? Does it really “merge” them to give you items from each, or does the second overwrite the first?

  121. Tipper says:

    Get as many Deadly Nadders as possible they give you the most fish and logs for their level.

  122. Kimmie says:

    Where does the weathervane go

  123. Asdf says:

    Does someone have scauldy?

  124. Alexander says:

    Theres someone lvl 17+

  125. Alexander says:

    A few minutes

  126. Christ says:

    Hello ?

  127. Christ says:

    Mello upgrade your meadhall whit your 1500 wood and pay the rest whit runes this is the only way to do it

  128. Anonymous says:

    Anyone’s app keep crashing when trying to open dragon egg ?

  129. Mello says:

    My wood storage is at 1500 and I can’t get it to upgrade to hold more wood unless I have 10 Vikings and I can’t get more Vikings till I can store more then 1500 wood ( cause I need more to get the houses) how can I do this because I keep collecting wood but it goes to waste if it’s more then 1500

  130. Humaidoooo says:

    I hope the battle mode are open soon or can u tell us when it will be which month or date ..

  131. Gabe says:

    How many dragons are there

  132. Gabe says:

    When is battle mode coming

  133. Anonymous says:

    How do you unlock battle mode?

  134. Noelle says:

    I can’t find the hanger?

  135. Alex says:

    Is it possible to get the screaming death?

  136. Alexis says:

    Where is the academy?

  137. Will says:

    What is the highest level a dragon can get to

  138. Jasmine says:

    How do you feed toothless to level 7? It’s not coming up whith the feed sighn

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