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If you think that endless based game faded away their hype on mobile gaming, you might think again, since there are still more and more endless racing game coming to the app store where you can download for free. Now we want to share to you the Downhill Riders as an endless cart racing that you can play for both, Android and iOS powered device. In this game, you will see Youtube stars trying to race as far down a hill and they need to make it quicker. To make it more interesting, you need to avoid obstacles to let you stay to the game longer. On your way you are able to collect coins which you can use to purchase stuff in game. As for the story, this is about Bob and Tod who are nearly brain dead teenagers who are wishing to become Youtube sensation. So to make it possible, they spend day and night on Nob Hill practicing crude and self-injuring stunts and recording them on camera wishing to take a perfect shot. And you as a player, can help them in riding safely down the hill while you are able to unlock more content from the game. Well as you guide the two dreamers, we are also here to share to you some tips on how you are able to play the game effectively.

1. It is all about aesthetics. In game you can pick with different vehicles that you can use in your ride, but actually there is no technical difference between them. This is only a matter of appearance but none of them will perform differently aside for the piggy bank. In case of this piggy bank, this will speed up the collection of coins but first you need to purchase it so you will see that all coins you will collect in game will be doubled. If you are looking forward to earn more coins, you better start investing for piggy bank which can be a more cost-effective instead of purchasing other type of vehicles.

2. Unlimited free gifts cheats. We mentioned above that you can collect free item in game based on time. And from here you can cheat it so you have unlimited gifts to collect. To start it, you need only to set the time of your gadget ahead based on how many minutes you need to wait for you to collect the item. Here you can instantly replenish the timer and collect the gift without even waiting for it. This is come in handy since every 1,000 coins that you earn gives you enough money to buy another vehicle from the story and ultimately purchase a piggy bank that will help you earn more resources. After getting your free gifts, or you are tired to do the glitch, don’t forget to bring back the time of your gadget to exact hour so it will not bother you in the future when developer figure out this glitch. Since this is a result of bug in game, we expecting that later on they are able to figure this out and fix this so you are not able to take it as your advantage anymore. But until that day, just use it and get the most advantage of yours using this cheat.

3. Pay attention to the sides of the screen. I believe that as a first time player, you will never find this game easy to play but actually there is a key that will give you hint to play it effectively. For instance, you can pay attention to the sides of the screen which obstacles tend to appear. As you notice they will almost always alternate between left, right, left right so just move over ahead of time in order for you to have a good preparation for the next obstacle. Well with this trick, you can prepare your jump as soon as you see something. You can also consider switching sides while you are in mid-air so if you fail on doing it and hit the wrong button, you can make a correction easily by hitting the right button.


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