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If you enjoy Dictator, this is a big news to you since you are now able to enjoy the sequel of one of the best strategic games. In this game you will play as the young dictator of a fledgling democratic republic. And as a dictator you are in place having the power over your territory. And you objective here is to make wise and timly decision as well as eliminating scheming enemies, pay tributes to true friends and deftly uncover plots and expose insidious conspiracies. You can also conquer the rest of the world by forming your own army and defeat your glorious dictatorship’s most treacherous foes. So this is about strategy especially when capturing territories and leading your people to glory. Now to make it easier, you decided to share to you some strategy guides for playing Dictator 2.

1. You must keep your people happy. In case that you are focused on taking over as many territories as possible, you are going to need the best possible battle cards. If you noticed, there is a card group that matches with the factions. You will see that you’ve got cards for the police, army, people and so on. The key here is that the quality and quantity of the cards at your disposable is directly be based on you reputation with those corresponding factions. So if you can keep everything balanced by keeping everyone happy, and you will have a wide selection of cards to choose from to ensure you have a better chances of winning the game.

2. Don’t forget to build oil derricks. Upon unlocking a new region, the first thing you should do in game is to build an oil derrick. This will generate money for you over time and they are very essential to your financial support. With these oil derricks, you will experience shortage with your resources. Also you can upgrade oil derricks for more decent resources flow.

3. Use your funds wisely. In Dictator 2 you should watch your funds since your whole campaign can actually reach a dead end if you run out of funds. When you consumed all your resources, your family will be forced of the country and that is how your game will be ended. For sure you don’t like that to happen, so make sure you think about every action you plan on taking. Don’t forget that almost everything has an upkeep cost which is not included on purchase funds. There is also things like the region management bonuses and the auxiliary options all costs funds. So you must consider everythin before making a purchase. Also don’t forget to check your retirement funds from time to time. At level 1 it has a cap of 500,000 so don’t forget to collect it.

4. Explore with different card combinations. In this game you will see that everyone’s strategy is different from one another, so finding a good card set that fits on yourself will give enough advantage against your opponent. So the trick here is to try out different card combinations as this is the only way for you to discover combinations. Just try to strategize and build a central strategy around a couple of cards. For instance, you may have a card with high attack power but then it has a low health. In addition, you might want to play a card that has a provocation skill first as this makes enemies attack the card with it first before any card from your hand.

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