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Last year we enjoyed Kim: Kardashian: Hollywood and not another new app that is based from Hollywood star that you are able to play with your mobile platform. Enjoy Pocket Gems’ newly released super celebrity-themed adventure game, Demi Lovato: Path to Fame. In this game you will join Demi Lovato and her entourage to her tour. So you need to form your very own look, band as well as sound become the next superstar in this game. With Demi’s fans and friends they will help you to discover your voice and define your musical career through the choices you make and definitely this will be your path to fame. On your way to stardom you are able to visit amazing cities where you will perform shows with Demi and earn dedicated fans. And the most interesting part here especially for avid fan of Demi, you are able to experience Demi’s music. You can listen to her songs as the soundtrack to your story and then perform them on-stage together with Demi herself. And just like on how we share cheats for Kim Kardashians: Hollywood, we are also here to give you some tips and tricks for Demi Lovato: Path to Fame.

1. Getting free passes. In this game even without downloading Demi Lovato: Path to Fame cheats you can get free passes in game. Actually there are two ways to get it for free. The first one will lend your patience to do some social stuff while you can get it instantly through time lapsed cheats. For the Facebook thing, you need to add referral codes / promo codes from your friends or you can let your own promo codes to be used by other potential players of this game from Facebook. You can do it plainly by inviting them to play the game and let your referral code to be used or you can spam the official Fan Page of Demi Lovato: Path to Fame all the way so other players around the world (not only with your friends) to see it and use it so both of you can have the compensation. And now for the cheat, consider that the game gives you free episode passes every four hours, so what you need to do here is to adjust the time of your device through settings menu and chance it in advance based on how many hours you need to wait to claim the next free passes. After changing the time of your gadget, you can go back to the game and check out if this refreshes perfectly. Once the successfully cheated the game, you can go back to the setting and don’t forget to bring back the time of your gadget on exact hours. This is to your account safe once the developer figure out a fix/patch regarding with this glitch. Yes this is result from glitch only so expect that this won’t work permanently and anytime from now, developer can fix so it to make it not work. But as long as this is working, just take it as advantage and you can have unlimited free passes from it.

2. Play with sounds. As what we mentioned above, you are going to enjoy Demi’s music plus you really need some audio device since there are some event in game which will require you to tap between the rhythm of the music. Upon playing it perfectly you will earn rewards from game.

3. Play the game wisely and find what people like. You should play the game being a Demi Lovato wisely while you are trying to simulate the lifestyle of a Demi Lovato type of celebity, the game will obviously not reward you from not doing a proper aesthetics with your character. So when playing this game, you should ask yourself of what would Demi do and from it you will get a better answer/rewards. Also it is good to consider what your friends and characters you interact with like you will easily get the most out of every event and become a star in no time.

4. It is all about your choice. The game is about your choice and it is really matter. Every major choice that you make in game has a different outcomes on it even though the stories follow the same routes, how you get there changes. In this part, you will see that there are three categories that will be affected: the fans, friendship and love. And definitely in every choice, you want to keep them all as high as possible but actually you won’t be able to do that since the game will ask you to sacrifice something on each stat. So the question now is what is the best to choose? Well since your journey is to become a superstar, your Fans matter the most so you should try to make the choices which can let you earn more fans as possible. The twist here is that some of the effects are hidden while the game doesn’t show you what will happen if you make that choice but most them, you can anticipate it.

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