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Deadman's Cross

If you enjoyed SquareEnix’s Guardian Cross you might also like their newest released, Deadman’s Cross as an online battling card game with a side game of first person shooting game. To know more about that game together with FAQs you can read this guide. The game includes exploration, dueling, first person shooting, etc. well I guess we are all expecting that from this game knowing that the iOS application is developed by SquareEnix known for Final Fantasy series.

Below are some tricks and walkthrough tips of playing Deadman’s Cross for those who wish to play the game effectively even without spending real cash for boost or downloading cheat tool for malicious game manipulation.


Deadman’s Cross is free to download just visit the official iTunes Store to get the full version copy of this game. There you can read players’ reviews as well as requirement for you to install the game to your gadget. Upon meeting the certain requirements and you can install and play it.

The game will open up with your first task and that is to create an online character. There they will ask you to type your username you wish together with invite codes if you have one (click the link if you don’t have. This upon entering the code you will get in-game rewards for both inviter and invitee) and from there you can tap the start button. Some players already have Deadman’s Cross profile through event (SquareEnix has lots of events) you can import this details to a new device by going to Transfer Game Data.

Game Elements

The game observes different angles based on what you are currently doing in game such with exploration job or not. But the entire menu is still the same. At the top of your screen you will locate the information bar together with time and available battery power. Below displays your hardware (credits) next by Deadman Coins (premium currency) and you energy that you need to exploring the city.

Job is the a good source of powerful cards but you need to spend stamina for it. There are job that requires exploring and there you will have a window towards the top-left corner of the screen where you will see the name of your current location with the percentage explored together with the job title and your objectives.

In the area located at the right-hand side of your screen are some quick-select buttons for Mail, Gifts and and Exit if you are in exploration this will let you go out of the city map.

Below is where you will locate important button including:

Hunt – Here you can go to hunt Deadmen but first you need to have tickets. In this game feature, it is like the drawing random cards but unlike with that set up, you are not shooting against drawing cards but actually at Deaman shadows.

Boneyard – This serve as arena for player vs player mode. Here you will join the tournament that take places over with amount of time and then you need to fight each other base on pointing system. To enter boneyard you need to use a special pass and this pass is only effective for three fights. Once you are confident enough with your deck, it will happen that this will be your favorite place.

Jobs – This is where you will get your job for credit farming. Symbolized with job board, you will see available jobs to complete together with clear jobs. Always remember that unlike with other games, if you finish your mission the reward will directly go to your inventory well in this game, you need to go to Gifts page first and claim there your rewards.

Deadmen – if you wish to manage your zombie horde, you can directly go to Deadmen menu. In this game you can enhance your cards by feeding those weaker cards to improve the primary cards you are holding. You can also use special items to permanently boost your card’s stats permanently. Here you can also manage your collection for either on city or from the Boneyard. You can also sell your weaker cards if you don’t want also to mix it or if you really need to have additional credits.

Clan – By joining a clan you will be matched with other players and challenge your group by meeting specific conditions for your to win and earn special prizes.

Zom B – It’s the menu only with different name. This is where you can view your profile, trade, mail, gifts, social, settings and info.


Before going to hunt you need to have one ticket available or you can go for free daily hunt. Just like what we mentioned above, hunting is a good source of great stuff for your gameplay. In hunting feature you will find a hunt map where there are multiple areas, every area has their won sets of Deadmen but there are some level restriction in such area like the Gould Square, you need to reached level 12 first before you can unlock the Clayton Cemetery.

After deciding on what area you wish to go for hunting, you need to choose between the Standard Course or the Elite Course. Standard course is a hunting mode where there is a possibility to get normal and rare cards while in Elite Course the rewards system have rare, epic and legendary cards. Definitely Elite Course is very rewarding but the challenges are waiting on you there plus you need first to spend Deadman Coins (premium currency) to access the Elite Course. Cash spender or those who are using cheats for unlmited Deadman Coins prefer to hunt on Elite Course but for casual players Standard Course also will do the job.

The hunt will begin when you tap the screen to look through gun’s score. So if you are not ready or still thinking for your strategy to do, just don’t tap the screen first and formulate your action for hunting. Because time is very important in hunting, at the top of you screen there you will see the timer, telling you how much time you have before the hunt is over.

In the right side of your screen where you will find the current number of spawned Deadmen together with your ammunition, and the Shoot button when you are in sniping mode.

To explore the area with your vision, you can swipe the screen to look around and tap to shoot to release a fire. Arrow indicator is very useful in game since this will give you warnings of upcoming Deadman. You will see orange indicator when normal Deadman is near from you. Yellow arrow indicator if that Deadman has a time bonus after killing and the Red arrow indicator is when attacking Deadman is coming towards your direction. This Deadman can attack and stun you for a matter of seconds.


You need to explore an area base on your goal. Definitely in exploration, you need to just keep moving. But don’t forget that every move you make will consume an energy from you. In exploration you will see a door, trails, and gate with sparkly thing on it. You can tap on it to investigate that will let you encounter stray Deadman and from this there might be a chance for you to get the items you need to find.

There are some location where you need to deal with obstacles such as barricades where you need to tap repeatedly to break them within the time limit, bombs where you need to tap the correct the button to diffuse, laser alarm system where you need to tap when all the beams disappear, and etc. So you are not only moving to find things but also challenge are in between of those obstacles.

There are also some instances where you already unveiled the entire area but still you need to move on to finish your job. Don’t worry for giving a try to continue wandering on the area as this will not cost you stamina anymore.

Guides and Hints

  • When shooting at the Deadmen and if at first time you hit them seems that doesn’t matter to him, consider a headshot for killing them. If you are clever player enough who can always do a headshot for very limited time of aiming, well just go for it to make it damn sure.
  • Above we mentioned different kinds of Deadmen based on their capability and you read the yellow-indicated Deadman that can give you additional time, well prioritize them in hunting aside from your objective.
  • Not only the color indicator but also you should mind the silhouette of every Deadman that will tell you their kind such as man, woman, animals, flying etc. So if you objective in your job is to capture a specific class of Deadman you will not what to shoot.

  • Kill them all. Even you are aiming for specific kind of Deadman, if you you will ignore them there is no chance for your targeted Deadman to respawn. So as long as you have the opportunity to slay, don’t hesitate to do it especially if this will give you additional time.
  • Since there is no reload button for your gun, once you find out that you have only one shot left, just fire it anywhere so your gun will reload and let you prepare for a new target. Keep in mind that there is no Deadman (unless it is weakened) that can be killed with a single shot.
  • If you job is to explore the area, try to do something out of the box. If you only got three stamina left, you can spend a time with Boneyard or Hunting.
  • Be killed by a wandering Deadman in sudden attack is acceptable and will not harm your total gameplay the worst is when you let them to lose your stamina.

  • As long as it is possible, always go on Boneyard and involve fighting with average player in the league. This will let you earn  boost items and ticket. Upon getting a good rank in the league can also give you a reward, win or lose there is always a reward.
  • Rarity will give you advantage than level. Example you have a 4-star Deadman and you tend to fight against level 15 with you level 10 you can still win the game. So always focus on your card’s rarity and not your level.
  • In managing a good set up, it is better to have a deck of cards having average Deadman than to have a level 40 cards with low level behind on it. As possible always balance your team and this will give you more advantage.
  • With your lineup, it is good to consider placing your heavy damage dealers in the middle of your line up. Just a rule of thumb of not getting all the damage from the first wave of attack with front line up.

Because the game is still new, we are expecting more updates from it including contents and features thus we are also looking forward for more Deadman’s Cross guides and updates here @ thus we recommend to bookmark this website (CTRL+D) so you can instantly return here and get more details on this game or you can also follow us on Facebook so we can put our updates on your Facebook wall.

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