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Already completed all King’s Saga series? And still you wish to play more? You can download Cupcake Mania as a new match-three game for both Android and iOS powered devices. In this game you will enjoy most likely with Candy Crush Saga when it comes to content but the entire concept is similar with other match-3 games. Your goal here is to collect a specific number of orders of cupcakes and other tasty pastries which you should organize by color. Of course that is not as simple as that since you need to face obstacles as well as this will threaten your progress. Of course we don’t want that to happen especially if you are first time player of this kind of game, you should have a perfect strategy to start with. Let’s carry on:

1. Earn gems through keys. In game you are able to collect keys on each stage by completing quest. These quest will let you earn not only keys but also bonuses such as gems upon completing the entire line of keys. To collect more keys you can go back to previous stages and comply what you need to complete the key quests. This is perfect especially if you are not able to complete the current stage and you wish to use your spare time with some previous stages that will come as easy for you to complete this time.

2. Comply with every pastry you need to match up. For every stage there is set of pastries you need to clear out. And for every pastry you include in a match will be taken away from your order and every match that you complete will give you a multiplier for each adjacent piece. You can complete the pieces with the multiplier first since once you make another match, those multipliers are gone and even the new ones can be made in the same way in the designated place.

3. Don’t refill your life until it is not empty. Just like with other match-3 game, you are able to play the game all you want as long as you can complete the stage while losing it will also lose you a life and once you consume all your lives, you need to wait for it to replenish. Lives replenish automatically over time while there is no confirmation if we are able to use Cupcake Mania cheats through time lapse glitch, you can instantly refill your lives by spending gems. The trick here is to not purchase any refill unless you already consumed all your lives since a refill will costs you same amount no matter how many lives you have in your account. So to use it to the fullest you must ensure you have zero life.

4. Match 4 or even more matches or special pattern matches to activate special pieces in game. For every special pieces, you will find different purposes for it. For instance, when you pop one up using a four-piece match you are able to get Sugar Rush. And upon using Sugar Rush by making a match over it, it will cause all pieces under the same type to have a multiplier added to them. There are also another special tiles such as Sprinkle Shock and Cupquake that will bring special features in game. For Sprinkle Shock, you need to make either T-pattern, L-pattern or +pattern matches. This can let you clear out one row and one column instantly. And for CupQuake, you need to match 5 pieces in a row and this will clears out all of the pieces under the same color as that combo you made.

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