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As far as I remember, Digimon is the first card battling game way back on PlayStation one. And now the good thing here is that you can play the same excitement using your mobile gadget as they released their newest series with Digimon Heroes that you can play for both iOS and Android. Digimon Heroes is a match-3 card battle […]

With a partnership with Paws Inc., Pixowl known for making the Sandbox possible, released a newest title under Garfield franchise. Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is a simulation game wherein the game will asks players to help the iconic fat cat avoid losing weight after Jon takes the family into the wilderness to survive off of the land. Garfield known […]

If you are looking forward for a new game to download for free, you can check War Dragons from Pocket Gems as they made a soft release on it on selected countries. This game is perfect for those who love to play strategy games as this game has been developer under that genre alongside with a new propriety engine, the […]

This is the sequel of the original Mini Motor Racing features from the miniature cars and top-down arcade racing gameplay, as players can take down their experience to race around 30 tracks in multiple gameplay modes including a role playing game inspired career mode. When it comes to career mode, this will let their players to build and upgrade a […]

If you enjoy the original Stick Squad and want to extend the challenge, you will also like Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite as the sequel of this app wherein players will be challenged to deal with 20 new sniping missions as well as 60 shooting objectives to follow the story of two anti-heroes. Yes you will play the villain part […]

From the day that Snail Games announced the release of Heroes of Gaia, I believe that most players who love to experience turn-based strategy game are excited to download this game. Now the wait is over as you can start downloading this free app to your gadget. The game is about taking players to the world of Rigaria where they […]

If you miss playing city building game, you can check Game Insight’s Paradise Island 2 which exclusively launched on iOS platform. In this game, you will experience the same set up from the original Paradise Island which played more than 50 million players world wide. As sequel, this game will take their players to experience playing with a new tropical […]