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Play Motion released Ironkill on both iOS and Android and let their players enjoy the action and simulation titles that dominate today’s mobile technology. Play Motion backed up with a team that leads Real Steel: World Robot Boxing and Total Recal and now they are here to focus on action and simulation game and bring it to the next level. […]

For me this is the mother of simple yet exciting strategy game based that we are able to play in our mobile today. This game takes their popularity through browser and now Ironhide Game Studio released Kingdom Rush: Origins on both Android and iOS as a prequel to the original Kingdom Rush tower defense game. This time, players need to […]

To keep the momentum going from the launching of Far Cry 4 on PC, now Ubisoft made a release of a mobile version under the title of Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker. So the game is available for both Android and iOS powered device wherein players can also connect their Uplay account to enjoy the transferring of money from mobile experience […]

Just recently, two biggest game released on app store, the Super Evil Megacorp’s Vainglory and now Gamevil Darkness Reborn. Can you notice the two companies in common? – they both have “evil” in their name. Anyway when it comes to the game they published, both games have cool gameplay and graphics. We already gave link where you can download Vainglory […]

For those who are looking for serious game that they can play for their Android and iOS powered device, I believe that XCOM: Energy Within is worth to play. Yes this is only for video game hardcore since unlike with typical apps that you can download from app store here you need to spend $12.99 for you to play the […]

Nonstop running game is still in the loose and to challenge your adrenaline, here comes another game that allow players to run through various environments while dodging obstacles. The Agent Run is basically a new gesture-based runner game that will test how limitless you are. Unlike from the running games that you used to know, the game stars an agent […]

Good news for those who wait for this game to be released on iOS and Android because you can now play the game this app to your mobile device. Originally launched on Facebook having two millions players, Plarium decided to extend their audiences upon bringing their games on Google Play and iTunes app store. In this game you will enjoy […]