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For those who are already playing through Steam and PC browsers you already experience this Clicker Heroes and the fun that its brings. In this game, you will start your quest from a very simple yet incredibly fun adventure game. Just tap to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes which you can unlock their unique abilities later on in game. On your journey you can collect gold from slaying monsters, find treasures and exploring new worlds. Aside from boss raids, you can also form clans together with other players to possess the supreme power in the game.

To ensure that you are going to spend hours on playing it, developer included over 1000+ zones with endless monster-slaying experiences. Since you lots of enemies and bosses to engage, developer also included features which will boost up your gaming experience with your 9 actives skills that you can use in battle. And if think that you really need some boost, you can acquire ancients for a very powerful boosts while ascending your main hero to grow even stronger.

And to encourage you to play this game seriously, they added a game center leaderboards and achievements which you can compete with other players around the world through score system. With this set up, I believe that you will always yearn for edge. You need some advantage towards other players and that is why we decided to share to you some tips and tricks that we also learned from other players alike.

1. Damage is all that matters. Whether you are purchasing a hero or doing some upgrades, always refer with their damage. Actually between upgrading or buying a new hero, it is less cost effective to actually upgrade them than to buy the later more expensive upgrade. But this is will be based on your current progress, so to make it sure, always calculate how much you would get in terms of damage since that is what you are usually getting with new heroes as well as upgrade. For instance, if you have an upgrade that gives you 1,000 damage and it will cost you 5,000 coins and one that gives you 5,200 and costs 20,000 coins so definitely you will for those who can benefit you a lot.

2. Spend your coins wisely especially in buying Ancients. When you have enough resources that you can use to purchase ancients, it is better not to get rushed on it. Keep in mind that every Hero Soul that you have will gives you a 10% boost damage when restarting your run. This is very useful in game that come even more effective than purchasing an Ancient early on in game. So you should not spend your currency for it but you better save it on later stages. You better save it until you reach at least 50 Souls before purchasing your first Ancient.

3. This is not your endless game. Unlike in typical app that you can play for both Android and iOS powered gadget, this game has its end. So you won’t be clicking tougher and tougher monsters continuously as a matter of fact, upon reaching the stage 140, the game will ends. But don’t worry because you still reset it and start over again and this time with some great new mechanics and the cool thing here is that Ancients will help you through the game wherein your only goal is to unlock more Ancients and level them up as much as possible. Yes you have only 140 levels but that is not easy as a matter of fact most players get stuck on stage 50. Yes this will be a tough challenge but we are not saying that this is totally impossible for you to complete.

4. Getting lots of Hero Souls. Actually you get Hero Souls and carry them over after an Ascension for each 2,000 levels that your heroes have before using this combined. So now, you might wish to get lots of Hero Souls, actually you will get lots of it by defeating bosses especially those on stage 140 boss if he is a primal. You need to ensure that he is in primal mode to get lots of Hero Souls.

5. Take advantage with Amenhotep’s Ascension. It is actually possible for your to use Ascension even before stage 140 by means of upgrading Amenhotep but definitely that is not a good decision. As you can see Ascension can resets the game for you to start playing over again with some additional goodies. But if you missed to get to level 140, you could miss on some Hero Souls and that is why we don’t recommend you to do some Ascension thing.

6. Upgrade wisely. There are different ways to upgrade and as for recommendation you better upgrade your best hero that you currently have and then you can work it until you had spent all your money. With limited funds you can work on your low level heroes as well as unlocking their level skills which will bring a big boost to you. With this kind of set up, you are able to play the game with balance and this will bring better progress to you.

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